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We are developing two subliminals, Alchemist RHP and Alchemist LHP that will help with these. We’re also going to make a free astral travel experimental after the hiatus.

Main Dev. Thread - Alchemist

Psychic abilities ? Are you serious ?


You already have slight “psychic abilities.” It’s called the human intuition. We’re going to try to enhance it, along with any other mental faculties that can be enhanced.


I like the Alchemist concept but is there any possibility that rather than breaking it down into RHP and LHP, which will be confusing to most people, who will have no idea what right hand path or left hand path mean, into something that is path neutral? Personally, if it can be done that way it would make more sense. A gray path. A neutral neutral path, but without calling it either of those.

Just Alchemist.


I don’t think it should. I will tell right away that even before I started with my occult practices, I knew deeply which way am I going. Most people that I have talked to relating to occult have also known straight away.

The Right-hand is already somewhat a gray one. It’s technically contrasted against society, not of the nature of it itself. Think about Christian magick. Evoking (and especially invoking) a frigging angel, unless it’s appearing to you itself, will get you shunned in christian circles and for most society.

P.S. Left for me.

Edit: You can always go from one to another anyway, if you feel it’s not your time.


I find the dualistic breakdown into LHP and RHP to be a false dichotomy, and limiting, rather than helpful.


Well, I can’t not agree with that, but that’s also a different problem. Technically, when you go LHP, you go both and everything. RHP, compared to that, will be like putting your big toe in the water, to test the temperature.

The duality simply comes up in the choice of working with just one or both. RHP is not denying that there is no choice of working with both/complete set (LHP). Therefore, I don’t see the problem. Being that I have my own interpretation on how the subs are being made, in my mind there’s more ease for creating each of them seperately, rather than one general. The one you’d be talking, the LHP already should include.

Edit: To specify my answer. The RHP and LHP have completely different attitudes. LHP will also use RHP ‘tools’ if they want and with a different mindset.


And in your case, you would run both to find the balance you’re looking for, or wait for us to release a combined version (if it’s possible). Not everyone is seeking that neutrality. There are many who want to focus on developing certain aspects of the psyche more so than others.

Choice is a guiding principle of Subliminal Club – it’s embedded into the fabric of our company, and it’s embedded in every program we make. Take the imagination sequence in Beyond Limitless. Note how we keep informing the listener that it’s their choice to engage or disengage – it’s their choice in regards to what they create within their minds.

It’s all about choice and the freedom to shape your reality in the way YOU choose, not society, and certainly not the creators of the tools you use.

Main Discussion Thread - Khan

@SaintSovereign Put it beautifully in words. I lack the ability to put in words the abstract side of it all.


Have a look at CIA and their FOIA-request research papers into psychic phenomenon and its many flavours , remote viewing PK etc.

Dismissing these as nonsense is well within your rights and your limited one dimensional view of the world around us, but at least look up the research beforehand !


While you’re right about dismissing phenomena without research, it’s ambiguous as to whether he was expressing antagonistic skepticism. Let’s keep the convo calm, everyone.



Goodstuff, any approximations on the release date ?



@SaintSovereign would you mind at some point providing some clarity about your conception of RHP and LHP? Not everyone who is using your products or is planning to use them is well versed in occult sciences. People will just go Google definitions and will come up with the idea that RHP represents good and LHP represents evil or black magick. I know I can’t ask you to disclose trade secrets but can you provide some clarity about this?

We are developing two subliminals, Alchemist RHP and Alchemist LHP that will help with these. .

Recently, there has been this whole conversation about Subliminal Club being involved in black magick and so on. Some people laughed it off but I imagine that other people might have been worried. Can you talk about LPH and RPH, the way you understand them and how they’re used your products? I mean as much as you can without revealing anything that is a trade secret.


@Fire is creating Alchemist LHP and RHP and he will disclose more information when they’re closer to release. This product is a very niche product – it’s not for everyone, it’s for those with a strong interest in esoteric disciplines. Those who aren’t interested just shouldn’t buy the product. All of the scripting in Alchemist will be unique to that product line, so no one has to worry about any other product having spiritual scripting.


TBH, I am more interested in, what it means for those who already are practicing?


I don’t understand the question? It’s for those who practice or have a keen interest in it.


Looking forward to the full list of features, I’m definitely interested in this as I’m into that stuff.
I’ve used a self-made subliminal some months ago to increase my visualization power and within a few days I had such amazing clarity and control. However, it never happened again. I’m curious how I’ll benefit from your subs.


Agree with you. We’d have to wait for what SC means exactly by “LHP” and “RHP” but I do not identify myself strictly in either of these paths. They are commonly interpreted as good/evil and to be honest, I find it limiting. Any dualistic concept is false to me.
I’d rather have a sub enhances yourself and your hidden powers, then let you use them however you want.

@SaintSovereign Will we be able to make some suggestions once the full list of features is disclosed?


There will most likely be a combined version that accomplishes what you want, as well as a supercharger. But we are going to release a split version for those that want it. It’s not just about what one or two people need, it’s about what everyone needs. And everyone’s needs are different – that’s why we modularize our stuff, so you can pick and choose what you want. If you don’t want RHP or LHP singularly, don’t get them and wait for the combined version. I’m 90% sure the combined version will happen and will release around the same time, but since @Fire is the product owner, I’m waiting for his research to complete.


@SaintSovereign @Fire

I’d be most definitely interested in a specialized “luck/manifestation” type subliminal which exclusively focuses and entrains the user’s energy/auric fields, their other ‘psychic’ and non-psychic channels on: “luck” , manifestations (LoA) , gambling luck , and producing all round good fortune in life.

On top of the above, any specific goals/desires the user chooses to focus on - this subliminal would also act on them ensuring success,full materialization and then some, by directing user’s energy/aura/reality manipulation/whatever means necessary.

Please let me have your thoughts , gents :wink:

EDIT: By “luck” I’m not referring to a mere free cup of coffee or a free meal or a free lucky dip win every now and then , I am referring to near-miraculous, even miraculous, tangible type luck . A sub which also focuses and boosts the user’s energy/power in making that luck tangible and consistent, and manifestations successful.