Suggestions Thread for future Subs/Updates/Superchargers 🔥


I would like to see a sex supercharger.

Some 10 minute track I can play before a girl comes over to put me completely in sync for a great sex session.


I’d like to see a Gratitude module and an Anger Management module. Anger management should be about transmuting anger energy to a positive/constructive force.


I was thinking an audio for non attachment might be fun. What I mean by that is non outcome dependance when it comes to achieving something or various situations. Either that or one to overcome self sabotage. For me I am curious if Regeneration will help me eliminate a lot of programmed self sabotage instilled in me growing up?


Yes. Regeneration + Rebirth will be a potent combo for that. Keep in mind that this type of programming tends to be extremely embedded within the subconscious and is notoriously hard to change. I’m four years into subliminal use and my version of Emperor directly targets some issues I had as a child and I’m JUST NOW seeing significant progress there.


I did the personality test and confirmed my suspicions all along… I am an ISTJ - a boring old fart that no chicks would like to talk to. :pensive:, so I second the suggestion for a sub that helps one to be more social.

The health sub is also a good suggestion.

Maybe a Remove Gaming Addiction sub is good. Though I think it would be created in a way that compels an unwilling subconscious mind rather than guide a willing one.


No offense but calling yourself a boring old fart isn’t exactly going to help you. What you need is something that will give you confidence like Ascension. I would worry less about being social and more about your confidence level. Because even if you run a social sub you are still going to need confidence to go out and actually talk to people especially hot girls.

But that is my 2 cents. I could be wrong who knows.


I was just laughing at my own expense. :rofl:
But, I do recognize that I’m an introvert and feel it would be nice to be more outgoing.


@Floridianninja thats called self deprecating humor


It’s still not healthy and doesn’t help anything or anyone.


Personally I am INTF/J and I am completely fulfilled by how I am. Don’t all IN are introverted by choice? Man it’s so good to be able to enjoy your time alone and independently on others. I see all around me people desperately looking for someone and it’s just a shitshow, lol. Idk why anyone would want to be so dependent on others. Seems very weird to me.

I think you have to change your way of thinking first. And if you’re after girls I suggest to find girls like minded.


I am naturally comfortable not needing any company. Even my wife is quite like that. But I feel it would be nice if I am more social at gatherings and parties.


Sexual Mastery X? Anyone -_-


Supercharger, not subliminal.


Hi Fire can you please compile an “aura of irresistibly” module. This could then be slotted into a stack to enhance the existing sub.

In v1 of emperor there was a module called aura of irresistibly if you can export, compile and make this available it would be appreciated.


We understand and recognize that there is a desire for a working aura of irresistibility type of subliminal on the market.

But, that goes against our ambitions as a company. We want our customers to experience true freedom and actually achieve their goals. We want you to become the men you dream of, and relying on an aura to do the work for you will never work.

Relying on it is more akin to treating a symptom, rather than targeting the root core of the problem.

Ultimately, we want to advance human potential, which means targeting the roots.

For that reason, we will not be making an aura of irresistibility type of subliminal. The furthest we are going is using an auric component in subliminals as a support system - and you can focus more on that system by using the Aura stacking module.


I’d like to see a supercharger, subliminal or module that targets mental toughness and resiliency. I think that could be a very useful set of qualities for anyone to cultivate.

I’ve got a set of cassettes from Learning Strategies Corporation that focused on this theme. I always liked to listen to the paraliminals and really liked the theme of this program, but after having gone through the program several times I didn’t notice much shifting.


Fire can we have a face changing subliminal ?. Is this in the realms of possibility?


Now I wonder if such a sub really works, can you decide the shape of your face through the subliminal,or whether the subliminal decides it for you.

Like the subliminal will make every user look like George Clooney, but you want to look like Justin Bieber and another user wants to look like Sean Connery. Or if I want to look like a different person everyday…


I know there are other companies out there who claim to beable to create products to do just that.


I heard things like that are possible but it takes more then just subliminals to do.