Suggestions Thread for future Subs/Updates/Superchargers 🔥


To clear the mystic surrounding face changing subs let’s hear what Fire has to say :slight_smile:


I would think possible. Bones may have a physical characteristic of being hard but when looking at the micro it’s still just cells. If hypnosis can increase the size and shape of breasts by changing the internal blueprint of the breast to a different size and shape so that the fat cells renewing forms that shape and size I don’t see why the fat on the face can lessen or increase or even the bone itself. You would need to be one clean guy though emotionally and belief wise. Any white coat authority beliefs and will be probably dead on arrival.


Thoughts affect DNA, that’s for a fact. So yeah I believe it’s possible. Now the real question I think is how much power, dedication and times does that process need for the changes to be satisfactory? What if it takes 10 years for a full facial transformation? It wouldn’t be worth it.

However we have anecdotal reports of sudden physical transformations overnight (yet small) as if the person shifted to “another reality”. It’s a common theory and I think people playing with mind power and other hidden powers have at least experienced this once - waking to events that turn your life upside down and such.

So there are 3 ways I can see how subliminals could cause physical changes:

  • Using the power of thoughts (they affects DNA)
  • By urging the subconscious to mobilize resources for modifying a body part. The subconscious is in charge of your physical functions so there’s nothing surprising here
  • By shifting you to a reality where you have these physical changes already (If that’s a thing…)


@Orion do thoughts affect DNA ? May I ask what makes you believe this is the case. I appreciate that this is all theory however is there any scientific evidence to substantiate your claims.


Personally, I’d find a sub aimed at optimizing physical healing and health far more useful than one aimed at changing superficial physical characteristics. I am hoping Subliminal Club would prioritize products of that sort over things like “face changing” subliminals. Obviously, YMMV.


Hey maybe this is of interest to you.


Sure. (contains many sources)

Just a few. If you look at specific scientific libraries, you may find many more.


Physical changes are possible, but they are heavily dependent on multiple factors coming together, such as proper nutrition and the hormonal balance of an individual.

So a subliminal has to address all these first, and then start the lengthy process of actually implementing the physical changes.

As for looking like celebrities, that is completely unnecessary. We are interested in advancing human potential, not playing around. Powerful technology, used in productive ways, is part of our mission.

Changing Physical appearance

Hi, was wondering where I could read up about those anecdotal reports?


Well…There are scattered from various forums, discord, group chats, communities apps like Amino, ect about LOA, mind power, occultism, supernatural phenomenon, meditation, ect…There’s isn’t a definite repository. Just people experimenting with stuff and sharing their thoughts. Try googling these terms and good reading. I actually used to google in another languages for my researches because some cultures are more likely to use these stuff. For example, about physical transformation, eastern people are obsessed about it (especially Korean) so with their popular social apps you can find small groups trying woo woo stuff to look like someone…

But keep in mind those experiences are only anecdotal and hardly studied. I left most of these communities because sometimes I see many flaw in their logic. Just because you did X and Y happened doesn’t mean X causes Y. Also many people there are really young.
But they are still a good source of information so I won’t stop you.


Do you believe one can get taller with subs, LOA, and visualization?


I’ll be eagerly awaiting an artist subliminal.

I find that Limitless gives me much of what I need, but a subliminal which includes more specific aspects of creating would help a lot.

For example, I find that shooting people goes much better if I include a few loops of Primal into my stack. The extra comfort I’m able to produce helps others get into photo worthy moods.


A supercharger for the law of attraction/manifesting would be absolutely dope. The ones on youtube and even a few paid ones are pretty good, but I think it’d be quite interesting to see subclub’s take on it.

I mean we can’t really argue with the ability to be co-creators can we :wink:


All three of these operate on the same principle (the power of belief and the underlying mechanics of the universe that allow it to happen), so yes, it’s possible.


I dont believe.the concept of a spiritual alpha exists.


Still waiting on the social skills sub :wink:


There is i believe from what Sovereign was hinting a status stacker sub in the works. I think this woukd be perfect for emperor and ascend.


@Saiyan4Blue doesn’t Primal address social skills?


Yes, it does.

Soon. :wink:


@Fire May i suggest a self esteem stacker module be created please ?