Suggestions Thread for future Subs/Updates/Superchargers 🔥


is there a sub which helps to argue with people?


Emperor will help in your debating skills


I’m very much interested in The Alchemist along with what @SaintSovereign called the astral travel experimental. When can we expect these? Thanks!


Introvert and Extrovert has nothing to-do with social, it’s just an excuve label you put on yourself.

HOW you recharge, is what’s Introvert and Extrovert is about…don’t use Subliminals as a crutch for taking right action.


I have been trying to be more comfortable in groups for about 40 years. I want to be more comfortable in gatherings and put myself out there all the time for more than 20 years, way before I knew about subliminals. But this takes effort and I hope that subliminals can enhance what I am already doing. So I don’t see subliminals as a crutch. And while I am somewhat social, my brother on the other hand is a natural extrovert. It is easy for him to go around in parties breaking the ice with everyone and making friends. I don’t think you can simply dismiss introvert and extrovert personality types as a label someone put on himself / herself.


I’m an introvert that comes across as very social and chatty. I’m quite intense in person, and can command the presence of groups when needed. People think I’m an extrovert. In actuality, being around people drains the hell out of me, and after a day of socializing, I’m prone to spend three days alone to recharge. It’s definitely not just a “label” that people put on themselves, but, you shouldn’t use it as a crutch either.


I hope to see an updated version of Limitless soon.


Upgraded sex Mastery V2


Is it possible to come up with a sub to manifest the acquisition of knowledge that one desires? As a healer, I am interested in how every part of our anatomy, physiology, energetic systems (chakras, meridians etc) are related. I know that they are related, but sometimes figuring out how they’re related can be challenging.


@Fire @SaintSovereign

Have you now scrapped the “Alchemist” RHP/LHP ? No news on them at all ?


Is a “grow taller” subliminal with your latest technology possible?


I posted this in the “vote for the next subliminal” thread. An immortality subliminal, Immortal, that optimizes and increases stem cell proliferation, increases the length of telomeres, activates the telomerase enzyme, boosts free and total testosterone, reduces sex hormone binding globulin, boosts growth hormone production, reduces cortisol production, boosts autophagy, balances the thyroid hormones for optimal metabolism, opens detoxification pathways, strengthens and modulates the immune system, and keeps blood glucose levels normal. I think this would be next level: Immortal sub. Running that along with Emperor – imagine that. And then Immortal Emperor…


God subliminal after Emperor?


We have not. Still in the works. A title this complex and personal will take significant time to develop. We’re also still soliciting ideas, thoughts, philosophies for it also, including reasons why it should, shouldn’t be split into two subliminals, as @dorfmeister suggested.


I think it could be interesting to develop an add-on to Limitless that deals with teaching. Developing everything from teaching in a more conventional context to being a motivational speaker. Teaching is part of how we develop and refine what we have learned further by distilling it into a strategy that can be taught to others.


I think Khan Multi-Stage is really a great idea and a great approach.

After Ultimate Artist Multi-Stage, I suggest a Mogul Multi-Stage, an expanded more rounded and thorough take on Mogul with extra manifestation and all kinds of goodies.

I think that will boost the Subliminal Club Wealth offerings and will benefit everyone here.


That’s a great idea. A big reason I’m enjoying Kahn presently is that it invites people into my life. Emperor’s aims are strong and bold, but the side effect of pushing people away, for me, is not desirable. The social bonding is critical to me in my personal life, and business as well.

I’ve heard it said you don’t buy a product for the product itself. You purchase a product since it conveys the idea that it’ll attract or strengthen relationships (cars, houses, etc). That’s a very strong incentive in the buyer’s reasoning. Thought I’d bring this up for Saint’s and Fire’s decision making process.


I think one specifically for learning foreign languages wpuld be an interesting subliminal


:smile: I just thought about sub which will help non-native-English speakers to absorb English better, therefore, SC subs will sink deeper.


I’m not sure how that one would be scripted. As someone who has spoken fluently more than one language his whole life, I can tell you that it take different things to learn different languages. English is pretty much a walk in the park as far as learning it. Now if you’re a native English speaker, learning the grammatical intricacies of French, German or Russian is going to take years, not months. I don’t care whatever sub you run, it’s not happening in months. Now if you speak French, learning Spanish, Portuguese or Italian is a breeze but the other way around is harder. All those languages I just mentioned are western languages. They’re somewhat related. If you’re looking to study languages that are completely different from Western languages, the only thing you need is a lot of time and hard work. Depending on your age, your accent and fluency might be off by a lot or just a little.

Basically, unless they create a sub that targets the specific language you’re looking to learn, a sub for general language learning is pretty much a waste of time, that’s if it can even be scripted. In addition to that, the person scripting the sub better have a deep knowledge of the target language and a deep knowledge of general linguistics and language acquisition.

Learning a language is not different from learning anything else. We already have a learning based sub. In my opinion Limitless is already enough. Limitless + a lot of time + hard work.