Suggestions Thread for future Subs/Updates/Superchargers 🔥


What happened to the social superchager for daredevil and such? Is it going to be released some day?


@ksub And yet there is a reason why children during their formative years can absorb new languages much faster than adults. I have known parents that taught their children three languages simultaneously before the age of 5. Doesn’t give them grammatical or writing comprehension, but definitely a verbal mastery.

Then there are people to whom languages just come easy, they instinctively get it, whatever it is. All they have to do is immerse themselves, listen to native speakers. Just like others are more suited for math. Maybe it’s a brain hemisphere thing, who knows.

What we do know is that language courses try all kinds of different methods in an attempt to discover that intuitive understanding. So why would it be so hard to stimulate it using subs? The only limitation is that Saint probably doesn’t know what “it” is either, and so he can’t write a script for it. Yet…

People may not wish to start with Russian though. I saw a documentary where they hooked people speaking different languages up to an EEG and they could actually see how much work their brains had to do to express themselves. Russian was one of the highest complexities. Speaking Russian is like daily brain training.

Start with Chinese. They’ll own the world soon enough. Besides, it makes it so much easier to ask for support on AliExpress. :smile:


No, it hasn’t been scrapped. It’s an ambitious project. We need more time to research.


I was doing some Dual-N-Back training yesterday, which supposedly is the only proven way of increasing one’s IQ, and I thought to myself: “Would it be possible to take a sub like Limitless and add suggestions in there about increased IQ?”

It’s all about mental capacity and capability, right? Would such a suggestion have any effect?


a sub for influence and persuasion will be fun …also a sub for storytelling will be cool…I can already imagine how cool it will be to tell different stories at different places…having people feel what I want them to feel …picture what I am them to picture …that will be so entertaining both for me and the audience…isnt that a fun way to socialize and connect with people ?


Ultimate Artist could help you in that I guess


You do like your dots, don’t you? :slight_smile:

You seem like a good candidate for the early Speed Seduction, it was all about storytelling, using NLP to elicit and anchor feelings. Asking questions that call on emotions and feelings, the creative half of the brain. No idea if it’s still like that. You could look into NLP. I believe you mentioned the concepts translated very well into your language.

Do recognize the difference between persuasion and manipulation, it’s a thin line to go from storyteller to controlling.


yeah …I love the sensual part that Speed Seduction has brought to me…it’s fun and somehow suits my natural personality…I just love stories …all the genres…I think that might have something to do with my curiosity and creativity…Speed Seduction /NLP has fired up those part of me to an extent that I am crazy about it …just think a the possibilities which could bring to me gives me a thrill…and the thin line part. from my perspective, as long as the storyteller or speed seducer has their audiences‘ best interests at heart and always focuses on win/win ,offering perceived equal value,everything will be fine…


have you tried the technique image streaming …it is really effective。you could Google it …


What is your personal experience with Image Streaming?


and if you want to increase you IQ…meditation could help as well…


crazy …it has helped me a lot in terms of creativity and mental processing speed…I remember one time I did it before a linguistic class …it was something really boring and usually I could just sit there and go completely blank…but that day …everythings the professor said just clicked to me …its like my brain downloading informations at a hyper speed
everything just feel so right and I understood them…but be careful do not practice it too much …it might cause your brain overworked …believe me that will do the complete opposite…if you want to increase you IQ quickly…I think image streaming is the fastest way …you could Google it for more informations…but I am a lazy person
…I go for the lazy way ——meditation。it is much more pleasant experience whereas image streaming could be really intense…


For a booster I’d like something that has to do with luck or the Law of Attraction. Or even something about getting into trance or increasing effectiveness of hypnosis. And something with lotto and scratch tickets and somehow be an addition to EOG


Thank you for info! :slight_smile:


Yes, thank you for that. Image streaming sounds a lot like freely associating, just letting your mind flow where it wants, observing what you see. I’m very good at that. You know how they say we are only 6 people removed from everybody else on the planet? Well, I can associate everything to everything. Often I can jump from one thing to the next and nobody will understand where that came from, but there was a perfectly good link between the two to me. I suppose I could start describing things. Maybe it will make me a better writer.

@Pwnie21 I remember going into a drugstore once, seeing a guy in front of me that bought 12 scratch tickets, giving the first 11 back and scratching the 12th one to win the big prize. How?!

Maybe the trance/hypnosis will be part of the Alchemy products.


I think it would be compelling to have a generally themed verson of 'Total Breakdown" that could function as an entry portal to all Sub Club titles.


Have you tried Quantum Wave Streaming?


no .I.haven’t…


You can check it out. It appears to be a more advanced form of Image Streaming.


This is something we’ve considered. A results enhancer or something of the sort.