Suggestions Thread for future Subs/Updates/Superchargers 🔥


@SaintSovereign @Fire Here are some suggestions: bodybuilding (as some have mentioned), weight loss (could be included in bodybuilding), something related to physical healing/cellular regeneration (a few modules), eyesight improvement/enhancement (better than 20/20, maybe telescopic and microscopic vision in one module), supernatural luck (money and in general), reverse aging? (I know that this one is a bit out there, but you can try…) and if others come to mind, I’ll let you know.


I’d also add in Super Strength. like being able to accelerate the process it takes to bench press/squat/deadlift 3-5x body weight.


Yes to this!


What might be a good idea is to add masked subliminals to the super chargers. That way we get the benefits of both the hypnosis and the subliminals together.


That’s already how they are designed. While you are following along with the guided meditation, an ultrasonic subliminal is running in the background.


I keep wondering if the Supercharger format could be useful for a track using the theme of “Total Breakdown”.


Agree super strenght is a good idea


I’d like to have a supercharger that takes you back to the zero point and/or gets you in touch with the power of now with a psychic protection angle. Something with a suggestion like “and now get in touch with that place within you which has always been and always will be undisturbed, imperturbable to this world.” and some aura protection to be immune to negativity and to have it returned to the sender or transmuted into pure light for the highest and best good. Maybe a Alchemist supercharger. would also like to be invisible to negative people/influences and only attract the positive that serves my goals.


I like the idea of imperturbability.

I also like the concept of equanimity. I went to a 10 day Vipassana retreat a number of years ago and that was a word the teacher used over and over.

Imperturbable equanimity.
Equanimous imperturbability.

An excellent state of mind to survey the world from. Scanning for possibilities and opportunities, while not grasping after anything.


Khan ST4 does that to me.


Would love to see a sleep enhancer stack module and a sub for testosterone


How can spartan sabotage results from Khan? I am thinking to add spartan in my routine but never thought one can sabotage each other as they seem more like they will be powerful together


I think he used the wrong word “sabotage”.

He just meant he will listen less to Khan because he is adding in another program.

But if you’re listening enough, adding Spartan should be sweet.


yep, I was a little drama queen there.


I think I understand now how Body Building needs it’s own Supercharger or WeaponX.

The desired state, when training, for many Bodybuilders, is that of full presence to the Mind Muscle connection, feeling the Pump, etc. Many don’t even count reps, and are all about subjective biofeedback.
(I didn’t know this earlier.)

It’s not about heavy loads, or dominating iron - which Legacy is geared to create. I don’t have much experience with Spartan, and obviously it’s still the best choice for Fitness, but I suspect it’s state may be more like Legacy.


SC team can we please get the aura module upgraded to the latest tech ?. As i believe it is obsolete now.


Has anybody suggested a pure weight loss sub? By that I mean something meant to stimulate fat loss and a more calorie restrictive diet in order to achieve a more optimal body composition. Not necessarily the muscle building to go with it. I know more muscles make it easier to keep the weight off, but some people are better off losing some fat first before they start building muscle.

I know something like Spartan can help with that, but that one may be a bit daunting to some people, since they might feel they’re being forced to start a rigorous training schedule right away.

Instead, a sub that stimulates the above while making the listener see themselves as their slimmer self might make it seem more approachable.


I wanted one along with a sleep sub but many people said just use spartan, I still think it’s a great idea and it can help us by controlling our diet and making healthy choices, changing our metabolism and burning calories faster, making us develop control to not cheat often and over eat and lastly not escape our emotions using food or use it as a source of emotional eating


I think a sub that is focused on clearing away and removing attachments, programming and limitations from religions, cults, ideological systems, cultures, families, governments, advertising, media, celebrities, etc. could be a pretty compelling tool.


Or maybe a dangerous one !