Superhuman Thread


Yea, this vendor admittedly stretches even the imaginations of many people. So we’ll have to leave it at that.


Consider this: if people are ready to find [MOD EDIT], they will do so without our help.

See, I just wrote [MOD EDIT] and saved Saint the trouble. Sounds so much more mysterious this way. :wink:


I have to say DarkPhilosopher has a very particular set of writing skills. Writing skills that have been acquired over a long period of writing detailed responses to members posts. Skills that make him a nightmare to any would be troll who infiltrates the forum. This is his super power do not mess with him.


I used Raikov to channel my inner Liam Neeson. For dating, I use Sean Connery’s accent with Pierce Brosnan’s awesomeness. :wink:

I think that the guys would love to do more extreme physical change things. Problem is (as I see it) that people won’t obey the listening schedule and end up overexposing themselves. Too much of a good thing is still too much.

But if we are considering some of the mental skills, I’m curious if it is possible to take some of the good parts of things like savantism or autism, while negating all of the bad parts. That’s where those memory-type skills come from as far as I know. People in the more extremes of the spectrum.


What if Fire made a custom sub just for this purpose?