Superhuman Thread



Listen to this: The world of earbuds is about to be transformed by startups whose products let you customize what you hear.

Instead of earbuds, which typically deliver music and voice sounds through a wire, and hearing aids, which boost certain frequencies (lost to the elderly who listened to loud music through earbuds in their misspent youths), the new hearables – wearable devices that live in your ears – enable the customization of environmental sound. You can cherry-pick which noises you want to hear better, and which you want silenced.


while still having the ability to walk around lol


Wow he lived to be 86 and really lived a fulfilling and interesting life i bet


If you think about it the rules of our world are being rewritten and things we thought impossible even on a scientific level are being proven true. Like quantum physics and what science has discovered the past 5-10 years is incredible and amazing but also scary in a way if you think about the way technology is advancing in such a short amount of time.


Well, there are many ways one can define “heading towards the singularity.”

I’ll take the subliminal messages without the masking sound, please. :slight_smile:

does some wrist exercises and readies word processor


You want to become a professor? I thought you hated the whole education industry


That’s the point.


Watching this at the moment. A little basic but I like the diversity of skills it demonstrates and the idea of spiraling waves of consciousness.


I was just about to post this here, love the Remote Viewing part.


A Subliminal that contains it all, Mind’s Eye, Remote Viewing, Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, Channeling and last but not least Psychic Abilities such as Telekinesis, Levitation, Bi-Location, etc – anything is possible, name it the Psychic & Extra Sensory Perception Development.

@SaintSovereign, is there a possibility for this to come into being? I’m open for testing, and possibly so are others here in this Thread, it would tremendously enhance my Spiritual Practice and fast forward my progress.

Here are some videos that explain each and every phenomenon.

  1.[]=en (Astral Projection)

  2.[]=en (Lucid Dreaming)

  3.[]=en (Psychic Abilities)

  4.[]=en (Channeling)

  5.[]=en (Chakra’s & Aura)

All of these videos is less then 10-minutes, so definitely worthwhile watching. I guess if the demand is high-enough, we can definitely worthwhile watching. I’m so eager to get this, that if this program somehow comes to the surface, I’m willing to share it with my psychic friends, on all available platforms I know of which is an audience of more then half a million people, and it will spread like no other, this could literally be ground-breaking for Subliminal Club.


+1 on that


Possibly. It’s also the quickest way to invite government regulation and other unscrupulous characters into our industry.


Ask yourself this, would you want to grant super powers to people from Reddit? 4chan? (if that’s still a thing)



Another good consideration.


How about a secret project only trusted members of the community can join


plausible deniability to transfer culpability to the individual. build a culture of acceptance but superficiality for people who would become too attached.

this is a common practice to hide information to those not deserving, call it antidemocratic, elitist, whatever.


Would anyone familiar on the subject consider Count of Saint German a superhuman? He’s suppose to be able to transform stuff into precious metals.


Nature has balance and karma will be served by the Universe, whoever thinks otherwise will pay the price.

Besides the Government is already light-years ahead of us in terms of psychic technology & research. There are only those who’re against us, and those of our own that turn against us as a result of the root cause of negativity, which is a part of the Government itself.

I say, let’s bring power back to people, every human is inherently good we live out of love for each other, even though most of them do not actually know what is good for there loved ones, due to the multi-mirrored programming of the ‘democracy’, which about to come to an ending.

Anyhow take your time, begin of 2021 would probably be an appropriate public release day for a program like this. The coming 3 to 4 months are going to be life-changing, this is what entire 2020 has led to.


The culture should passively enforce this balance or else…

Nature nor civilization has eliminated beneficial pre-civilization survival behaviors.

I don’t knock this view, but I try to view something better than bad as still not good.

Just to throw the idea out for others to think about. Democracy and Republic have always been in conflict with each other, Too much republic leads to power consolidation/tyrant, and democracy mob fascism.


I wanted to add, If some sort of natural selection could be reintroduced, whilst not “culling” good people, this would have the best long term karma for everyone. Civilization has long repressed behaviors but never decided to eliminate them effectively.

We could say that a person ends up using their shadow to benefit in some positive way, but this does not eliminate the shadow from existing, if that makes sense.

Just theorizing.