Superhuman Thread


Ive been thinking for a while of making a custom with those 3 cores + Quantum Limitless St4, its reserved for the future though I have my hands full for a while.
Somewhere I read Saint saying that both AP and RV are somewhat lighter in their scripts, and Ive been using MET² for a while, so I believe I can make it work in the future.
When I read your idea it didnt strike me as overwhelming since Im considering something denser.


I’m going to have a separate Custom for Quantum Limitless. As for the Nostradamus Custom I am going to build, which includes the aforementioned Cores, I’m probably not going to exceed three Titles.

Keeping my Customs goal-oriented as well. How are your experiences with Mind’s Eye?


That sounds as a great idea @Hermit, maybe I should trim it down a little. Theres plenty of time to evaluate.
Btw I love the name “Nostradamus” for your custom.

Minds Eye has been fun, Im listening to it right now and it always gives me a pressure sensation in the middle of the brain, at about what I presume is the pineal gland location. It helps me a lot with working with what in NLP we call Sub Modalities, Im much more aware not only of my internal representations (Images, sounds, feelings and sensations) but specially of their structure and composition. So I can easily manipulate, change, enhance or dissolve them.

Dreams are more realistic, they have a vividness thats even sharper than before, and whats surprising is that Ive been having a lot of dreams in real time.


Interesting observations you have there. I must admit Mind’s Eye would fit very nicely with my Spiritual Practices, it would definitely enhance them many times. But currently my focus is on my two Customs; Da Vinci Q & Nikola Tesla Q, next one to add is Nostradamus and after that I’ll upgrade these Customs along the way.

I’ll be following your progress with Mind’s Eye closely, this title among others have been very intriguing to me.

Does Mind’s Eye do any of the following; relaxation, change in breathing patterns, make you aware of what you we’re unaware of before, makes you more sensitive to energy, increase in creativity & imagination?


Relaxation and breathing patterns I couldnt tell, there has been changes but theres many other things Im doing in that area.
My sensitivity to energy is way stronger than before and Im getting images or intuitions about that energy, if I get an energy field from someone else it usually comes with an image that shows me some information about that person and why he feels that way, I dont always have the chance to check if the intuition is accurate (random person ln the streets) but when I have the chance, most of the times its accurate.
Creativity and imagination are working pretty nicely, part of my work requieres creating images in photoshop that carries a strong message and also to do some compelling sales writing, both those things are way easier now.
The photoshop part I know exactly what I want to create before hand, the writing part before ME it took me time to get “in the right state” usually happened by chance, and I wrote many times till I found something that I like or have some inspiration in the shower and then struggle not to forget it.
Now I sit in front of my computer and effortlessly write a piece, most of the time it flows out perfectly at the first try, other times just need some minor adjustments.


Possibly. We just need more people to test them.


Cool!! That sounds interesting @SaintSovereign , Im open for testing :sunglasses:


More of these please.

I’m happy to test as well.


As someone who has been exploring the realm of the esoteric I would be VERY happy to test these.



You can count me in…


Always down for it and very happy to sign a NDA


This would definitely interest me as well.


@Fire @SaintSovereign

Check out Programmed_Intentions on YT. I find his work extremely effective (even more so than the producer which it is not allowed to name). I believe combing his fields with your subliminals could be the biggest game changer in the industry. He is relatively new on YT so he might be down for a collaboration


Quote from him:

It’s silent energy and meditation work. No subliminals or audio frequencies.

Very interesting stuff.


@friday how many loops did you try, I was a subscriber right from the channel started. Except the sleep field, others dint work much.


I think there is something to this channel. The 7 Stages of Alchemy & Transformation really did do something to me in addition to some vibrational work. It would be really cool for a collab to happen.

I was also itching to try combining some of his other audios with SubClub’s but a bit hesitant to do so because audios might clash. Although according to him, that shouldn’t be the case. Thoughts @Friday?


There won’t be any problem. I find his work very fast acting. If you would combine subs with fields, imagine like a “Khan field” especially designed to develop Khan’s features… Damn. Game Over.


Unless there’s something else beyond mere competition with the other producer that has given him Voldemort-esque status here, isn’t it just a matter of time before these posts get moderated too?


Maybe. Nonetheless it’s time that we currently have.


@Friday with the app that @Grasping_infinity developed it would be possible to simultaneously play SubClub audio with Programmed Intention’s work. That synergy may produce an amazing result.

@Grasping_infinity it would be really cool to have a complex playlist functionality that would allow us to do something like “Play my one-hour-long custom while also going through 6 other audios, each of which are 10-minutes long.” I hope that makes sense.