Superhuman Thread


Or an EoG/Mogul field lol that would be pretty sweet too. Also something like an alchemist field would be sick


I’ve done this using VLC on Win10. Getting volume right on both audios is tricky and also a bit subjective. Its also something I think would require some experimentation to get right. I used to do ultrasonics + binaurals together which seemed to work better than masked and intention driven audio. But as long as the masked is loud enough to be heard properly above the carrier of the other audio it seems to do okay.


That in fact would be amazing.

Exactly! A specialized fiel for that custom :heart_eyes:


Somebody call for a moderator? :wink:

Well, as long as Mr. Intention doesn’t open up several webshops and starts selling his stuff at high prices hitting Saint’s integrity and morality bone, it’s fine. I have digital mandalas as the backgrounds for my phones and computers by the way. Sometimes I do miss the slideshows of pretty girls.


Ahhhhhh see, I never connected those things before! Wow, that really shifts perspective on a few things. I thought it was just that Saint & Fire didn’t like competing technologies being promoted on here. I had no idea it ran so much deeper. :grimacing:


If it’s not a subliminal producer (or indicating a desire to become one) it’s generally fine, provided this forum is not used as an advertising platform.


Sent you a PM.



I’m pretty sure he also was known to have like eternal youth or something, right?


Not sure if such a person really existed. Or perhaps he was an elaborate con-man.

Though it might be interesting to know something about this mysterious person in the context of one of the Sub Club products.

St. Germain was supposedly educated in Italy by the last of the Medicis, Gian Gastone, his alleged mother’s brother-in-law. He was believed to be a student at the University of Siena.[9] Throughout his adult life, he deliberately spun a confusing web to conceal his actual name and origins, using different pseudonyms in the different places of Europe that he visited.


Now this is a good example of human potential!

Technically she wouldn’t even be allowed yet to run any of these subliminals :wink: but possible analogues: Alchemist, Ultimate Artist, Minds Eye