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I love James Veitch and those spam-videos!

That was surprisingly cool. I don’t get depressed myself, but I’m not as productive as I could be either.

Thanks, guys!


It’s interesting that I feel that I can remember in detail a lot of things in my past, even from my early childhood.

For example, I have memories of my time in school where I can remember the exact position where a classmate was sitting, and what he was saying to me. Certain images and scenes are more distinct when the characters I knew when I was young became public figures. (One is a celebrity, another a politician).

I can remember where I was seated in my class when my history teacher made a certain comment.

I can remember myself sitting in the mini-library in my childhood home reading all sorts of books and I think I can roughly remember what books I read if I recall hard enough.

I still remember some coloured illustrations in my secondary school history textbook as well as the content.

I still remember conversations and presentations made by classmates in school.

I remember my father scolding me for sitting on piece of bread.

I can remember a certain smell that emanated through the entire block whenever I visited my grandmother’s flat when I was a kid.

I can (sometimes) remember what song was being played during an event that happened in the past.

I can remember lots of things from my past in detail that were not recorded or documented in any form.

There are lots of things that I can remember in detail if I try hard enough.

However, I always attributed this good memory to a boring life…like my mind lacked enough experiences in the more recent past that would replace my childhood memories…

That brings me to the question now - what is real?

Did those things that happened in the past and that I remember clearly really happen?

Is time really a human construct and am I just imagining what I call memories?

Is it possible for me to revise my memories so that my current reality would be different?

You’ll both be dream subjects for New History Generation NLP modelling projects. For me, I’m too attached to the imaginations of my “past”.


@DarkPhilosopher it sounds like you need BLU + QLQ ST4 to have the ultimate memory (and then add in DREAMS Ultima when it’s released to remember your dreams as well)!! :joy:

It would be a bit scary if I couldn’t remember anything before 2015. At the same time, perhaps it would be incredibly liberating? I’m not sure how your sense of self and understandings from lessons persist throughout time, especially if that ‘lesson’ per-se was learned more than 5 years ago. Apologies if it was already mentioned, however it is a fairly large thread :smiley:


If 25 posts is a large thread, this forum must be awful for you. :wink:

I actually do still possess all the qualities and values that have been learned as a result of my past. The best example is how having a complete lack of good parenting combined with living on the streets have left me with a self-imposed medieval fantasy knight type of value system thanks to all the fiction books I read. Truth, honor and integrity form the core of who I am. Often it clashes with modern society’s behavior, so fortunately other lessons from the past have adapted it to allow me to “fit” better in society.

I’m actually curious what QL will do for me, as it may accelerate my brain to very interesting heights.

As far as King’s statements, I have already accepted time is more flexible that most people think and the past is not actually in the past and can be changed, likely changing us as well. The challenge would be that we won’t actually realize the past used to be different after we’ve changed it. How many times have we already transparently changed our past in order to have a more preferable present and future?


Are these emotional memories? Usually charged events are encoded permanently into memory for use later. If enough of these events happen to a kid, they learn what the salient information to pay attention to (Authority figures, taller/louder kids etc).

I would have to scrounge around for the text that talks about this, but there is something specific I remember about emotionality in the context of genetic variance.

Neuroticism, or its facets (Anxiety, Angry-Hostility, Depression, Self-Consciousness, Impulsiveness, and Vulnerability)

Long allele of 5-HTTLPR paid more attention on average to positive affective pictures while selectively avoiding negative affective pictures

short 5-HTTLPR allele have difficulty disengaging attention from emotional stimuli


Nope. They aren’t emotional memories. No trauma attached. Just happened to remember them in detail.

I’ve got lots of memories with no emotions attached - perhaps just a sense of nostalgia or perhaps a means of relating to the present.

For example, the boy who sat next to me in school many years ago is now a Member of Parliament in my country. I didn’t have that many memories of him and had forgotten about him only until recently when he announced that he was running for election. When I saw his name again, I began to remember him being my classmate and the times we actually shared together.


I am still waiting for somebody to tell me that the Sept 11 terrorist attacks never happened in his memory and he couldn’t find any evidence that they ever took place…


Look up the “Mandela Effect”. It’s a very curious phenomena where a statistically significant number of people remembers a historic event differently. Even though I was barely alive at the time, I actually had difficulty accepting he was alive throughout my life, so I guess I was among the “affected” group.

If we assume we can indeed change our past to something more preferable, but that also changes our memory of it, thus making us “forget” what it used to be, then it is also possible that for some people, the forgetting glitches out and they remember the “old” timeline.

So in your example, the world would never have experienced 9/11, and yet there would be a group of people distinctly remembering the attacks and the news coverage, as well as the subsequent introduction of the Patriot Act and the systematic stripping of US constitutional rights (yeah, I couldn’t resist throwing that one in, sorry).

Even though in the “current” timeline those events didn’t take place.

I know you indicated it the other way around, but…

Keep in mind that although it may be possible to change one’s own past, changing major or pivotal events would require the collective consciousness to desire the change. There is, for example, a fringe belief that we used to live in a timeline where the Kennedy assassination never took place, but it ended up taking the world to a very bad place. So as a collective, humanity shifted the timeline to one where Kennedy was assassinated instead. And as individuals we may possibly be able to remember the previous timeline, but we can’t actually change the current one unless we have the backing of a vast majority of people with the same memory.


Reverse Orwellian :slight_smile:


I would be more afraid of existing in the reality that the majority opinion was so easily controlled. I guess it would be better to program cognitive resistance to suggestion first.


Well, imagine how bad it must have been with Kennedy alive if we prefer the Patriot Act. :wink:

Actually, the above is also why people like Hermit are so adamant about raising people’s “vibration” to higher levels. Although it is possible to achieve an “enlightened” state where we supposedly become more 4-dimensionally aware than 3-dimensional, it still takes a large collective to build enough momentum to raise the species itself to that place without war and with unconditional love for all living things being the norm. A place where the collective consciousness chooses to let go of the concept of the past and exist solely in the ever-present present.

So Hermit needs the snowball effect so we as a collective can drag the subversive and negative individuals kicking and screaming into the awareness that there is a better way.

Now, like King I am quite skeptical of some of the conspiracy theories being thrown around (some I might be inclined to believe). But since the above process, whether true or not, is meant to improve our existence, I might as well be open to it. There are worse goals in life than achieving enlightenment and ascension. :slight_smile:


I will only comment on the historical context of this. This was originally managed in highly hierarchical societies like the caste system in india.

Would they be added to the threatened and endangered species list?

I have a critique on this if your interested. If you watch the bourne series, the main character exemplifies this attitude. He represents the effect that modern capitalism and why it is so successful.

Should never be afraid of information, only to be afraid of the ones that receive it.


Why, are you afraid we’ll put you in a nature preserve? :wink:

I think the belief is that some people are so “far gone” that they would not recognize a good thing when they ran into it head-first. So for some people it is simply not a natural process of evolution.

And although for a long time, they can perceive reality as they see fit, just like how some people will always get sick and others never or how some people experience all kinds of violence and suffering while others thrive under the same conditions, sharing the same world but living in different “realities” that don’t clash, at some point the pressure from a certain direction is so strong we tend to have no choice but to go along with it.

As much as we may wish certain events to not have taken place, as long as the vast majority believes they should have, the best we can do is not get affected by them while accepting their existence. We can choose how much these things affect us.

And if enough people succeed in transitioning to a more “enlightened” state it creates a road for the rest to naturally follow. Once enough have followed, it would take exceptional denial to not go along into the new reality even if you did not want to. At that point, the process is reversed and some people will have to choose the negative outcomes because positive has become the norm.

Anyways, I think I’ve theorized enough about that subject now. :slight_smile:


I will just drop that here without much comment on my end.

The people who are ready will be drawn to it


Ooh, channeling! Now there’s a skill I wish to learn.

Things get a lot more fun when I can call them directly rather than pay others and have to believe it is real.
“Hello? Are you real? Or am I talking to myself, displaying wisdom I didn’t know I had previously?”


I think E.T. has a telephone number.


I am part of the Ashtar Command. I work under Ashtar Sheran who commands a fleet of 10 million E.T.s who are working on the Liberation of Planet Earth.

Many other lightworkers are part of that as well.

I have an advisory position to a fleet of 6 ships, one of which is Ivo’s. I’ve learned there are 6 ships under my purview and am now obtaining this information from the commanders. I wasn’t aware of this for the longest time, however I do this at night time while my physical body is asleep.

I am very excited to hear that our planet will be liberated.

I am ready.

Now can I get a ticket for the first-class cabin on board one of the 6 ships?


I get it, you are firmly grounded. Just keep in mind not everybody can handle your sarcasm that well, especially when English isn’t their first language. Not that worried about friday, just keep it in mind.

Like I said, I might as well believe it is possible as long as its existence would be a positive thing, and then go about it like a scientist and see if I can prove it for myself rather than take it on blind faith.

It’s a fun exercise that helps me become more open to change, develops my curiosity, intuition and subconscious communication as well as actually assisting me in making the subliminals work better since they too sometimes wish to imprint concepts my rational mind is not as willing to accept.

Me, god’s gift to women? Really, Iron Throne? Oh, alright, it’s not the strangest thing I’ve set out to prove, so let’s go out and prove it!

It’s like a regular dose of brain training.

But if you just think its hilarious that people believe these things might just be real, at least we put a smile on your face, right? :wink:

As long as it does me no harm and they don’t force it down my throat like certain people patrolling the streets preaching, I will show people enough respect to have their beliefs.

I actually like having conversations about these things. Had a very interesting one with a flat-Earther not long ago. Amazing how people can believe something so strongly it doesn’t matter what you show them.

Try this phone number, it’s a listed one…
I’m not gonna tell you who they are (in part because I don’t know if the phenomena is real or not), apart from saying that apparently they have a sharp sense of humor and a slightly Scottish accent. Oh, and they talk quite fast.

All you need to do is match the energy of it through meditation and they will know you are calling.

If they figure you are not a prank caller, both parties would need to figure out the correct frequency in the middle to enable you to message across the line.

If you’re gonna meditate anyway, it seems like a nice image to focus on. Just be careful, once you’ve opened up the line, they may just call back in the middle of the night. :slight_smile:


Thanks. Is that the supposed to be the All-Seeing Eye behind the black triangle? Do I get to see the All-Seeing Eye inside the triangle after meditating on it?

You just reminded me that I haven’t used Inner Circle for quite a while. Maybe it’s time for me to get back to running it with the other world-domination subliminals. Or maybe I’ll get a call from them after running Inner Circle Ultima.