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@SubliminalUser I am lucky and very grateful.I am stacking it with Beyond Limitless Ultima


How do you do BLU + Executive? Listen back to back? Has Executive affected you in any way besides a push for action?


Sometimes but not often. Usually on alternating days. Outside of the push to action its also made me really aware of how fucking lazy I have been and especially how lazy most people are. I often ask myself " what was I thinking?" and the answer to that is that I obviously had my head up my ass about some trivial stupid shit instead of working my ass off and keeping my mouth shut. That is the biggest reason why I dont understand guys on here or anywhere who focus on getting a girlfriend , meeting women , or getting laid. I speak from experience when I say that unless you have your shit together it will not end well


Is executive Ultima out? Are you in the test group?


@khan I was in the test group but did a private journal


That is great. I am waiting for The Elixir Ultima and Aura Ultima to come out.


Still waiting for Executive…


I believe the updates will be released tomorrow so please dont worry guys.

Your Friend Black Adder


That would be awesome.


Your only suppose to blow the BLOODY DOORS OFF :wink: