TDCS (Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation)


Planning to run the Darpa protocol while watching NLP videos for the near future.


Recommended TDCS devices?


I use the Apex device and it works fine, though it looks a bit “garage tech”. It is the only TDCS device I have personally used.

It doesn’t have the specialization of something like Halo, which gets very good reviews but can only do one montage.

or FOC.US which have many features but have had some negative press as to reliability and customer service. Also pretty expensive.

If I were to be choosing a device I would get in touch with Caputron and explain my interests and have them recommend a device as they sell all of the leading devices except The Halo.


This looks compelling.


I’m digging this one. The price is still a bit too high for me to invest, but I’ll keep an eye on it. Might just take a risk and grab it.



Thanks for posting this. I’ve been looking to FINALLY get around to exploring TDCS.


Biotuner by Sota is what I’ve been using for years.


So basically self administered shock therapy?


Although both might use electricity, there is likely a qualitative or quantitative difference with voltage and amperes.