The Alchemists Way


Thanks for your long posting. My sex drive is still low and i realy wonder what causes this.
Like you i didnt like what i see in the news or driving through bigger citys. Lots of senseless stuff out there and a society which goes down the tube. But i found my way to focus only on positive stuff in my enviroment. For sure i withdrawn myself locally and mentally from all this negative stuff. We moved from the city to the countryside 15 years ago and i build up a strong mental defence against all the bad news we see on the media. I found my inner peace because i realized that i can’t change the world. Only in my space i can move things. It is like it is and i didnt care if in China a bag of rice falls over.

@SaintSovereign can you give me a hint which sub lowers my sex drive to that low level and why this is a good thing? It doesnt feel good anymore. The last days it is too low for my taste.

DAY 29
Alchemy ST2 and Sex Mastery v2

Nothing new except that the backpain in the kidney area vanished on day 2 of Alchemy ST2. This is no coincidence. I drunk tea and did some other stuff for the genitourinary
but nothing helped. The pain was strong for around 8-10 days until i switched to ST2.
Then like magic they were gone. Sex drive dropped lower and lower. Not interested in sex with my wife or in masturbation. Thats total unusual for me and i dont like it atm.
Rest of my life is ok and there was nothing unusual to report.


Maybe your body as your subconscious mind used your sexual energy for healing?


Could be an explanation. If yes there is/was something wrong i didnt know. Maybe on the physical plane or metaphysical. If i hit the lottery jackpot this weekend i know for sure were the energy flowed. :wink:


Weird that your sex drive has dropped while on Sex Mastery! Maybe Alchemist is redirecting your sexual energy like ExploringAstronaut said! Interesting results for sure! Now that you’re healed/healing it will make sex going forward more enjoyable? Excited for you man!


Hopefully it will come back soon…


It may just be balancing everything and then it will come back because that’s the Refinery ST 2 description. Can’t wait to hear how ST 2 goes for you.


How are your physical activity levels? Getting much exercise?


Didnt changed. Everyday excercise like always.


Yes i was also thinking about this balancing thing but it begun at the end of ST1. But maybe its a process which was initiated in ST1 and is now amplified by the balancing module. Who knows. The lack of information about the scripting is the downside of the subs. Otherwise it would be easier to understand whats going on.

Anyway i decided to stop all subs and take a break. Will resume later but now i want to understand whats going on with my body and why there is such a disinterest in sex atm.


48h after the fullstop my sexual desire returned to a normal level. :grin:
Will take a break for a while before i continue my journey with Alchemy & SexMastery v2.


Congrats on getting your libido back! And congrats to your wife :smirk:


Thank you! Yes i still didnt know what to think about this total drop of my sexual desire but it wasnt funny. I am not willing to resign of sex but this was exactly what i felt with Alchemy.
Maybe it was only a kind of rebalancing my energy but atm i dont want to try it again.
Will take a longer break from alchemy.


I’m planning on doing Alchemy starting in the New Year, but I was going to run it with Primal Seduction and SM2. I hope it doesn’t affect me the same way as that would definitely defeat the purpose of the stack (manifesting sexual glory) haha


You will be very pleased with SM2


Yes this was my intention too but it killed my libido first. Anyway everybody is unique and i dont think that you will have such problems. Maybe i stopped too early but i didnt had the patience to go through it atm. Maybe later this year or in 2020. I reaped some benefits from Alchemy and i am still happy with the results so far.
I had time to review the latest days with Alchemy and as i wrote yesterday it was a feeling of getting over women and sex totally. Like it doesnt matter. Women and good sex was/is always very important for me. But it also caused some kind of stress and sometimes bad luck. Think that alchemy showed me a way to overcome the urge for all this kind of stuff.

In the beginning it was like a relief but then it was only irritating. Imagine you see a beautiful women in front of you with a sexy body and you feel and think…nothing. No impulse anymore. Same with the wife. That was not good and not what i expected. Maybe i should lower the loops when i restart Alchemy.
Will restart 100% because i am too curious to see how this will play out.


Very interesting, I’m slightly hesitant to go forward with my plan now lol I look forward to reading your journal more and see how it works for you in the mean time :slight_smile:


User Joa93 has a thread titled ‘The Rise of the Sexy Alchemist’ He stacked Alchemist with SM2 and had positive results. I think Alchemist really is more tailored to each individual’s needs based on reading user journals.


Im still going strong on it! Today I started ST3 and SMx2 has been the perfect fit.


Did you run khan st1 + st2 together in a stack ? Or one after the other after a certain time ?


One after another. Each 30 days.