The Alchemists Way


I’m not an expert but this sounds like a not good level of reconciliation. Reducing the number of loops per day and doing no listening over night essentially got rid of 95% of reconciliation for me.

If reducing the loops hasn’t helped, maybe try a gentler sub. Those are 2 powerhouses you have going. EoG alone brought me to my knees for 2+ months. The multis are no joke!

I recently switched to Ascended Mogul and it has been amazing for me. I’m at almost a month in, with I think only 2 days of possible reconciliation. And the results are nothing to balk at. Fastest working, super gentle, and all around power house, foundational sub.



yes this could be the reason. maybe its too much in a short time…thanks for your input!



Emp v4 + QL1 4:4

Christmas is over and its time to restart the subs. Feeling good and relaxed after this long break. Like i posted in another thread i can not handle too much of quantum tech atm.
Started yesterday with 2 loops Emp4 and 2 loops QL1 to test it out. No problems this morning.

So i will do 4 loops Emp4 and 4 loops QL1 daily as a minimum if no side effects occur.
2 loops of each one in the morning and the rest in the evening. If possible i will try to split it into those two time frames like another user was suggesting.

The great advantage is that i dont have to listen while i am working and listening while relaxing feels much better for me.

If i feel the need for additional loops i will add them. Masked only as usual.
Maybe after this long break it is easier. I dont know.



Emp v4 + QL1

No headaches and no bad side effects. So far its a smooth run. Feeling more upbeat since running the subs and the urge to go among people. Nothing else so far.



Emp v4 + QL1

Yesterday i woke up with bad headaches. Did some extra loops the day before so i dropped the 4 morning loops and took an aspirin instead. After getting rid of the headaches i was listening to the subs in the late afternoon. So i have to be careful with the number of loops.

I found an app called samsung sound assistant. Now i can adjust the volume with 1/10 of the noral increments. Thats realy helpful to adjust the masked sound more precisely.

The run of the subs is very smooth at the moment. No anger or bad feelings except a little regret of past events. Those pictures arent strong. Its more like a honest analysis what was and what is and more important which way to go. But its not an overwhelming feeling. More like an reality check. What is possible and what is illusion.



Emp v4 + QL1

Feeling slightly sad and depressed. It is not strong and absolute not a problem but it is the dominant feeling now. Regrets over past decisions. Feeling old and thinking about what is possible and what is illusive. Its an interesting self-talk atm. Beside those reflections i felt more power to stand my position in the family. My wife got the whole nine yards two times the last two days. Empv4 realy made a difference and i am satisfied that it is not an uncontrollable anger or that i am short tempered. I had that with KHAN before. Rage anger and short tempered for a while. With empv4 i can stay on the cool side atm.

Happy new year to everyone!

Early Emperor v4 Impressions Thread


Emp v4 + QL1

Temporary life balance finished the last three days. My whole life was reviewed and rated.
The process came to an end and i am feeling released and free atm.
The formerly depressed feeling is gone and i am clearly feeling more power.
It was a smooth process and i have the feeling that KHAN ST1 and Alchemist ST1 were a good foundation.
Here the effects i notice now:

  • More power is one of the major feelings now (mental and physical)
  • Conversations are more fun and powerful. My wording improved.
  • Humor changed. More intelligent.
  • A kind of real nice coolness. No stress.
  • More centered

It seems that doing 4/4 loops (morning/evening) is a good amount for me.


DAY 13

Emp v4 + QL1 + The Commander

Emperor is focusing my energy on my business. Yesterday i redesigned my website.
Its now much more better and more modern than it was before. Also it is now visible on all devices without any problems. It was realy funny how my mind was running on highspeed evaluating all kind of ways to setup a second business or to make a general change. But after all the turmoil there was suddenly the insight to expand and optimize the existing business. I have many ideas how to do that and will try to implement them step by step.
Maybe some are not working but some will.
This internal process was realy interesting.

Bought The Commander today and will add it to my daily routine. Two times per day if possible.


DAY 16

Emp v4 + QL1 + The Commander

There are still interesting things going on. It seems that Sex Mastery module kicked in the last days. Libido went higher from day to day.


DAY 20

Emp v4 + QL1 + The Commander

Some problems with my ears returned. Maybe related to The Commander. The embedded ultrasonic could be the reason but i dont know.

Decreasing interest in journalizing. Will keep this journal short.


@Hannibal - hope your journey is still ongoing and your life is improving.


@raphael Thanks for asking. I am still running Empv4 + QL1 while i dropped The Commander because of the embedded ultrasonic. My ear problems dissapeared two days later. I had a tough time again with much anger arising and i was short before stopping all subs. But then i thought that i have to go through it otherwise i will never know what will come next. This was a good decision so far. The last week was better but there are still days of sadness and depression. Frankly i can not say what the subs are doing atm. This leads to frustration and doubt about the whole stuff. I am reading daily on the forum and i didnt see any real breakthroughts. Dreams and feelings are shared but real external results are rare or non existent. That a woman is looking at me is no sign of success. Its pretty normal. And reading some journals make me sad. There are guys here running subs for a long long time without real results or success. This is realy demotivating.

Another demotivating aspect is the whole marketing strategy of subliminalclub.
Sometimes when i read the forum i think that all is about buying new subs in a short time.
Hype about new products. Hype about new technologies. Hype hype hype but no real results for the users. Will Q fix that? Or maybe Z? Or new STARK? Or XYZ?
Prepare your credit card. After Emperor KHAN Mogul this shouldnt be a problem.

The lack of real results for the users is a big problem imho an it will backfire sooner or later.

Maybe its empv4 making me so angry about all this kind of stuff…?


@Hannibal - hmm. I feel you on that on the personal front. But there are many success stories here. Their change might be slow in some cases but they do eventually come about.

I would recommend adding the Sanguine stacking module to your current playlist if you want to feel more relaxed. It did help me cheer up and be extra social with a sense of humor.

Another option is to stick with only one major subliminal if you want quicker results. So in your case, you could try out Sanguine + Emperor IV (Emperor IV does have the updated Quantum Limitless Lite after all)

And after you feel that you got some major changes, you can add Quantum Limitless.

Quantum Limitless was pretty rough for me. It is a huge subliminal and it does a lot to your brain especially in terms of Re-Balance of your nerves in ST1. So it will possibly be difficult for some of us.
If you want to continue with your existing stack, I won’t object ofcourse. Just trying to encourage you.

PS: from personal experience, stopping masturbation and porn will also help to build your energy and mood. It might be rough in the first week but it just works.


@Hannibal - Oh yes. It definitely is the reconciliation that is making you angry. I had a bit of it in the first few months. It’s perfectly normal.

Regarding the Hype Train, even SaintSovereign will encourage us to not fall prey to buying loads of subs. Pick a few matching your goals and run with it for a while. Then when you achieve those goals, set new goals and buy new subs.

We have to understand that SubClub is a business and they have to market and make money. So lets not be too perturbed by that.

Hope this helps


Hey @Hannibal,

On a purely intellectual level, your points are legitimate. But the emotions you report in association with those points do seem like reconciliation.

A smart person can always make a legitimate point. It’s the emotions that we need to be on the lookout for. They give additional information.

I think for people who are running very major programs or who are trying to make much more radical changes, you’re not going to see overnight changes. But when their changes do come it will be all the more meaningful.

For people who are already engaged in constant action and who use more pinpointed programs, results are faster.

In my case, I chose to start with the biggest, most intransigent issues first. Old, long-standing issues that require more time and work. By nature, I’m a patient person (at least compared to most). And this approach appeals to me.

The amazing thing to me now is that, after 5 months with Ecstasy of Gold, (currently 2 months into stage 3) I’m starting to feel the beginnings of deep, tectonic movements happening. That’s my preference. I tend to believe that easy come means easy go. I expect that belief and preference is in my subconscious as well. I want deep changes before broad or shallow ones.

The thing is the forum is great and everything, but you really only know what’s happening with you. The emotions you’re feeling are likely too be mostly about your own situation.


@raphael Thanks for the suggestions but i will stick with QL1 and Empv4.
I have now 121 loops of empv4 and 117 loops of QL1. Will do 333 loops until i switch to QL2.
333loops are 250hours. This is a good amount of time.


Yes i know and its pefectly ok. I am glad that those guys are running this business and investing time and money into new products and developement.
Like @malkuth pointed out its only my own frustration about being stucked.


@Malkuth said it right. Excellent choice to stick through it, @Hannibal. It will all be worth it. The pain right now will be inconsequential compared to the reward later.


Not for long, I’m thinking.

I don’t remember much about your journey besides what’s on this thread, but I get the feeling that you’re something of a warrior. You set a goal and push hard.

That tends to lead to more intense resistance; but also to intense, cathartic breakthroughs.


Thanks for your kind words. Yes i know that those emotions are related to my own situation.
And luckily you are a patient person. My second name is impatient. I dont like long palaver.
I like quick results but i know that sometimes things will take longer to be succesful.