The Alchemists Way


Its now 14 days that i paused subclub subs. Now its time to get back on track.
I was rethinking my way and decided to drop alchemy for now. Instead i get back to Khan and added QL today. The idea is to boost the results with QL and maybe add alchemy later to Khan. While i am writing this i am listening to QL ST1 and it is intense.
My stack now:
1xQL 1

Will replace KHAN ST1&2 after some days because i was running both stages for 30 days before. But as a short refresher i will stay for some days with that stack.
Hopefully QL will work like a booster for me.

Interesting sensations like tingling on my head while listening to QL1 atm.


My plan for the next phase, end of next year, is to combine Alchemist and Quantum Limitless, and to spend a year or so with that. We’ll see where I’m at by the time that time comes.


Should be a nice combo.
Well if QL is such a potent sub it shoud be possible to combine more heavy subs and process more information in a shorter time. Thats the idea. Will add alchemy later.


DAY1 with the new stack

It was an interesting night. Lots of dreams with old stuff. Didnt knew that this old stuff is still a problem for my subconcious. I was running healing subs for years but KHAN ST1 still brings up some old storys. And the best part is that i get some new insights to the whole stuff. Will this healing ever end? I remember Saint writing that you can run a healing sub for a year without being cleared totally. So i will remove ST1 soon because i didnt want to stuck in an endless healing process. Amash mentioned something else in his thread not to stuck into ST1.
Regarding QL1. Got up this moring with a real good feeling and noticed an increased clarity after breakfast. QL is working very fast.




I was thinkig about the first two months with KHAN ST1 & 2. While KHAN ST1 wasnt too bad the 4 weeks on ST2 were hard. I was totally lethargic on ST2 and could barely do my job.
After 24h running both Stages as a refresher i felt pretty good and had the feeling that its time to move on to ST3. ST3 so far feels good and first thing i noticed was the morning wood. :grinning:
This is realy a phenomenon with KHAN from ST1 on. Many users here on the forum reported that. Maybe higher testosteron or psychcological reasons for that.
Anyway it feels good and is important for the psyche of a man.

Since running KHAN again i am very busy thinking about various ways to get more out of my job. Also thinking about various ways to improve my business. We will see. There is no clear way at the moment. I am not unhappy with my life in general. Its more a kind of finetuning. But there is one question still repeating: “What do you realy want?”
I dont know. I often noticed that i did it right in the past and i am very grateful to be here.
This effect is like a reality check and i have it since i am running KHAN.




There are some positive changes happening atm.
First of all the mental clarity i have is great. It feels like something is cleaning up in my head. A lighter feeling and higher awareness.
Yesterday evening i suddenly noticed that my ears improved. I have some problems with my right ear since feb 2019 (tinnitus and hearing loss). Now it seems to be gone and all is fine. Dont think that this is a coincidence 3 days after starting QL.

A totally strange thing for me happened this morning and is more related to KHAN imho. Or it is the combo of QL and KHAN.
I was looking in the mirror like usual every morning and thought wow you are looking real good this morning. Then suddenly i was looking at a stranger. The person who was watching me was not me. It was like something else was looking at me. A feeling of fear rose up the longer i was watching him/me. He was strong. Stronger than i am and i thought this could only be related to the fact that i want to be better.
Thats the reason why i am listening to subs. I took a deep breath and thought that i have to integrate that person. Looking at the mirror and slowly became familiar with me again. I dont know how to explain this process better but it was a kind of dissociation i had to reintegrate.
A colleague of mine who is psychiatrist would have his fun with me.
Not a red or blue pill it would be the white one… :joy:

After that i went downstairs for breakfast and feeling realy good today.


Seems to be the hormonal balance the sales page talks about.
Epigenetics at its finest, ladies and gentlemen.


Yeah thats a good explanation!




Woke up this morning damn tired. Had a good night sleep but felt not well-rested.
First thing i dropped was a honey glass in the kitchen. Took me 10 minutes to clean up the mess. Second one was a plate around 30 minutes later. After that i thought that its now time to focus more on my workflow. I knew that if a day starts like this there will be more to come. Got some trouble in my office later and i recognized a real forceful anger deep inside of me. No compromises anymore. If anybody dont like what i am offering he has to leave.

This is my slogan today: No compromises anymore

Later in the mall i felt great. Watching people and seeing how they react to my presence was fun. Lots of looks and a feeling of pure strenght. But not exaggerated. More a natural feeling of power. Think someone else mentioned this before.


@Hannibal - man, I just started this exact stack (Khan ST3 + QL ST1). Lets see how it goes with me too. Enjoy wielding the power!


yeah thanks! I am following your journal and it seems that you are doing fine so far.
Enjoy your ride too!


Day 5

Khan ST3+QL1

Nothing special today except real bad headaches. Reduced the loops and took a longer break during the day. Noticed a more reserved behaviour from my side in social contact. Not in a bad way but there is more distance now. And there is less interest in being social except it will support my goals. But overall it was a boring day.




Decided to start a diary on my laptop to wrote down some more intimate thoughts and events.
Will update the journal here from time to time but not daily anymore.
Had to take a pill yesterday evening to get rid of the headaches and slept 14h without any sub. QL+KHAN is intense. Be careful if you combine it. Cearly felt the fatigue rising with every day and yesterday it was too much. Reducing my loops now to get rid of the negative side effects.


DAY 10

Break since 4 days

Again i did a fullstop on Day 7. My libido again went down and the anger was rising. I also had terrible headaches and pain in the neck area. I switched to a competitors program (no not from sh***on) to feel better. I tried to analyze my situation now and there are two possible scenarios:

  1. Subclub subs are too intense and i have to lower the exposure
  2. Their style of questioning and challenging my subconcious is difficult for me to handle

While i had some real nice results from time to time i also have much tension stress and fatigue. What realy bothers me is that the tension between me and my wife is rocketing with khan. Also my tendency to get angry for nothing increased. After stopping the subs all get back to normal in 24-48h. There is something in the subs which didnt fit.
What realy was a great suprise was that QL seemed to heal my right ear. I had two days later a litle trouble again but until now my ear is fine. Thats realy great. But i dont know how to continue with subclub subs. Maybe its time to refine my goals first, The relationship with my wife and harmony in my family is the top priority. I dont know why khan will bring such turmoil in our relationship. Its a road to break up. I caught myself looking at dating sites 4 days ago. Then i thought what are you doing? Maybe khan is clearing my desire to go on the road to hell so to speak.
I dont know…i will try again. Khan ST3 should be smoother but atm i cant estimate the road khan will take with me. Drop in sexual desire. Cold to my wife and kids like idgaf XXL.
Not good for christmas time.


Try just a couple loops a day for a while. For my self personally I experienced anger and anxiety. I ran limit destroyer half way through the track and it was all gone. Also my results sky rocketed that same day and went from procrastinating to taking action and wanting to do so. As soon as issues and things come up i want to take care of them and get them out of the way. Now I play limit destroyer once every day and it hasn’t come back. I don’t know exactly why but I think it might clear out the resistance created when running a sub.

Hope all goes well for you :muscle:


Thanks for the hint. Maybe limit destroyer is a good choice. will consider it.


I’m not an expert but this sounds like a not good level of reconciliation. Reducing the number of loops per day and doing no listening over night essentially got rid of 95% of reconciliation for me.

If reducing the loops hasn’t helped, maybe try a gentler sub. Those are 2 powerhouses you have going. EoG alone brought me to my knees for 2+ months. The multis are no joke!

I recently switched to Ascended Mogul and it has been amazing for me. I’m at almost a month in, with I think only 2 days of possible reconciliation. And the results are nothing to balk at. Fastest working, super gentle, and all around power house, foundational sub.



yes this could be the reason. maybe its too much in a short time…thanks for your input!