The Alchemists Way


Yes, that’s just the feeling I was getting. Hard-driving. Like a sports car. Nothing wrong with that. Just need to accept what comes with it.




I’ve only pulled out my creditcard twice and I have been getting astonishing results. Which means it’s a user problem, not a subliminal problem. I could write a list on things to change in your life get the results I am getting but everyone is on his own path. One thing to keep in mind is to never give up on the process, eventually you’ll pass over on the bridge where the abundance resides.

I think you might just have some reconciliation. I don’t have it anymore, because I’ve passed that bridge only a few weeks ago. I’m a newer member compared to all others but I got a much faster progress, not by listening more but by listening more effective.

Try to listen less and see what happens, I think every time someone gets reconciliation an emotional reaction occurs that reflects on the subliminal’s in a very negative way. Preferable stay away from reconciliation until you’ve build good positive feedback on how effective subliminal’s are on changing your internal programs and belief systems.


I didnt found a journal from you on the forum but i wonder if you can be more specific about your breakthrough? What kind of abundance? Money? Women? How much compared to the time before you start. Which subs did you use? How long?


I have a journal but I haven’t documented my physical results for various reasons. I did spoil in some thread that I build a company from 0 to 9k monthly PROFIT in only a few months.

I don’t care about anything physical and you shouldn’t care either. Everything physical comes with mental, emotional and spiritual development. I can get any women I want and I attract anyone towards me without doing effort just because of the person I manifested myself to be. I shine life force like you won’t believe it and I’m only 19 years old, my body has a hard time handling all that energy.

If I was to focus on physical things I would be Dan Bilzerian already, but I don’t care to live a lifestyle like that. He might have the physical things but he doesn’t have the spiritual things which is the actual importance of life.

  • If I may give you one thing of advise that would be focusing on your emotional, mental, spiritual development with an understanding of life & the universe and proceed towards your life mission - in return everything will flow to you and given to you along your path.

By the way I don’t focus on subliminal’s only to give me the results. Compare a Ferrari to an Audi the Ferrari has only 1L gasoline and the Audi has 1000L gasoline which pushing down the gas on a straight line, which one will get the furthest?

The same goes for our bodies, if you have only so much life force to work with you’re not going to get a lot of results quick, 99% of the people are walking down the street with just enough life force left in the body to keep there programs running. You really need to focus on obtaining more god/life force if you want to see big results asap. Life Force is the key to all paths.


@hermit What is your life mission?




I decided to switch back to KHAN and continue my KHAN journey.

Started my new stack yesterday night. Here are the changes:

  • Instead of masked all over the day i switched back to ultrasonic over night
  • Masked over the day if i have the time and if i feel the need to do some extra loops

Lately i didnt liked the pressure to do loops over the day. I want to be free.
This is maybe one result of running emperor and all the other subs i used before.
I dont want to be a slave of my subs. :wink:



KHAN ST1+ST4 QL4 11/11/11 US LOOPS

The transition from Emperorv4 & QL1 to the new stack is very smooth. I didnt have any negative feelings so far. Feeling calm and grounded. Not short tempered and no anger atm. One big difference between the two stacks: Sleep quality and dreams.

I switched to US over night a week ago and was listening to the old stack over night. I noticed more dreams related to old stuff which was a burden.
After switching to the new stack the intensity and number of dreams increased. To give a number i would rate it a factor 10 in intensity the last two nights.
This coud be only related to Total Breakdown imho. Dont know why ST4 or QL4 should cause this. The sleep quality was much better than with emperorv4. Dont know why but i feel much more rested and the sleep was deeper than before.

I added loops yesterday but also with US. My ears are pretty well atm and if this will continue i try to get as much exposure as i can. I have a strong urge to skip masked and only use US. Dont know why but i think about @amash who run KHAN only on US afaik.
Maybe i am tired of all the ocean waves. I realy enjoy the silence with US. :grin:

I am adding the actual loops now in my journal to have a better overview what happened after x-amounts of loops.


Great minds think alike :smile:

But if Tinnitus is a problem, please care for your ears and keep going a bit further with Masked. Let the full healing fulfill its course.


Thank you i will be very careful with my ears and will stop if any problem returns.



KHAN ST1+ST4 QL4 32/32/32 US LOOPS

  • dreams are not that intense anymore but still meaningful
  • sleep is still very good since starting this stack
  • last two days the short temperedness and the anger returned
  • everybody who stands in my way is a target so to speak but its controllable
  • i am very impatient in various situations
  • on the other hand my overall feeling is good atm
  • with covid-19 now spreading in my country daily life will be a challenge in the near future
  • kids still at school and my office still open but one case in school and we are all in quarantine
  • no fear but i take the whole developement very serious and stocked up our food reserve to bypass any bad supply situation



KHAN ST1+ST4 QL4 38/38/38 US LOOPS

  • yesterday i wrote about the decreasing intensity of dreams and last night it was the total opposite. It seems that its only fluctuating.
  • anger is raising. especially looking the news and seeing all the madness and sickness worldwide. Realy hard to stand it atm. Feeling helpless like i did my whole life when i am watching the news.
  • there is a deep emotional conflict i can sense. The desire to help and the cruel reality.
    Think that my emotional barriers are very low atm.
  • I need a thicker skin

My motto of the day:
God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.


DAY 24

KHAN ST1+ST4 QL4 110/110/110 US LOOPS
Additional Masked Loops 5/5/5

  • very high stress here while our government is shutting down the land
  • since the outbreak of SarsCov2 i was collecting all available information
  • china was fighting the virus and the whole land is like an army - and they didnt succeed
  • i realized that if this virus reaches europe the game is over
  • at the moment i realy feel a bit like the guy in the movie limitless - NO JOKE!
  • i was/am highly effective in getting the whole picture and was able to manage all the
    necessary things to close my office and protect my loved ones
  • this process was surreal but i was working and deciding on a total new level
  • today i finished the whole process
  • we are all at home now and waiting for the curfew
  • i highly recommend this stack in this cataclysm
  • KHAN ST1 for Trauma healing (current Traumas)
  • KHAN ST4 for Leadership and Impact of decisions
  • QL4 to see the bigger picture and to be a bit like the guy in Limitless

I switched to masked only in the morning to get an uninterrupted sleep. Sleep is realy bad seeing the world collapse. Dont underestimate this virus. Dont make the same fault like italy. Talk to your loved ones and prepare them. Get as much information as you can in a short time to see the dimensions of this virus. Plan your life for the next year and prepare your consciousness to be under curefew until a vaccine is ready for use. This will take at least one year scientists say atm. Dont be fooled by the announcement that the test started yesterday with the first subject. This experimental phase will take at least 12-18 months until the vaccine is ready for use. Best and fast europe scientists searching for a vaccine. They announced several times that it will take ONE YEAR minimum and that a medicine cure is SCIENCE FICTION. Google will help.
Take care guys and get ready as fast as you can.

Triage in Italy atm means that doctors will NOT treat patients over 80 years anymore an italian doctor said. Didnt remember his name. Problem: Not enough Ventilators
They are seen as dead.

Its like drowning only slower


In memorandum of all who died - Rest in Peace :cry: