The AlchemLIST (List of books and sources)


Not everything will work for everyone. Everybody is different. LOA should work for just about everyone


Yeah it’s like with subliminals, many people still report it doesn’t work for them. Personally most of the magick I perform work. The only problem is being disciplined enough to keep performing it the right way.


Tell me, does Prometheus Rising belong on the list?


A good book for undercutting pointless belief systems.

I think one of the biggest problems in the world is that people are too attached to limiting belief systems that keep them stuck.

I have, and have read and used, many of the listed books.


Yes it does


Newbie question: Can you give me a top 5 of the best books to read for an absolute beginner?


Magick Liber ABA along with gems of the equionx are a great place to start.


Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa - Three Books of Occult Philosophy
Stephen Mace - Stealing the Fire from Heaven


How do you occultists feel about adam blackthorne and damon brand?

Does their stuff work or is it rubbish?

I am new to magick but always wanted to get into it.


All of the gallery of Magick books worked for me.
72 angels of Magick is my favorite. Every time I had a request I got noticeable results. Sometimes within a day. But sometimes I needed to repeat the whole ritual twice. When I have a serious request this is my go to go.


I very much appreciate the list, and I have used several of the Gallery of Magick books with nice success. The Kindle Unlimited link appears not to work for me and am wondering if I am the only one? It just takes me to a generic Kindle Unlimited page with recommendations based on my viewing history and several notables in various literature categories that are not occult. Was hoping for a few names of the KU books as I am a subscriber, thank you.


Anyone ever hear of Taylor Ellwood?


Out of the books that are listed above, or even a book not listed here…what would be a suggested reading that would be applicable to the superchargers (As Above & So Below) ?



Mantak Chia - Awaken Healing Energy Through the Tao
Glenn Morris - Path Notes of an American Ninja Master


@Yardbird Thank you much, I will look into both!


I second Yardbird’s recommendations, I’ve used both and they work. The difficulty I found is that you need fairly strong energy already for them to be most useful. Standing Chi Kung is better for actually developing energy.

For developing energy and improving health:
Shaolin 18 Lohan Hands set
5 Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation
The Way of Energy by Lam Kam Chuen

Even more powerful seated methods:
Neville Goddard - life changing, belief system and techniques are incredibly powerful for manifesting.
Two Part Formula - direct method to generate awakening/stream entry/first stage of enlightenment. I took the Guidance to Awakening, with feedback from the teacher I managed to get enlightened in 8 days. Link to guided meditation here:


Great list! I can’t believe I forgot to mention Peter Kelder’s 5 Tibetan Rites book. Which Neville Goddard book do you recommend? I’ve heard of him but never read any of his work.


I prefer Neville’s lectures, they’re more practical than his books and he’s got one of the highest levels of spiritual development of anyone you can find audio of, so his audios really pull you up. I never got affirmations or visualization to work for me until I started using Neville’s methods.

My favorite lectures of his:
The Secret of Imagining
Imaginal Acts Become Facts
The Pearl of Great Price
How to Use Your Imagination
Mental Diets

This YouTube channel has a ton of his lectures with the audio cleaned up:
This website has a lot of practical tips for working with Neville’s material:
I highly recommend their Feel It Real Powerpack and Manifesting Mastery courses. Prosperity Pack is good too.


Awesome, thank you!


For a comprehensive and concentrated intro to Neville Goddard’s work, try out “Infinite Possibility: How to Use the Ideas of Neville Goddard to Create the Life You Want” by Katherine Jegede .

Neville-focused Alchemist Journal