The AlchemLIST (List of books and sources)


What do you all think about sigils and do they work?


@Yardbird - I had suddenly remembered yesterday that I needed to restart the 5 Tibetan Rites. Then I was drawn to this list with a loads of awesome recommendations for books that I bookmarked them. And lo and behold, the 5 Rites are mentioned here. Definitely a sign.

Am also glad that there are loads of Neville Goddard fans here on this forum. As a catholic who is leaning towards Neville’s excellent interpretations of the Bible (rather than the guilt tripping church), am still on my journey with Neville.

@Pwnie21 - could you suggest some Magick books for healing please? I had read some of the books that are mentioned in your list a long time ago but still had hangups from my religious upbringing then. Am inspired to try again.

Thanks to all who recommended books and videos here.


Before I forget; there are two authors I recommend the fuck out of when it comes to money. Genevieve Davis and Holly Alexander. Follow the books that are treated like a course and you won’t be sorry.


How those authors helped you?


So as you know from my post my finances were shit and it made my life shittier. I used ST1 of both Khan and EOG because I needed a new change. While going through all of that; I remembered I had these books, but never used them. For the 1st time with conscious effort I’m actually seeing shit happen. New tires, got credit approved, have a bit of money and know how to manage it. If all the Law of Attraction and Money Magick hasn’t been working for you; start with these. These are the ground zero for money type stuff. They’re cheap and also Kindle Unlimited eligible. But follow them in the order recommended, but still read them to get a broad perspective. They go very well when your dealing with breakdowns.


@Pwnie21 I read in an Amazon review that one of Holly Alexander’s books is basically a plagiarized copy of Genevieve Davis’ book(s). Any comments regarding this? I was actually thinking of getting either one until I saw the review.


which order would you recommend for someone focussing on money?


from this list too


In terms of how involved they are the order is 1) Magickal Cashbook, 2) Magickal Riches, and then 3) Wealth Magick.

Magickal Cashbook gets the ball rolling. It’s generally used for manifesting small (whatever that means for you) packets of money. It can be used frequently, as much as you want.

Magickal Riches involves some more in-depth rituals that start to open the door of transitioning to a wealth mindset and being led to new opportunities.

finally, Wealth Magick is for those who have set wealth-generation as a top life priority. From beginning to end, it is a 5.5 month (at least) series of workings. Taken as a whole, the 5 to 7 months of workings represent a statement that you are committed to creating great Wealth changes in your life. It seems to me like the magickal equivalent of Ecstasy of Gold.

The other books can be used for wealth-related workings, but those are the three that are directly focused on wealth-generation.


Adding to the already excellent list:

  • Reality Transurfing: Steps I-V - A bit of a tome, but in my opinion the most comprehensive theoretical and practical framework for reality creation and manifestation
  • Tufti the Priestess. Live Stroll Through a Movie - From the same author as above, but both more advanced and more practical. This book makes it more clear how you can actually apply the Transurfing model in your day to day life.


Just saw that. Could you develop what you got from freeneville and how the courses helped you?


Feel It Real powerpack: Detailed how-to guide for Neville’s methods and a guided meditation that walks you through all the parts in 5 minutes. Neville’s method sounds simple, and it actually is pretty simple…but there are a LOT of ways you can mess it up. This allows you to avoid a lot of trial and error.
Manifesting Mastery: Gives you a lot of little experiences that deal with the mistakes you can make when trying to use Neville’s methods. The first week in particular is AMAZING if you feel stuck in life.
Prosperity Pack: Detailed breakdown of a lot of Neville’s lectures, really helps you get the mindset and attitude behind Neville’s techniques (which is probably even more important than the actual techniques).

Other than that, read the sales letters, they do a good job of describing each product.

I don’t think I ever would’ve figured out how to consistently use Neville’s methods without the FreeNeville materials. If you’re at all serious about learning Neville, at least pick up the Feel It Real Powerpack, it’ll likely save you months of time.


Thanks @throwthekitchensink. I have been struggling with Neville work for a while and I rely a lot more on my own method of emotional transmutation to create new beliefs. I will try one of these packs, though the success stories on FreeNeville seem old (2015-2014). Thanks for the breakdown !


I created a Magical Cashbook back in May of '17, got some results but haven’t done much with it since.


Damien Echols has just published a new book. Angels and Archangels.

I’m looking forward to reading it. The vast majority of my magickal workings have been Angel and Archangel workings. (My first ever was a Shemhamphorash working, and it manifested wonderfully.) Echols has offered interesting, nuanced, yet down-to-earth perspectives on angels when I’ve heard him speak in the past.

#56 One of the best and cheapest Magick mentor ships ever. Yes I am in it and no it’s not an affilate.


I read the first one, most influential one for me.
I found it hard to get through the second one, I stopped in the middle and will likely need to restart it.

@Pwnie21 this is quite the list complied over a year+ now, have you read most of these?


Are you seeing progress in your magickal practices? Do you have any other of his courses?


What’s the best site for understanding what angel numbers mean? I found that several sites give different interpretations for a given number.


The reason I made that list is cause I own them. A bit; but that course I just posted is legit and has helped immensly. Also the dude who made it decided to open it back up is why I posted. Just don’t email him for support though if you buy it and watch that video first.