The Capitalist King


Good call. They have already finished the script for it, so we know it’s coming :smiley:


Yes, this week is going to be slow, as I’m moving to the new house / facility next week. 3000 sq ft, and I’m devoting about 1200 sq ft to a music / audio production studio, gym and physical research facility and a workshop.


Perhaps on the weekend? :wink:


This weekend, I’m packing everything into those relocube things. I won’t be back in action until next Friday at the earliest.


So no new ultimas or news for a few weeks? Will the executive be released next month?
Is this going to slow down the Q orders?




Q orders are handled by the Q engineer and an automated system.
It seems that ultimas are going to be delayed :frowning: That’s notable, since we are already aware of multiple in the pipeline…


Relatable. I have toyed with the idea of slowing down the perception of time in dreams such that days pass in a dream. Or, like this man did, live out a multi-year dream.


Interesting. Right now we are assuming that there is a difference between our awareness in our current state of being and our awareness inside our lucid dream.

In fact, there isn’t any real distinction.

Once Zhuang Zhou dreamed he was a butterfly, a fluttering butterfly. What fun he had, doing as he pleased! He did not know he was Zhou. Suddenly he woke up and found himself to be Zhou. He did not know whether Zhou had dreamed he was a butterfly or a butterfly had dreamed he was Zhou. Between Zhou and the butterfly there must be some distinction. This is what is meant by the transformation of things.


Yes that is true but if they are moving offices and everything wouldn’t that be affected too?


Hmm not sure.


Been mainly writing articles and thinking about new stuff to write about. I also started work on designing the wireframe for my customer’s web design project.

I will hammer through all this for this week and the next with Ascension Q - taking a 2-day break (from subliminals, not my work) over the week . Custom HOM sub will start next week.

Thank you @Malkuth for that tip about learning how to “know” if I can’t “see”.


Q will not slow down. News and development will.


Hope not, the wait is killing me :stuck_out_tongue:


Been informed by my foreign shareholders of my another company that they want me to take over 100% of shares of the company that I am helping to manage for them since they are overseas and cannot manage it from their country. Also, they will set up something formal in their own country.

I don’t know whether it’s good news or bad news as they just want me to keep the company alive but let it be dormant for 2-3 more years before something can start.

We haven’t had much business as we were planning to be active earlier this year but were hit bu the pandemic.

Not like there is a lot of money in the pot left but well there is some cash for me to use to fund my other company for the time being if I want to see some benefit.


One day I will try a custom sub with Mind’s Eye, Remote Viewing X, Dream Traveller module and combine it with Ultima Dreams. That will be fun. Can even visit Mars


I woke up from an early nap.

In one of my dreams, a chap dressed in a light blue, long-sleeved shirt was telling me how he walked on the street just delivering punches to people who blocked his way and harassed him.

I dreamt of a certain military tactic against armoured vehicles explained in animated graphics.

I dreamt that I was hanging out with some friends at teh top of a hotel in a pool made of beads. The beads that filled the pool were small, round and light in colour.

I dreamt that my nephew was 3-years old and very good at making friends. He would make friends with another toddler at a queue by offering him a bag of potato chips. The queue at this dream was for a certain event at an art museum.


I just received this message in my mailbox today.

Very excited about my new program!!

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” - Mark 11:24


Hi, King.

Thank you for your purchase of your name-embedded subliminal audio program called Glorious Dynasties.

You’ve reached the time in your life when your true destiny to reclaim the lost glory of your family has been revealed.

The life that you lived before Glorious Dynasties has been tough, but it is tough for a certain reason.

You have managed to survive till now with that lack of resources and all the hard situations where you worked hard with seemingly no returns.

All this will change and all your hard work will finally be recognized.

Glorious Dynasties is going to change your life and those of the people around you.

Glorious Dynasties is based on Emperor: House of Medici. This powerful core program will push you to do what it takes - your current position in life doesn’t matter honestly even if you are a pauper - as well as to propel you and your family to great heights similar to that of the House of Medici and leave a legacy in a year, as long as you promise to run this for an hour every week day.

The Deus engine that powers Glorious Dynasties will become more and more powerful every single time you listen to it.

With New Beginnings, you will know you deserve that the wealth and social status you have ever dreamed of is there for you to claim, and that it is your birthright. The stars have been written in your chart , that you are the one to reclaim that lost glory in society that your family had made in past but lost for some reason.

Glorious Dynasties will reboot your subconscious and reinstall it as one of the sharpest minds on earth with Informaticon, Omnidimensional, SubModel Alpha, Information Releaser as well as Secrets of Akasha.

Obtaining great wealth requires great intelligence and even greater commercial instinct.

Your brain is going to be the fastest computer and you can assess the best commercial deals better than George Soros.

Imagine how many opportunities you can see with I.Q. booster.

In fact, if you want to view to world through the eyes of someone like George Soros and understand what he thinks and even learn from him , Raikov and Mind’s Eye have been installed in the program.

Transcendental Connections will bring the best connections before you. In fact, don’t you have so many latent connections who can bring you and your family fame and fortune? These people won’t be invisible to you anymore and they will be there for you because it is your birthright.

You will know who truly who wants to help you rather than make use of you.

You will know things that you have ever known and that your mind has ever recorded that will help with your quest to rebuild your family’s legacy on earth.

You will also know things that you never thought you could have known.

Geographical, cultural and linguistic barriers will no longer be an obstacle for you. Glorious Dynasties will allow you to travel anywhere and build your business and legacy around the world. Your legacy will be known in every part of the world one day.

The Merger of the Worlds and Tyrant will create your new realities by enabling the close cooperation of your subconscious, conscious and super-conscious minds while Pragya will enhance your brain’s capacity to contain all these new subliminal instructions.

Thanks to Financial Success Reality Shifter, every single day of yours will be a success and you will live a life filled with wealth and happiness.

From Day 1, you will see opportunities to create wealth and these opportunities grow bigger and bigger as time passes as long as you take some action.

Yggdrasil has been installed to enable this.

Say goodbye to all your financial worries and welcome your new life of luxury like a Sultan.

By the way, in light of your personal issues, we have installed Master’s Coordination in Glorious Dynasties to erase those pesky hand-eye coordination problems that have affected much of your life and your self-confidence.

There is one more action you have to make in order to make Glorious Dynasties succeed. You have to love yourself, your family, love God and everything around you. Love and Be Thankful.

Don’t worry if you can’t understand the reason for this at the moment. We have installed Blue Skies and Embodiment of Gratitude in the program to help you here.

King, the stars have finally been aligned.

We look forward to hearing about your daily success with Glorious Dynasties and know that you have made decision by working with us.

(This is an unofficial advertising copy)

Modules built into Glorious Dynasties:

Emperor: House of Medici Q Core
The core of Emperor: House of Medici Q Core, a subliminal for developing a financial dynasty and family legacy. Use it for name embedding and therefore making it much more effective, or add your own modules to it and make it your own dream subliminal.

Mind’s Eye Core
Mind’s Eye Q is the subliminal core to add if you desire to take your visualization to the highest levels. Seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting in your Mind’s Eye in incredible detail is now within your grasp.

New Beginnings:
New Beginnings is a module designed to dig to the deepest, darkest corners of your psyche, in order to deal with your innermost secrets and fears that you never even knew existed. Issues such as Imposter Syndrome can have extremely deep roots – and New Beginnings is the tool to dig such weeds out. Furthermore, New Beginnings will bring any such issues, secrets, fears or beliefs that are held in the deep layers of your subconscious to the forefront of your awareness and question them, causing you to become more true to yourself and what you believe in.

Blue Skies:
Originally not intended for release, Blue Skies is a profound module allowing the user to glimpse the hidden depths of reality, the secrets about himself he might have been hiding, develop his concept of “Love” – any kind of love, such as unconditional or romantic, and any type, be it internal or external (such as self love), as well as using such seeing beyond the physical veil to take the user’s cognitive, artistic/creative and spiritual abilities to the next level. Now available and useable for the public, Blue Skies can give your subliminal a distinct take that will push your growth continously.

An immense module designed to make any subliminal self-developing and to push it ever onwards in increasing power and efficiency. It will push to the limit all avenues of subliminal input, processing and output, and then continuously develop, pushing the limit further and further. It will also make use of any smaller details needed to do so, such as brainwaves, hormones, energetic systems, etc.

The Informaticon is a module all about guiding you to the correct information you need for any goal you are aiming for. If you are lacking information in business, Informaticon will help you find the exact needed book, text, mentor, video, or any other possible information source that will complete the picture you need. Moreover, Informaticon contains a very needed part that guides you to the exact amount of repetitions you need for the current subliminal.

Information Releaser:
By using the Information Releaser you will release all repressed information you have in your subconscious mind, while also becoming fully aware of all information that is important for your self-development.

Master’s Coordination
The greatest masters, be they masters of martial arts, dance, acrobatics, or any other physical activity or sport, always have impeccable hand-eye coordination. Using this profound module, you will develop such coordination – the coordination of a true master of your art.

A module making use of the latest quantum breakthroughs, allowing the subliminal to work from an infinitely massive amount of angles. You can expect Omnidimensional to help things manifest rapidly and develop changes in yourself and in your life in ever more profound ways.

Understanding and wisdom are essential parts of any individual that desires to advance on his path. By adding this to your subliminal, you will expand and develop the physical capacity of your brain to assimilate subliminal instructions at a more accurate, faster pace.

RAIKOV is all about learning, modeling and using the positive qualities, knowledge and skills of people who are at the top of the game. If you are an entrepreneur, you will model the skills a top entrepreneur will have and use them in your own entrepreneurial journey. If you are a piano player, you will learn the techniques of the leading piano players, and so on.

Submodel Alpha
Imagining situations allows us to train ourselves and to help us predict and react well to situations. Submodel Alpha allows us to do this process rapidly, millions of times in our subconscious – a similar process to how AI is trained, on a much more profound, enormous scale. Using Submodel Alpha, you will be able to be prepared for any situation that you might go through and react in the best possible way.

The Merger of Worlds
A module for bringing closer together your conscious and subconscious mind, allowing for faster execution of the subliminal and clearer communication between the two. You will find new abilities surfacing, a stronger intuition, and clearer vision of the things that are to come.

Improving your ability to influence reality by improving the super, sub and normal conscious lines, and making stronger your personal reality is Tyrant’s goal. Development of more powerful manifestation, increasingly more profound and faster effects are what you can expect.

Yggdrasil is a module designed to speed and open up the pathways to manifestation. Similar to the roots of a mighty tree, the pathways will become numerous and wide. You will notice the most unlikely positive circumstances and opportunities manifesting to help you with your goals.

I.Q. and Cognitive Booster
This profound intelligence module directly focuses on your cognition and IQ, utilizing aspects of Weapon XQ and the powerful Subliminal Club Q-Shifting (in other words, physical shifting) technologies to help you develop your genius. Utilizing IQBQ, you will see a steady rise in your cognitive abilities (as well as during daily life) and this will be most obvious if you track it in any way. Keep in mind physical shifting can take time – days, months, years, as well as daily action.

Gratitude Embodiment
Gratitude for the things in your life can make you appreciate the gifts you have been given and the possibilities you are provided with. Furthermore, gratitude is a powerful emotion that can help open wider the ways for manifestation in your life, be it in regards to business, love, sports, or simply living. With this module, you will become a powerful beacon of gratitude and appreciation.

Financial Success Reality Shifter
Shifting reality… A concept that sounds far fetched. At Subliminal Club… it isn’t. With FSRS, we will be shifting your reality and your perception of it into a reality where financial success is the only true reality. This will result in unbelievable coincidences, luck, chance meetings etc. Wealth is within your grasp.

Money, wealth, status. Sultan will help you develop your very own way of creating inconceivable amounts of wealth. It also works as a powerful manifestor of money, bringing more and more into your life. Status will rise in tandem with your wealth, allowing you to grow more and more economically. Being a Sultan means living in opulence, and this is what the Sultan creates out of you.

Secrets of Akasha
By tapping into the human collective consciousness and the myriad of different experiences contained therein, you can learn all kinds of secrets, strategies, tactics and methods of creating unimaginable wealth. This power is now at your fingertips.

New Beginnings
New Beginnings is a module designed to dig to the deepest, darkest corners of your psyche, in order to deal with your innermost secrets and fears that you never even knew existed. Issues such as Imposter Syndrome can have extremely deep roots – and New Beginnings is the tool to dig such weeds out. Furthermore, New Beginnings will bring any such issues, secrets, fears or beliefs that are held in the deep layers of your subconscious to the forefront of your awareness and question them, causing you to become more true to yourself and what you believe in.


Damn! Already pulled out my credit card :slight_smile:
You’ve inspired to name embed House of Medici early


That Glorious Dynasties write-up is just pure inspiration :ok_hand: