The Capitalist King


Have to thank @SubliminalUser for the idea.


It’s great to see more product copies as descriptions for customs :slight_smile: Now you just need the mosaic which shows all the modules!


Yea. Now just looking forward to a customized name-embedded Lucid Dreaming subliminal stack to run alongside this.


This just reminded me of a dream I had like a week or two ago. In the dream, I was signing up to take some survival training course and had 3 instructors to choose from. Met all 3 via Zoom, and of course “SaintSovereign” was one of the options I could choose from. According to the dream, Saint’s name is actually Derek Brunson (real life UFC fighter) but he looked nothing like him in the Zoom call :joy: Don’t really remember how he looked like in the dream tho.


Had another interesting dream.

I actually have an appointment to have drinks with a couple of friends this evening.

In my dream, I was supposed to be living overseas for a long period of time but yet somehow I had this idea that I would still be able to have drinks with my friends in the evening.

I somehow had awareness of being present in both countries at the same time.

Anyway, I can’t remember the dream in full, but some parts of the dream included:

  • I checked the location of the drinks appointment with my phone and it was supposed to a short distance from the subway station
  • Somehow I didn’t have my shoes on in public for a while so I had to walk to the subway station in my socks. My shoes mysteriously re-appeared on my feet after a while
  • Myself obtaining a job overseas, most likely Hong Kong as there was some sort of announcement in Cantonese in print that was shown to lots of people I knew.
  • Dreamt of a few bullies dressed in black and heavily equipped with gas masks and protective armour (now I am reminded of the HK rioters) appearing below the flat I was living in Hong Kong…went to confront them but I had no energy and could barely scream
  • My sister being living in Hong Kong or China for 2 weeks for some unexplainable reason
  • I saw a certain sum of money in millions of USD appearing in a legal document that appeared to be some request for compension



New Sub Club Marketing Department?


I would be happy to help write copies for users if requested.

I have read this copy I created countless times.

I think I should read it every day so that it will sink into my subconscious.

And I believe that customized subliminal users should have a customized script for themselves to read everyday so that they will better understand the goals of their customized subliminal in the context of their own circumstances and in the form of a narrative.

Humans dig narratives.

What @SubliminalUser said is correct.


Dreams of last night:

I deamt that that I saw a document stating that some company was interested in buying over my company. I would get a significant salary and have to hire some staff to work for me. However, there were a lot of forms to fill, so I hesitated a bit. A while later, I dreamt that that company had published its intentions in a online news article and said that my company had yet to send its application.

I dreamt that my uncle who loaned me cash 10 years was disappointed that my business was not making money. I revised the scene such that he became very encouraging and proud of me.

I dreamt that my father asked me to make him some coffee. I went to open up a packet of coffee powder and poured 500g of coffee power into a cup.

I dreamt about helping to clear food in a big restaurant and helping to finish up the food before it was being cleared.


I’ve had this thought for a while. I want to make my path to riches by becoming an advisor to my clients on infrastructure investment.

That is why I have been publishing articles almost every other day - I need to show my expertise and knowledge to the world.

I am sure my carefully-planned Glorious Dynasties custom sub will help me achieve my goals.


I ran Glorious Dynasties (my customized subliminal) 3 times today because I kept on being disrupted during my first 2 loops.

One thing I would like to ask is why do I feel this green energy in my head whenever I run the first loop of the customized subliminal? It’s hard to describe the energy - just green energy that I can visualize filling up my head.

I experienced the same thing when I ran the previous customized subliminal.


Dreams of last night:

Have forgotten much of it but still can remember some portions of my dream last night.

  1. I somehow met an old high-school of mine in my dream in she told me that she was a member of a network marketing program that I once participated in.

  2. I dreamt about my spectacles being on the floor and in a damaged state. I don’t wear spectacles in my real-life anymore after having Lasik surgery over 10 years ago.

I wore the spectacles and realised that they were almost unusable.

Anyway, some university professor took the chance to repair my spectacles in return for me spending some time listening to him.

I remember that I had to try very hard to remember a couple of numbers he gave me to call him when the repaired spectacles were ready in the dream.


Do you want a possible holistic energy medicine explanation of this?


Sure. Why not?


I was going to give you all the energy and chakra stuff but I’ll just leave it at the this
as a possible interpretation

The The energy at the center of your being, specifically the integrated energy of your lower and higher self, at the heart center, is looking to start influencing your perception of how you see the world, and ultimately expand outwards to connect that aspect of yourself with something larger.

Or your just experiencing synesthesia on Mind’s Eye, with improved visualization, and next thing you’ll be tasting purple :wink:



I’m still at green. Why green? Sometimes the green may turn a bit into yellow or red. But the overall “feeling” is still green.

Maybe it’s the heart chakra.


Yes heart Charka is green-between the yellow will power and identity of the solar plexus, and the blue creation/manifestation of your expression in the world, that’s what the throat chakra is-voice is just an aspect of it, voice communicated the summation of your being to the outside world, but it’s just one expression. The heart chakra is the center of our being, where the higher self and lower self feed eachother/merge. The love and compassion in your heart chakra, is rising to your head, the seat of perception, your god’s eye view of your life, and your connection to the divine and the world at large. In a way this is kind of like a language of the ‘soul’, or a deeper aspect of your being.

Do you see the yellow and red with green around your ‘third eye’. Red is where your rooted, and belong, yellow is action and execution, the third eye also knows when it’s time to ‘pick your bed up and move it’ metaphorically and literally-that combination in the head may mean-its an impulse to look for a new location or new group/ tribe of people out of Love for yourself.


Does that resonate at all, or totally off base?
I’m not that versed in this stuff, just going off intuitive sense with some base knowledge.


Yes, it does make some sense. Not like I’m totally disbelieving in this kind of stuff.


My mother is at the acupunturist’s for some problem with her nervous system stretching from her neck to her shoulders and her hands.

Thinking about it, I’m still more comfortable understanding stuff like chakras through traditional Chinese beliefs.

Maybe @Malkuth would have some insights on what is written about chakras from the Chinese point of view below.,upper%2C%20middle%20and%20lower%20centers.

The macrocosm (Heaven)/microcosm (Earth) inter-relationship is articulated through the dynamic relations of Yin/Yang, Five Elements, Qi (movement of everything) , Blood, Body Fluids and Shen. Chakras are articulated within Chinese Medicine through the Three Treasures (energy): Generating (Jing), Vital (Qi) and Spirit (Shen). These as a cumulative whole represent the Dantians (chakras). These dantians are composed of upper, middle and lower centers.

Upper centers represent Shen (spirit energy) and relates to the 6th (third eye) and 7th (crown) chakras. Middle centers represent the Qi (vital energy) and relates to the third (solar plexus), 4th chakra (heart) and 5th (throat). Lower centers represent the Hara as well as the Jing (generating energy) which relates to the 1st (sacral) and 2nd (umbilical) chakras.

These centers are interrelated with the meridians/vessels/channels and bones (Jing). Within Taoist literature the Shen is associated with three of the Eight Extra Meridians: Ren Mai (front midline channel), Du Mai (posterior spine channel) and Chong Mai (center of body where the seven major chakras are located from crown through perineum).


Thanks for raising such a compelling topic.

I feel you summarized the major points quite well.

There’s a saying ‘意到氣到’. Sensible and straightforward. When the intention/attention is directed to a particular locus or focus, qi, or energetic activation, comes to that place as well.

This is a pivotal principle in working within that traditional Chinese paradigm.

For myself, I think of Qi as dynamic living process or maybe activation. It seems natural, and not exclusively mystical or supernatural. Qi is like the ‘living style’ or ‘processual style’ of a phenomenon. We can talk about the 氣 of evening traffic on the highway, or the 氣 of a group of people exiting a concert hall, and so on. It’s that dynamic essence of any evolving phenomenon.

I think that’s pretty cool.

Chinese medicine/cosmology has the 穴位. Points where the bioenergetic flows ‘breach’ the surface of the body and can be influenced by various techniques. There’s also 內功 or internal work which engages the deep flows of functional energy directly, bypassing those points completely. Apparently, traditional Indian cosmologies have the equivalent concept of ‘nadi’, though I haven’t studied so much about that myself.

Well, those are just some randomly generated points.