The Capitalist King


Congrats man, stay safe though.
You also may have found success by looking ‘beyond your current situation’

The phrasing of that (you said it to me if you don’t remember) was so powerful, I will come back to it often.

Hows Dynasties?


One of these days when everything is not working according to your expectations.


I will have to persist in running Glorious Dynasties every day and not hope for spectacular results for this week.


Very bad reconciliation today. :frowning:


Come to the realization that I must break my thought patterns.

They have been repeating themselves for too long like a tape-recorder that never stops playing.


I know what you mean. That’s the most beneficial thing these subs have done for me. It takes a while, but it does happen.


In my dream last night,

I imagined that manifestation was like a black rectangular board that was covered by a gray square at a corner. Manifesting what you want would be done by moving the gray square around the black rectangular board because a movement of the gray square revealed things that you didn’t know were there, and covered up things that you always that should have been there.

It’s all about how we want to shift our perspectives.


My understanding of manifestation seems to have moved away from taking more and more action to fulfil my goals to understanding how to act in a state of “being”, where my actions are meant to reinforce my preferred state.

The concept of “wu wei” has been mentioned a few times in this forum, in particular by AMASH. Wu wei is closely connected to the Daoist reverence for the natural world, for it means striving to make our behaviour as spontaneous and inevitable as certain natural processes, and to ensure that we are swimming with rather than against currents.–%20in%20Chinese,follow%20Dao%20or%20The%20Way.

I think it fits in well with learning not to view our reality with the artificial lens (some people call it wool) we have put over our eyes, and how we will see what we really want to see if we “look beyond our current situation” @Azriel and know that everything that we do not want yet continue to see in front of us is an illusion.

Also, Neville Goddard says that something must be as natural as possible in order to manifest as the subconscious must be able assume that is real. The subconscious cannot differentiate between what is real and unreal. If the conscious mind tells it that is real, it will manifest.

So, at the end of the day, it all boils down to learning how to “be” in that most natural state.


I’ve finally surpassed the post-count of 1250 posts. I never really thought I would have posted so much in this forum, especially in such a short-time.

Time to ask for a Arch-Alchemist badge?

I surpassed 600 posts on June 20 - that means I spent a little more than 2 months making more than another 600+ posts.

I’ve learnt a lot of stuff from many people in this forum and it has been a very exciting journey. Thank you @SaintSovereign and @Fire for creating this business and this forum.

Anyway, I’m now in being in the “reality”/“state” of Arch-Alchemist.

Reaching this stage is also a lesson on manifestation. At this point I feel like my online “reality”/“state” has changed in some unexplainable manner.

It’s like this is a manifestation that I almost didn’t care about - I mean I still have all the sucky problems going in my offline life to really bother - but I now feel like I am in a different “state” at least for a while to stay up late at night to post this.



You’ve reached one of my current life goals :yum:

You wanna hook this guy up with a badge so all my shine in the light of his arch-alchemy ?

(pending if @King wants this of course… )


You’re a very prolific writer on this forum it seems!


I have been spending most of my time during the weekends on work-related stuff, even if they are not billable. It’s the same for this week.

It seems that I have to keep thinking about work or something else constructive now, or else unhealthy thoughts will enter my mind.

I feel more thirsty too, even on weekends when I am not running my subliminal.


My dream last night:

I dreamt that someone who was really fond of me kidnapped 5 of my friends in order to get some attention from me.

The girl was capable and smart but wasn’t well-liked.

I went to meet the girl in a cafe, and saw that my friends were sitting at the same table with her. I asked them to just leave first while I spoke to the girl. When my friends had left, I told the girl I was leaving too and wouldn’t spend any time with her.

So I just walked away.

On the way out of the cafe, I fell down accidentally and a white dog appeared and gnawed at my right foot. I started to scream in pain until one of the staff in the cafe approached me and bandaged my right foot. I then stood up and walked out of the cafe. When I stood up, I saw that the dog was on his back and waving his paw as a sign of apology.


Do you think this means anything?


I don’t know.

It doesn’t really mean anything to me but I try to record as much as I can when it comes to dreams.


Ran 2 doses of Glorious Dynasties separately in the morning and at night today.

Today, I had a lot of energy to spend on some new content for my website, and I also cleaned up my website by re-organizing some stuff.

Still trying to think how I can get more people in the industry to follow me. Right now I’m still positioning myself as a B2B data-provider ( a shift from the more lucrative due-diligence consulting I used to do), and aim to swing towards writing more analytical stuff in the long-term.

I have got 93 followers on my business’s Linkedin page now - I aim to have 250 followers on my business’s Linkedin page by the end of next month and 500 by the end of the following.

Meanwhile, financial pressures still weigh heavy on me. I’m right now living month-by-month - my part-time temperature screening job and some government subsidies for my business can save me for a while but I am really looking forward to my other ventures picking up.

I have to be optimistic. Not like I don’t have any sources of income at all. I must be grateful for whoever/whatever is helping me to survive at the moment. Many people are worse off than me.

Tough times don’t last. Tough people do it.

I have to be strong. Very strong.

Perhaps I should run 2 loops of Mogul everyday to complement Glorious Dynasties.


Just to add at that I get more irritated by people’s inefficiency (especially those in public service) these days, just that I don’t show it.


What effects did you notice from Information Releaser?


Nothing that I distinctly observed so far.


So what’s your current stack…
Just glorious dynasties?


Yea just Glorious Dynasties.