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Caught a bad cold today.

Somehow this leadership test in Goldman Sachs that I had read about just came up to my mind. I went to dig out an old book written by a former Goldman Sachs executive to find out the name of that test and then tried to find out more about it online.

Does anyone know about this?

I was once told about a leadership idea that I found very powerful called the “authenticity test” or “onstage/offstage test”. Does the leader act the same way and treat respectfully all employees of the company, from the post officer, janitor and first year out of college, through to the CEO or chairman of the board? Is the leader the same authentic person in his or her personal life as in professional life?

I have often found that leaders who pass this test are not only the most admired leaders up and down the chain of command, but they are often also the most successful and effective. Because they are real and show their true selves at all times. Seeing the CEO of the company devote five minutes of undivided attention to the newest member of the team seems like a simple idea, but it has a profound impact on the culture of a place and sets the right tone from the very top down.


I dreamt that I would be going overseas to work again. I had agreed to the job over an email.

I felt myself leaving my home and heading for the airport. Over the phone, I spoke to a representative of my new company who told me to call him when I reached the airport so that he would instruct me more about my flight. He also told me that I would somehow had to settle the inflight meals for myself.

My feeling about the destination country was that it was somewhere in central Europe, most likely Germany and I would be working on a construction project.

I had this idea that I wouldn’t have enough money to survive in Germany for the first month of my time there.

Before I woke up, I had this idea that I would just put a photo of a window or the airport departures area, and make people on Facebook wonder where I would be going.

Anyway, before I left my home, I cleared some stuff at home. Somebody asked me to store some of my stuff in a transparent bag. I also saw my younger sister in my dream - she got along very well with my relative who was 40 years younger in the dream. She would be very much happy to take care of my relative when I left.

I said goodbye to a teacher. She said things would be very difficult for her but I told her that two of her students had become “Honour Students”, so she had become an “Honour Teacher”.

Further back in the dream, I had somehow been “deported” from the United Kingdom for not having the right visa. I was handcuffed on the finger by the immigration officer and she sat next to me on bus. The handcuff was small and red and she said she actually appreciated what I had done in the country over many years but too bad I didn’t have the right visa.

I was actually deported with another person. There were two hosts who got into even bigger trouble for hosting people like us.

I dreamt of a locked double-decker bus, which was supposed to let us in.


I realised that I have started to pay more attention to details in the financial analysis reports that I write - details that I didn’t think mattered in the past. And I find it quite easily to grasp the additional knowledge that I need in order to write my report

I have also been motivated to relearn my Japanese again so that I have an additional skill that I can put to use. Right now my reading ability should be around intermediate level but I will have to push it to advanced level in order for it to be really useful.


I realise I have have had less problems sleeping earlier and waking up earlier - partly motivated by the fact that I have to wake up very early as I have to commute for an hour to the hospital for my part-time gig.

I just finished an article on my sector’s financial performance for H1 2020 and put it up online. I will need to finish up the weekly report on my customized investment index tomorrow. Will need 3 months at least for my website to gain traction and I am confident about that as my writing skills and knowledge improve.


I think over here, I might as well write down some stuff that I want to manifest. I will write those items in present tense.

  1. Companies have been calling me out of the blue asking me to help them with some project in a sector that very few people are familiar with. Thankfully, I happen to be one of those experts available in the region. They are offering me very good compensation in return for me helping them.

  2. I just had a call with my overseas business partner who wants me to take over his business here and keep it dormant for one year or two. He is willing to pay me a good fee in thousands as a means of compensating me for the risk and for managing it for him.

  3. It must be a miracle but I am exempted from all travel restrictions and will be able to travel freely for business. My physical presence has been sought for in many countries.

  4. It had been a terrible two years, but the good times for me are finally here. I am never short of cash now and am looking around to buy my dream property at a good rate.


Something strange and a bit eerie happened to me yesterday and today.

A long time ago, I spent money ordering some pheromones and magickal items from the US as I was desperate about some stuff. I received those items but felt that they didn’t do anything for me and therefore I threw them away. I stayed away from such stuff after that. That was almost 2 years ago I think.

Strangely, in the past two days, my hard-core religious extremist relative told me she received some items in the maiilbox addressed to me, and after sharing them with me, briefly destroyed them. I was almost interrogated if I had been dabbling in such stuff, but I denied it. After all, it had been so long ago anyway and I had forgotten about the stuff that I ordered. So the interrogation ended up with a lecture on religious faith.

It is still strange, that those items from two different companies - both were from California - landed up in my mailbox yesterday. Even stranger was that I never bought anything from them for two years and I had virtually forgotten about the stuff. The fact that they appeared and made my relationship with my relative tense really concerned me.

In any case, I just made sure my house was clear of the traces of such stuff. I don’t think I’m going to waste anymore money on that stuff.

Perhaps it was because I ran one loop of Ultima Rebirth this morning. I wonder if what happened today was a form of clearing. I am off “magickal” items at least. I told myself I wouldn’t touch them ever.

Main Disc. Thread - Rebirth Ultima

Subliminal break day.

I am feeling so overwhelmed and tired. Having so much anxiety and am finding it difficult to see the way out of some problems.


At one point one does not have to take action. But at that point a lot of goals are irrelevant anyway.


@King Thank you for sharing this.


I could only remember 5% of last night’s dream - which was the segment right before I woke up.

In that segment of the dream, I was walking around South Asian city (likely in Nepal or Pakistan) with all its shophouses dilapidated and in dirty, drab colours, and the roads dusty and poorly-built. I saw a vehicle consisting of a reddish box and four wheels. Well, it was not even big enough for transporting people, but it had a license plate on it just like everything else on the road there, so I think it was some sort of a vehicle.

Anyway, this vehicle was parked outside a convenience store which I stepped into after opening the glass front door. It was quite a small store and I felt a need to buy some cough medicine. Walking towards the medicines section, I started to see mostly packs of cigarettes (in beige and red) stacked on the lower parts of the shelfs, before seeing some medicine on the upper shelf, including boxes of aspirins and some plastic jars of cough syrup.

I also saw some tubes of mentos in plastic containers and I imagined myself gobbling down one mentos pill. Could feel the sweetness in my stomach.

Next, I decided to go and buy breakfast before I returned to my hotel. There were various selections of sandwiches for me to choose from on the upper shelf .I chose one that was roundish and made-up mainly of eggs and cheese. There were other sandwiches with weird contents so I decided to play safe.

Now it was time to pay. It cost 6 Pakistani rupees. Now how much is 6 Pakistani rupees in my currency? I decided to use Google Currency Converter. I managed to get a figure before I woke up


I have completed the wireframes for my friend’s company’s website.

From tomorrow I will be busy with my temporary job. For a long-time, I have not worked in an environment that is not an office or my home for a sustained period of time, so I hope this temporary position will offer me new perspectives and break those irritating negative feedback loops that are constantly running in my head.


I remember asking for a module that allows me to get a job without interview. Well this is a temporary job but I didn’t go for an interview to get it.

Now I should work towards manifesting my ideal job without going through an interview.


Even though I didn’t put the “I AM” module in my customized subliminal, recently I have been very focused on trying to understand what I am and who I am.

In a way, I’ve realised that I don’t want to manifest a lot of things in order to get to my end result, and just want to manifest my end result straight away, no matter how impossible it seems.

E.g I don’t want to manifest a successful job interview just to get a job at a certain position and then work hard to be promoted to CEO when I could just manifest myself being CEO.

Manifestation according to the principles of the 3-D world is unnecessary - there are too many rules which slow down the speed of manifestation . Why not just learn how to live in the state of where I want to be?

Maybe that is why I am looking so much into using lucid dreaming to achieve my goals. I juat can’t seem to fully get rid of all the limitations in my conscious 3-D reality and have a good talk with my subconscious.

My conscious mind doth think too much.


I fInally ordered my next customized subliminal to complement Glorious Dynasties.

This subliminal will be called Dreams of Glory and will is set to Terminus mode.

It contains 10 modules, with one core module (Mind’s Eye) which I have been running in my other customs anyway. Main purpose is to allow for lucid dreaming as well as manifestation as quickly as possible. I will supercharge this with Ultima Dreams when it is available.

  1. Mind’s Eye
  2. Deep Sleep
  3. Dream Traveller
  4. Ultimate Writer
  5. Raikov
  6. Merger of the World
  7. Yggdrasil
  8. Gratitude Embodiment
  9. Sultan
  10. Secrets of Akasha


Nightly dreams seem to have become more structured. I seem to be repeating, maintaining or improving on a certain administrative process in my dreams.

One part of my dream involved Warren Buffet giving me a task in a lecture theatre. It was a very simple task - I just had to call up some people to confirm that they had done what he requested them to do.


I like the feeling of running Dreams of Glory. I have the feeling of being massaged on my nose and the area below my eyes.


Dead beat after doing a night shift.

Doing shift work means that I can’t run my subliminals at consistent times during the day now.

Anyway, while deep asleep I had a funny dream where an ex-colleague (and a good friend of mine) accused me of giving her and her child expired food. I denied it since I had not done it, but the strange thing was that I had some candy in a box next to me. My ex-colleague took the candy from the box and liked the taste of it - I even remembered myself putting a few pieces of candy into her hands.


Came across this quote by Wallace Wattles.

“See the things you want as if they were truly around you all the time. See yourself using them. Dwell on your mental picture so it is clear and then take the mental attitude of ownership with the faith that it is yours. And remember gratitude and be thankful for what you are visualizing as if you already possessed it”.,if%20you%20already%20possessed%20it.

This is what I need to work on when I run my subliminals with Mind’s Eye.


I’ve been working at the hospital for over a week now.

The job is monotonous, stressful and physically draining - I really have to drag myself to work. Also, being in such an environment meeting lots of sick people is not something that I would do long-term. However, to an extent, it is also meaningful.

Anyway I have been running my customized Mind’s Eye Terminus subliminal once a day at least for the past 3 days. When I have time, I would run a loop of Glorious Dynasties.

Today, I received a call from one of my industry contacts whose small business venture I have been occasionally helping out with. He had a business proposition for me, which looked very interesting to me. I will think about it more when I am finished with my hospital job today.

Also, I had a strange dream last night . I don’t think it was a lucid but anyway, in this dream, I seemed to have acquired some powers of teleportation and I could move anywhere I want. There were others like me who had the same powers and just went into stores to take away items they liked.

For me, I went to a temple hoping to see what the deity in the temple looked like. However I didn’t see anything.

I also went to an orchard to see cherry bloosoms in full-bloom, but when I was at the place, the flowers had wilted and I didn’t see many cherry blossoms.

I next remembered myself laying down on a wooden beam on the ceiling, and was concerned that the wooden beam could not hold my weight but somehow it did.

I can’t remember much of the dream except for certain elements.

  • An attractive woman dressed in a red blouse and long skirt
  • A young toddler
  • A Thai song


Reaching home dead beat every evening, all I can say is that I spend more time sleeping and remember my dreams more.

Looking forward to Ultima Dreams.