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It’s hard for me to explain this - but these days, I am finding it easier to understand why I disbelieve in a lot of things.

There are a lot of so-called ideas/worldviews in this world which certain people strongly believe are true and would die for, but these people do not realise that a lot of these are subjective and are human constructions.

They appear to be true to certain segments of the world population due to factors such as their political or cultural beliefs, socio-economic backgrounds, life experiences and even biological factors.

Take people who believe in certain dates like the year 2000 or 2012 for the end-of-the world. Yes, the year 2000 might have been significant to many, especially those brought up with a Christian worldview who believe that Christ would come after 2000 years. However, when the year was 2000 in the Western calendar, it was 4698 in the Chinese calendar, 5760 in the Hebrew calendar and 1379 in the Islamic/Persian calendars.

I feel that those people who make predictions about events using numbers/dates on the Western calendars do not understand the whole picture, and are just applying meaning to what is actually meaningless. Fine for them, they get what they deserve and they don’t have any obligation to impose their views on people from an entirely different background. Perhaps they can have they can have their end-of-the-world scenarios in their own countries or own communities.

It’s the same with numbers and numerology. There is no objective or spiritual significance to numbers and people are free to add their own meanings to numbers and the numbers have an effect on them because they believe it to be true.

After all, dates and numbers are justify arbitrary human constructions and they are not concepts that existed past time and space.

It’s the same for many ideas and concepts which people believe to be true simply because they believe it to be true, or their life experiences, an expression of their imagination pushed out, tell them so. E.g. those who believe in conspiracy theories and flat earths will see signs of conspiracy theories and flat earths because those they have hardened their own assumptions, in Neville Goddard’s parlance. Those who believe in round earths will see evidence of a round earth everywhere. And those people who believe that humans are born to suffer will keep on experiencing suffering because the idea of suffering has been pushed out into their reality by their imagination.

In summary, I would agree that only the only thing that matters is consciousness and what are reflected in our 3-D worlds are the assumptions that we have hardened.

Time to go back to my mental diets.



“The Dao [Way] that can be told of is not the eternal Dao ; The name that can be named is not the eternal name . Nameless, it is the origin of Heaven and earth. Nameable, it is the mother of all things.”

From the Tao Te Ching


@King what results did you notice from New Beginnings so far?


Really well said, this is so profound.

I did a program years ago which I won’t mention here, as it has a rep for a hard sell in some circles
but the premise of the program was that humans are ‘meaning making machines’ and essentially when undistinguished our life’s are simply automatic reactions, attributed meaning, and reactions to where we overcompensated to our original failures. We developed strengths to never experience those failures again, dedicated/manipulative/ creative/ positive etc…and persistent complaints, accompanied with ways of being jealous, angry, helpless etc, when our strengths fail to be sufficient.

So essentially were stuck in the straight jacket of our strengths and our complaining ways of being… when our strengths fail.

then when we get the visceral experience that in reality

‘life is empty and meaningless, and it is empty and meaningless that it is empty and meaningless’

the slate is wiped clean, we still have whatever conditioning we have, but as long as we recognize it we can operate outside of it, and from a visceral understanding of any meaning in life is our creation, we can choose things that serve and inspire us and/or larger causes.

Its kind of like positive nihilism, mixed with Daoism, and Wittgenstein.


Two significant parts of my dream last night.

This sounds like something one would get from listening to Terminus.

I dreamt that I was on my bed listening to some binaural beat audios on my headphones, like how I do for some of the Subliminal Club subliminals.

I also dreamt that I was driving a car confidently on a busy road - something I haven’t been doing for a long time and don’t plan to do yet.


Basically we create our own meaning to life. We can define awareness as the process where meaning is revealed to our infinite yet empty consciousness.


My dreams the last night have involved me taking tests with pen and paper.

I don’t think reading text in dreams is a problem for me.

My gripe is that all my dreams are boring and about mundane stuff. I haven’t dreamt much about anything in the genre of science-fiction, fantasy or thrillers.

Is my life that boring?


I think it’s time I started running Quantum Limitless Q ST4 to complement Dreams of Glory and Glorious Dynasties…

I am in a need to quickly improve my knowledge in many areas…


Some business opportunities are coming to me. Very small, but good for a start.


What happened :open_mouth:


Another industry contact who I had a written some articles for a long time ago contacted me out of the blue and said she wanted to work with me and help to promote my website and my databases.

Finally, I was asked by one of my former clients if I could take-up a small research project - I am still waiting for this deal to be confirmed as well as updates from the same client on a more lucrative consultancy stream. The small research project may not pay well, but the fee i charge is 10 times that of what I would make working at the hospital for 1 day.

I have also recently taken up an interest in collecting old passports - but I will spend more time on this when my income stabilizes.


:muscle: Yeah, it’s really nice to boost your paid/hourly when you work in contract.

More money per hours invested means more free time, or more overall money!!

Currently learning Organizationnal change and intervention, might try to do my own consulting later on!


Well, I decided that working in the hospital as a screener is not for me - though to be honest being exposed to old people who might die anytime did make me ponder about a few things in life.

But no matter what, the screener job is just there as a time-filler and I look forward to resuscitating my dying consultancy business - it’s in the aviation industry actually.


Running Dreams of Glory now.

Somehow I have this “memory” about my ex-colleague congratulating me about something upon completing a task. This “event” took place just one or two hours ago. He said that I would be doing very well.

I am a bit confused. I haven’t been in contact with him for quite a while and am not sure whether he congratulated me in my dream. Or was I in a hypnagogic state?


What type of consultancy business did you ran?


Off work for a couple of days after I caught a cold.

Anyway, my sleep has become much better - the Deep Sleep module has been really helpful.

A few segments of my dream last night:

I dreamt about a 19th-century naval vessel floating off a harbour in the middle of the night. Someone had fired some explosive projectile at the ship but the projectile missed the ship altogether and landed in the waters behind the ship with a fairly big explosion. Next, I saw some kind of barge which was moving towards the ship. The barge seemed to have some explosive power and the the crew of the naval vessel gathered at the deck to tire at the barge with their muskets and rifles.

The scene at the start of the segment was similar to that in the video below before the ship exploded in the video. Maybe the sky was just darker and there were no people in the scene. But it was that type of ship.

Later, in another part of my dream, I was sitting down somewhere when a couple of boys came forward with their faces glowing with excitement. It was as if they had seen a hero when they saw me and called me “The Arrested”. Calling me “The Resurrected” would be more like it since they seemed to think that I was some sort of hero or Messiah.


I realised that I’ve been running Mind’s Eye as a stand-alone as well as in a custom for a fair bit of time now. I am sure I have been running it continuously for over 90 days at least.

Seriously, I enjoy running Mind’s Eye. While I’ve not achieved the goal of immersing myself in my imagination yet, I would say that the visualization of images as well as the replaying of audio in my mind has improved, and since running Dreams of Glory, my dreams (as well as some memories) have become more and more vivid.

I wish to continue to run Mind’s Eye and will only stop when I achieve my goal of being able to feel my imagination.

The character whose qualities I wish to emulate is actually Eddie Morra in the Limitless movie. With NZT, Eddie Morra didn’t have to run any kind of alpha subliminals to become successful.

His confidence in himself stemmed not from having chased multiple women, but being just having an extremely high-level of intelligence (as well as a vivid imagination) to solve his problems and to achieve his goals.

I think in Sub Club parlance, he has fully activated Beyond Limitless Ultima, Ultimate Writer, Quantum Limitless, Raikov, Omnidimensional, Submodal Alpha, Market Weaver and Mastermind. And to be fair, he did take a lot of action.


Mind’s Eye is slept on in SubClub right now!