The Capitalist King


Confidence is just what focus and unbreakable intention looks like from the outside.
Alpha/Sigma is just an internalization of consistently being rewarded (intrinsically or externally)for being successful on one’s personal intentions and not-discouraged when not.
unbreakable Focus looks like confidence, creates competence, creates its own reward, and external rewards/feedback when it meets its goals and the cycle continues.
Alpha inherently goes with the kind of intelligence your speaking of.


Woke up from a vivid dream made during a 2 hour nap.

I dreamt that I was in the same room that I am in, thought the architecture was different. I was satisfied that an armed conflict at night taking place in the dark void across me was coming to an end as enemy soldiers wanted to stop firing and go home to rest.

I then got out of my room and saw that my living room was quite crowded with strangers. Then my relative was asked not to disturb the strangers and she went to hide in my room, astonished and amazed at it.


Feeling damn tired and beaten down today. No mood to run any subliminals.

For a long time, I’ve been thinking that I need to change my current environment - in fact make a major relocation again - if I ever want to get out of my situation for quite a while. However, I’ve been unwilling to face up to the reality of the obstacles standing in front of me that prevent my relocation.

Not sure whether it is helpful that all those divination/fortune-telling readings that I’ve ever gone for all came back with the same result telling me that I would spend a lot of time travelling around, staying overseas, marrying a foreign spouse and that my life would be better if I stayed away from my home country. Which, in a way, I am very much drawn towards.

I will take a break from subliminals for a day or two then decide whether I want to run Ascended Mogul for a month to secure a job overseas and move out of this country.


It could be a good idea to do for wealth, you can take your knowledge of american culture (If you live here), and fill a void in an emerging market, creating growth and cooperation, rather than the opposite (Competition and “??” or “Undead”).


Been reading up about the INTP personality and I really fit the profile of the typical INTP, with myself often living in own world and wanting lots of space to think about things.

I very much enjoy spending time reading and pondering about the world and the human experience through the lens of psychology, history, religion, business, economics, politics and art. I have less interest in science and technology-related topics but do read up on those if they interest me.

I do enjoy small talk and discussions about the above topics compared to talk about work-related stuff.

I find it hard to live in the real world sometimes and conform to its structure and social expectations, especially since I am also dyspraxic. I seem to have this idea that the world we live in has been made for certain types of individuals to thrive and prosper in.

I thought about how I want to be wealthy and powerful so that people would respect me ans I could get things done, but from the looks of it, a lot of people who have lots of power are good manipulating, influencing or managing other people - something which I - and I think most INTPs too- am terrible at. Running a subliminal to make me a leader of men causes lots of reconciliation.

I enjoy celebral, intellectual-stimulating work which I can do on my own pace and am a nightmare when it comes to clerical or customer-facing work, meaning that it’s difficult for me to take up a lot of part-time positions.

Procrastination is indeed a problem for INTPs and this has often been translated into fear and anxiety in my life that made me lose lots of opportunities.

I really look forward to The Executive or anti-procrastination subliminal when it is ready.

In addition, it is a challenge for me, being so logical, to actually grasp fully the spiritual side of things, especially those teachings of Neville Goddard. Perhaps I should try Joseph Murphy.

Anyway, Saint mentioned in an old post that he is an INTP too, so is Fire, and that INTPs react fast to subliminals. Somehow I feel that I had been having so much reconciliation with Emperor and many other subliminals.

But in any case, I have learnt more about myself in recent days


Ran 2 loops of The Elixir Ultima and 2 loops of RegenerationQ today.

My typical before work anxiety disappeared today and I don’t get cold feet going to work like normal.


I just woke up from a nap.

Had a vivid dream about my brother-in-law who is a pilot being uncontactable for some reason and there was fear that something might have happened to him.

At the same time, my niece was being asked what she wanted for her birthday. She was most likely starting to miss her dad .

Luckily, I found my brother-in-law safe and sound in my house after we had tried to contact him by phone unsuccessfully.

It was a big relief and I brought my brother-in-law to the living room to meet his daughter.


The guy who still owes me a large sum of money has been trying to avoid the rest of the members in our common business network.

I sent him an email to ask him if he had changed his mobile number and he gave a very terse reply. I don’t like his reply and feel that I shouldn’t be so nice to him anymore.

After all, it is his responsibility to keep me in the loop about things.

I don’t care if we were very good friends in the past and he introduced me to the business network. Once I told him I wanted to withdraw, our relationship had ended.

Anyway, I am not going to let him step over me any longer.


I plan to run The Elixir Ultima and Regeneration Q for a week or two at least.

I have been feeling very lost and don’t really know what I want and what goals I should pursue. I just know that a stable income is something that I need to have as a priority. I decided that I won’t be running any other subliminals until I am clearer about my direction in life and my goals.


Just a semi-random suggestion: to run pcc (perhaps along with Regeneration and Elixir Q ) to get the money out of him. As Machiavellian as this sounds, if your experience is anything like mine, you will find leverage points to do so.


Thanks will think about it.


Feeling very frustrated and yet non-chalant about some business deadlines. Often, it’s other people who are responsible for the delays and I can’t really do anything.

I am growing aware and non-chalant about people and don’t really want to put so much negative attention on stuff that doesn’t really help me emotionally.


Went to see the doctor today after seeing that my left cheek was swollen.

It turned out that I have salivary gland stones and need to see a ENT specialist to have them removed.

Just means more money worries for me.


Feel even more stressed out running Elixir Ultima and Regeneration Q.

The stress doesn’t seem to die down… especially when more and more problems come tp the surface.


Contacted by an ex-colleague to send over my project portfolio as he wanted me on-board for a greenfield infrastructure project. Will wait to see if I can successfully secure this project - it should be quite a big fee that I can charge.

A lot of limiting beliefs came up when we spoke…and I realised I did not feel confident about my past work .

But I want to give this a try and just forget about those pesky limiting beliefs. If they have confidence in me, I should have confidence in myself.

Sometimes I feel like I’m straddling between two states of being at one time. On one hand, the state of financial lack where I am constantly worrying about having to spend money just for my own basic survival.

Yet there’s another state of financial stability that pops up for a few seconds when I think of those business opportunities that somehow I need to be patient about


Did u run total break down ?


Nope. Just Elixir and Regeneration.


Funny you asked this queston. Elixir Ultima and Regeneration Q combined seem to be breaking me down and making me lose all my confidence in myself. I feel like jumping off a building at times after running both.


I think we have to run total breakdown


With what I am going through right now, I would rather stay away from total breakdown, less I really jump into a river or onto the railway track.

Or perhaps RegenerationQ is supposed to make me face up to my traumas and other deep fears by brining them to the surface so that they will be addressed.