The Capitalist King


yeah many report these as feel good subs and in the end the may be, but the initial weeks
are likely to be rough. Stay healthy and safe @King



At a specialist clinic now which is located at the hospital in the city center and I see that next to it is the dental clinic I used to go to more than 15 years ago.

Wouldn’t be at this clinic if the GP had not referred me yesterday in any case.

Must be a coincidence.


Spotted two yellow birds on a tree today.

Usually I don’t really even bother to look at birds on trees, but today I somehow decided to pay more attention to such stuff.


It seems the swelling has been much reduced. The specialist also told me that my swelling didn’t look serious as my cheek did not hurt and I was not having other symptoms (e.g. fever, flu, headaches, rashes) that would accompany more serious cases.

Perhaps I should thank Elixir Ultima for this.

Update: The swelling seems to have gone away completely and left cheek looks normal now. No one, not even the doctors, knows why my left cheek swelled in the first place and probably no one knows why the swelling went away anyway.


Subliminal break day.

One thing that I’ve always been aware of in my life is the “ghosting” or “cancel culture” of potential opportunities.

For much of my life, I have had people approaching me with lucrative opportunities that I was supposed to look forward too. These covered both my romantic life and career. However, for some reason , these opportunities just vanished in front of me after a while even before I could take the necessary action. The thing is that I couldn’t say that I lost the opportunities because I made a mistake when they vanished before I had even started the first step of taking action.

I guess one of the events that happened recently made me think about all this again. My ex-colleague had sent me a note yesterday telling me that they had lost the bid because the end-client had happened to find another consultancy to do the job. So I decided to not to waste my time further by supplying him with the material he needed.

What does one call this again? False hopes? Or simply bad luck? Or the failure to look beyond my situation?

I don’t like to console myself by saying that things happen for a reason and that that project might have been a disaster. I used to do that everytime such things happened but I’ve realized there must be something with my manifestion/perception abilities that I have to work on.

Perhaps I am still unable to ignore my 3-D reality and make the “old man” die.


Pondering about the differences between knowledge and understanding.

On many occasions , people do not make a difference between knowing and understanding.

I think knowing is a concept closer to faith, and understanding is a concept closer to logic.

In many cases, one just has to aim at knowing about something and understanding it is not necessary unless it is related to his goals.

For example, we can know how aircraft can fly in the air, but it is it necessary for the layman to understand how aircraft fly in the air (e.g. gravity, aerodynamics, materials science) if they have no interest in the topic?

Knowledge is the same as being aware.


How Goddard-ian of you!

BTW, what does a mental diet actually look like? I’ve heard of the phrase quite a bit in my recent exploration but I’m not sure what one actually looks like in practice.


Knowing and understanding. I have been pondering that as well recently. Both is required.


I think it is like a physical diet. You have to be aware of the thoughts that come up in your mind everyday and not be distracted by the negative thoughts.

Your thoughts are reality, so it is best to ignore those thoughts that you don’t want lest you become attached to them and they manifest into your 3-D reality.

It’s not easy and I am still trying to be successful at this.


Great article, thanks for sharing.


While I had some difficulty sleeping last night, in the process of falling sleep, there were a few moments when images of my country’s local news reporting some news on people using subliminals appeared on my mind. They were quite vivid images and I almost thought they were real and I wanted to go check if my local news agency had written such an article previously.


Didn’t record down my dream after I woke up this morning, but I think I still remember fragments of it.

In one of my dreams, I saw an extremely tall Thai kickboxer knock a man unconscious with just one kick. The man was complaining about something and being aggressive.

In another one of my dreams, I think I had enrolled in some 2 week academic program which required me to participate in online discussiona of current affairs every day. I has this awareness in the dream that taking part in that program would be a waste of my time since I has been out of school for a long time and the program would not benefit me in any manner.

In any case, I met some other young people who were taking part in the program with me in my dream.

I also dreamt of someone doing nasal swab on her own.


I ran The Executive in the morning just after I woke up and fell asleep while listening to it.

I had another of those dreams where I was in my room and tried to turn on the lights by pushing a switch.

Somehow the switch wasn’t working and I couldn’t turn on the lights. In real life, that particular switch doesn’t only when there is a power outage caused by lightning, and I have to turn off the master switch.

Reminded me of similar dreams about power outages and light switches which I have posted here. Usually it be raining heavily when I dream about such stuff.


Looking at taking a short financial modelling course since I don’t have any formal experience creating financial models but just the operational bits (revenues, opex).


I remember when I received 100,000 dollars…


Likewise! That’s a great accomplishment! :smiley:


Woke up from a strange dream in which crows were talking to me like humans. One wrapped itself in a red and white flag and spoke to me, while two other crows were talking to each other when they happened to see me.


Crows/Ravens talking to @King Odin hmm


Been running Mogul Q a few times a day for the past three days.

No improvements on the cash balance side yet, but perhaps I manifested some business opportunity though I am not sure how to execute it as it involves the sales of digital products.

In the meantime, relatives are pushing me to just get a normal job and give up on my business ventures.

Yea, I dislike my current temp job and feel that it doesn’t really fulfil me in any manner now except to generate money to pay my bills. However, that doesn’t mean that I will just take up any job for the sake of it.

As a matter of fact, I have recently been looking into furthering a career in project finance - and have been looking at taking time to do a course on project finance.

When I worked as a technical advisor for infrastructure projects in the past, I did take up a course in project finance, but I have long forgotten the content as what I learnt was not directly relevant to my job scope, even though I still can remember bits and pieces and the broad concepts.

This time round, I want to really go deep and familiarize myself with the wider aspects of a project financial model beyond the revenues, opex and capex sections. Apart from that, I want to learn about deal origination in the project finance sphere.

My major limiting belief here is that I have passed my 40th year of existence on this planet quite recently and don’t feel confident in getting a good position in a company even if I have a project finance certification. I need to eliminate this limiting belief sooner or later.

Also, I am wondering whether running Glorious Dynasties (my custom House of Medici stack) a while back had rekindled my interest in project finance. Project financing is a meaningful activity involving the financing of infrastructure projects (schools, bridges, hospitals, airports, railway stations) and I can see myself involved in many deals and transactions with an increased knowledge of the industry.

Strangely, these days I can feel like I can be like the Medici family of the past if I go down this path. I did get that kind of feeling when working in one of my previous companies but was too unhappy at my job with unresolved trauma and other mental issues to actually stay on and grow in it.


Mini-nightmare after running Ultima Dreams before sleep last night.

i dreamt that my mentally-ill relative had a condition that was 10 times worse than in real life.