The Capitalist King


Stark would be the closest choice.

“Too Damn Good at Everything (a pursuit for excellence in all your interests)” +
“Ability to Attract/Charm/Influence People” +
“Enjoy Socialising/Networking” +
“Manifesting an Inner Circle” (optional)

Yes. It was natural. I was like this even in my teens.

And it goes both ways; it is an asset as well as a liability - depending on context/situation.


You must have been the popular good-looking kid at high school who everybody wanted to know and hang out with.



No. Those are Sensory types, I think. Party guys, Sports men, etc.
People who live in the Present. I’m too Futuristic.

I’m basically the nerd with communication skills. Kinda like I am on this forum. :smile:
Richard Feynman was my ideal during high school. (BTW, I didn’t go to college. Dropped out.)


A. I shouldn’t say a blanket No. My Fe was too under-developed to recognise & capitalise on whatever attraction I was getting.

B. It’s the Futurism that gets the job & partnership offers, NOT a popularity or coolness.
If you’re the one-eyed king among blind people, if you can articulate a better future (vision), people feel that you are certainly more capable of leading them there, then anyone else they can think of.

{Just dropped a hint there :point_up_2:t2: about how to maximize StarkQ.} :wink:


I was like that until 1st grade


Curious what you were like after 1st grade.


A bit unrelated but I am also thinking about how I can learn to “predict” the future (e.g lottery, card card games, political events) if we are all in control of our own realities.

This is possible if your desired reality can materialise in front of you after you visualize it strongly. For example, I visualize the lottery numbers for the week, and they appear in the newspaper the next day.


I think that in real life, depending on the strength of visualization/inagination skills, one could emulate this guy by just visualizing the desired outcome.


Man, I love that guy. Still my ideal and idol.


@King - is your current stack still Mogul + Mind’s Eye?



I last listened to Mogul Q on its own for a while before doing a subliminal washout.

Looks like my ear infection will delay my restart of subliminals.


I only noticed it when @SubliminalUser mentioned it but I too noticed a drastic decrease in tinnitus after running a combination of Elixir Ultima and RegenerationQ. He ran only Elixir Ultima am guessing. Something to consider.


And oh yes Mind’s Eye does this.

Minds eye
Mind’s Eye also contains scripting to help you use your visualization abilities to predict the optimal outcome for any situation you experience. You will receive unending inspiration from your subconscious on how to improve upon your situation. You’ll be able to see numerous possibilities in vivid detail and determine what path you should take. This includes developing business ideas, business systems, running fight simulations, etc.


My inference from when I saw the Limitless movie, was that the author of such a story must be a nerdy bookworm.

Eddie Morra is a fantasy of an introverted person, who has little understanding of how the real world works. For eg: A know-it-all is never the popular-cool-guy in the real world.

Nobody can actually become Eddie, and if one does, he will NOT get the life/results - as advertised on the tin.


Raphael's Elixir Ultima + RegenerationQ Journal

Why didn’t you aspire to be like Bill Gates? Nerd with communication skills who dropped out of college.



Do you have any idea how much cooler Dr. Feynman was?
Mr. Gates has no communication skills in comparison. :sweat_smile:

Anyway, everyone has their passions & personality.

I still love physics more than engineering, and Gates isn’t an ENTP. :slight_smile:

But yes. Bill Gates was what the older kids nicknamed me - long before I dropped out and founded a startup. :blush:


Some things I noted during my subliminal washout period.

The urge to watch porn has been reduced a lot. I seem to be losing interest or getting bored with it.

In fact, I’ve lost interest in a lot of things, partly due to the priorities and obligations brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic.

And I can’t seem to remember my dreams now.

Or perhaps it’s my mid-life crisis hitting me.

These days, I just want to focus on rebuilding my consulting business.


Ran 1 loop of Elixir Ultima and Regeneration Q today.

Interestingly, I feel calm and detached from events that I would make me anxious. Usually I would think about how other people would react and form an opinion about me through my actions.

But now, I seem to be learning how to detach emotions from my work.

I have this feeling that I can let go of things, especially when other people are not treating the same issue as seriously as me especially since they have their own issues to deal with.


Been thinking hard about the concept of “living in the now”.

Why should a subliminal be too strong for a person?

If I want to be Emperor, why must I run Ascension first or Ascended Mogul first?

If the Emperor subliminal’s script assumes that I am an Emperor, isn’t that what I am looking for in the first place?

The subconscious cannot tell real from fake. It is just a computer that listens to instructions.

No point imposing limits on myself.

No point thinking from the point of lack.

Subliminals do not tell the subconscious mind to create - they tell the subconscious mind to affirm.


I like this point of view.


Some progress towards winning a consultancy project. May know if I have won the project by the end of this week.