The Capitalist King


As posted in the other thread, my main goals for my business are:

  • To obtain more consultancy work since my consultancy work pays very well.
  • Have an increased reputation in the industry and have reputable people in the industry wanting to know me and seek advice on problems.
  • To improve my technical skills and domain knowledge. Also, I want to improve my financial modelling, business valuation and market forecasting skills.
  • To be able to be a better writer, thinker and speaker. I want to be a thought leader who regular speaks and writes about my topic.
  • To improve my monthly income from my business to XXX amount.

I’ve thought about it recently after having discussions over collaboration with another business, where I wasn’t speaking confidently and clearly.

The solution to resolving my financial problems is not getting a new, stable job but in winning more consultancy business.

To do this, I should learn to think more like a shrewd businessman. I am not an employee and shouldn’t be thinking like one. I shouldn’t think like a freelancer either.


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It may help to think of this as sales as well.


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Dreamt about a discussion in this forum about something 100x more powerful than Libertine Ultima.

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I’ve been thinking about it.

I think the reason why I have always been feeling so miserable and anxious in my life is actually due to my lack of self-confidence, and due to the way I was brought up, I lacked the confidence to actually handle a lot of situations, and mistakenly attributed it to deficiencies in other areas

I’m hoping that apart from financial issues, Accession can help me with building up my self-confidence slowly and I can see myself as a different person after 3 months.

I will also see how I can create a Commander-driven custom Ultima sub that will help me.


Waiting for the official sign-off of one of my consultancy projects.

Not going to be a long project, but the money would be sufficient to help out with my finances a bit.


Running Ascension Q for the 2nd today.

I will be running 2 loops of Ascension Q for this week before moving on to Accession which should be ready next week.

I have embarked on my journey to technical excellence by first learning how to be proficient at MS Excel VBA through online courses, before moving on to learning how to build project finance models next month.

I foresee myself being ready to offer new consultancy services in the project finance sphere by January next year.

In the meantime, I am expecting a short consultancy project as well as some movement on my web design project for my customer. Hoping to get some other short-term projects coming in too.


I also started cleaning up my desk and some drawers today, and stuffed a lot of unused stuff in a trash bag to be thrown away.


3rd day of running 2 loops of Ascension Q in one day.

What’s that word - catharsis? This word has just popped up in my mind.

I’ve had difficulty sitting still or laying down to meditate recently and my mind has been all over the place.

A key emotion of fear and not knowing how deep I still have to go before things get better for me.

Difficulty concentrating on my online learning course.

Too many things running through my mind.

Disappointment and fear about things not materializing the way I hope they would.

A fear that I’ve gone past the age of economic productivity and missed the chances to reach for my goals.

A fear that I’m destined to live out the rest of my life with unwanted burdens.

A glimpse that of the bare reality, that I am a creator of my own consciousness.

Yet, unable to reach it.

A fear that my worldview will collapse and chaos will emerge once I accept the true reality.

A reluctance to accept the true reality.

Yet, a deep desire to accept it.

Another phrase popped up in my mind frequently today, " that we are powerful beyond measure".

Do I fear this power?


I can relate a little, sometimes i think about this but in sone way thing happen at a certain pace and things fall in place when you’ve reach the you that you need to be to manifest these things, i dont believe in luck