The Capitalist King


That’s interesting. Myself because I was not sure how to find new clients, I am (70% there) building a “free” website that provide some information, to hook potential clients. Then a paid part would provide forecast and insights.

How long does it take to produce a report? Did you have to build a website to be a credible source?


I think your credibility depends more on your professional experience and reputation. Like if I want to produce reports on the financial performance of privately-run hospitals all over the world, it will be difficult for people to trust me if I have spent most of my working life in the cosmetics industry.


Of course, you control your own reality. If you believe anything is possible in your reality, you can believe that an investor will call you out of the blue to ask you to write him a report and he will pay you an insane amount of cash for that.


Yeah, that’s really another topic I don’t want to start. Though I agree that having faith keep you motivated whatever you have to face.


I ran 1 loop of Limit Destroyer Ultima

I must have fallen into a light sleep and started dreaming about some random stuff - and my music player on my phone automatically started playing my customized subliminal right after Limit Destroyer Ultima stopped playing.

In my drowsiness I was wondering why that 1 hour of Limit Destroyer Ultima didn’t seem to stop playing. Anyway, I dreamt that I was in some military barracks that looked extremely comfortable and I went into the pantry asking the lady managing the pantry if she had seen a certain person (supposedly one of the Sergeants with whom I had gone to school with in real life) and she asked me if I was looking for him or another Sergeant with a similar name. She then went on making some comments about the attitudes of both men. The lady was a young Chinese lady but dressed in gray Muslim garb.

I think the earlier part of the dreamt involved me hearing that a Sergeant at the floor below was calling for me. When I went down, I couldn’t find him and there were various rooms on the floor which looked like normal dorm rooms for girls and their doors were not totally locked. And so i was quite surprised and wondered where I was exactly.

Another part of this dream involved a middle-aged man, supposedly some warrant officer in the military, punishing a junior commander by forcing all sorts of food into his mouth. The junior commander was in kneeling position and did not resist the punishment. His offence probably had something to do with food.

Anyway, because I had played Limit Destroyer right after I woke up, I still remember a bit of the dream of the previous night…

They included people suffering from food poisoning, and possibly myself. The signs of the food poisoning would appear as dark marks on certain areas of the person’s face - mine were light red, but I took it that I was also suffering from food poisoning.

I dreamt of a big ant crawling around a slice of chocolate cake in my fridge.

I also remembered in my dream taking photographs of children playing in an outdoor park - the images were very clear when I looked through the lens.


After all the economic damage that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon the world, my finances are in very bad shape.

Mogul helped me to stay afloat for a while, but I am not sure whether my company can last for 2 more months without additional income or financing.

Nevertheless, I still a little bit of opportunity to get my company finances (and my personal finances ) back on track. I’ve been working very hard recently on getting my commercial research report out into the market and this Friday, I will be meeting my web-design customer. I am not sure how much these income streams will generate in the short-term but I have to see.

Right now, my main aim to keep myself motivated and focused.

Bucking in for the rough ride.


I will run this customized sub until the end of the year at least along with the Ultima boosters.


Ran one loop of Ultima Rebirth just now.

For a second, I imagined myself coming out of a tunnel of light and being reborn.

Also, my face felt a bit warm on several instances while listening to the subliminal.


Trying to forgive a friend of mine who is holding on to a lot of money that I entrusted to him for a business. Its been a long time now and he has failed to return me my money.

I know I will get back that money one day, just not sure when.


Fell asleep while trying to meditate.

I had a strange dream where I saw my Prime Minister making a live statement on Facebook. However, people on Facebook were asking why the Prime Minister said it was daytime when the time at which he made the statement was in the evening.

This happened repeatedly.

Anyway, when I was beginning to wake up, I thought I saw that it was a certain time on my phone and realised that it was 2 hours later from that time when I had a closer look.


After reading about what Saint did, I am motivated to look for a full-time day job while I transfer my business interests to part-time.


Dreamt that some Russian tough-guy became my mentor.

He introduced to me a book on how to be successful that was written by himself called “The 40” and I followed him around the airport - we were supposed to go on a trip to Russia together - where he went to steal a golden pen from then conned a guy at the airport book-store into paying for it by sitting down with him and sweet-talking.

At a small indoor amusement centre in the airport, I could remember a funny bed for toddlers that made a lot of noise and I was quite particular that the all the noise would bring attention from airport security.

The Russian guy killed two bad guys in front of me - one bad guy died in front of a photo showing his accomplishments - and then told me that I could still go on the trip without him as I was innocent.

My last scene with him was at that small indoor amusement centre where after killing the guy he asked me to play some children’s arcade machine with him.

The Russian man said he would be out of trouble in no time - and it was true. He was well-protected by the Russian government which had a lot of dirt on the countries of which the men he killed belonged to.

I somehow imagined myself arriving at the airport from my trip to Russia and passing through arrivals with no issue at all. Due to COVID-19, there was minimal physical security and I saw myself waiting at the airport’s landside area. It seemed to be cold and snowing outside the airport - I saw an arctic fox outside amidst in the snowy landscape - but when I walked out of the airport, the scene outside has changed to that of some amusement park with a medieval theme just across the river. That was supposed to be also operated by the airport.

I remember some cryptic advice he gave me in the dream. “Take up karate even before you become a policement” and shared that advice with somebody in the dream.

There were earlier dreams in my 5.5 hours of sleep but I can’t remember them much now.

One of them involved checking out of a hotel room with some people. There were some stacks of newsletters about Kim Jong Un and some other infamous people on the table that someone said were hard to get rid off. I also accidentally pulled out a small video cassette that was supposed to have a film clip of the Pravda from under the desk but was told that I should put the video casette back in the original place.

An earlier dream also involved being part of a military regiment that apparently had better weapons and training and we were supposed to be around so that other units could learn from us and replicate our success. Some person I knew in the military was exposed for some misdeed and I wondered what happened him in the end in the dream.


Like in many other parts of the world, we are having a recession here.

But I don’t care, and I have applied for as many jobs as I can. There will surely be one that fits me and my long-term goals.


I just finished running another loop of my custom subliminal - this time the ultrasonic version from my laptop speakers.

After listening to the subliminal, I felt a burst of anger and irritation about certain stuff, including the big sum of money still owed to me.

I think I will need some time to cool down.

In the meantime, have to get back to my work.


Working like a demon to get my report out in the market.

It could possibly save my business from closure.

A lot of other things don’t seem as important to me now.


Came to a realization that one of the limiting beliefs that hold me back from success is that I can’t do a lot of things with dyspraxia.

I cannot accept that now.


“Hi King, I’m charge now. You don’t have to worry any more.”

“Let us work together. We will succeed.”

I kept on hearing this repeating in my mind from today. In particular this is the first time I’ve heard “We” being used in my mind.

Perhaps the Inner Voice is kicking in.


It’s a weekend here but last night, somebody replied to my enquiry about a certain job position available.

Keeping fingers crossed.

I will continue working on my report today.Target to get it into the market within a week.


Was asked to be co-owner of a property but I would have to take care of my schizophrenic relative there for life…

Our subconscious minds have a sense of humour some times.


Memories of certain periods and people in my life seem to be getting fainter.

These days, I am more aware of myself in my current environment