The Capitalist King


Perhaps it is also because of the Covid19 pandemic that a lot of things that I want to do and which are connected to my past experiences (like travelling to some far-flung places) are not do-able for the time-being.

I am slowly letting go of the past. It does not define my future.


It’s funny but I recently decided to give palmistry a try again and sought the services of a palm-reader on Fiverr.

For me, going by the idea that everything is my imagination pushed out as well as an expression of my subconscious mind, I think the reading will be an indication of what my subconscious mind is thinking at the moment.

Looking forward to seeing the results in any case.


Using my newly acquired Oneodio headphones to listen to masked subliminals for the first time.

The feeling and clarity of sound using headphones is so much better than that of earbuds. I feel that my mind can actually capture more data with headphones compared to earbuds…


Results of two palm readers I consulted are fairly accurate and similar.

I will get what I desire eventually - now how do I accelerate this with subliminals?


achieve your palm reading destiny Q module :slight_smile:

Seems like your well on your way with the new custom. Are you looking to stack more?

Also If your open to sharing, why can’t you get that money, the big sum, back from that person?


Stacking my Emperor custom today with Ascended Mogul Q as I decided I want to get a full-time position while dabbling in my other entrepreneurial activity like how Saint does it.

It’s a complicated issue - I will just say that it is because of international travel restrictions and the global economic downturn. It’s not like I lost money - the money is still there, but I just can’t get it out at this point of time.


Ah got it,

How does Ascended Mogul compare to straight Emperor in your opinion?


Things happen faster with Ascended Mogul.

Interestingly, I’m not fazed by the economic slowdown and am quite confident that I will find some a position that I like sooner or later. Just need to keep disciplining my subconscious.


I like them both honestly but when i run emperor maybe because i have ran it some many times in the past it just has results happen faster every time then most other subs ive ran.


Have you tried running both at the same time?


Nope lol should i?
Maybe i will when i get my new custom which i decided to put emp in instead of AM.


Very cool,
Is your custom Emperor + Ascended Mogul faster than Ascended Mogul alone?

I’m going back to the drawing board for speed of results in finances. So curious how this is going/will go for you and hope it turns out awesome.


I’ve only started doing a custom Emperor + Ascended Mogul stack today so I have nothing to report yet…

As getting my finances and my job are a priority at the moment, perhaps I should focus on Ascended Mogul 4 days a week and custom Emperor on the 5th day for one month.


Custom sub for AM would sound cool.


This is my custom for emperor that i ordered sunday night

1 Emperor
2 Positive Being Attractor - Wealth
3 Secrets of Akasha - Wealth
4 Financial Success Reality Shifter
5 Debt Annihilator
6 Current Invoker
7 Carpe Diem Ascended
8 Omnidimensional
9 Yggdrasil
10 Sultan
11 Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
12 Lion IV
13 Raikov
14 Deus
15 Februus
16 Jupiter
17 Overdrive
18 Serum X
19 Tyrant
20 Wealth Limit Destroyer


It looks good and very focused with just one core module.

I was thinking that if you substitute Emperor with AM or Ascension you might get results faster…


A few key points across the readings.

  • Financial security, marriage and career achievements will come late in my life (from mid-40s).
  • I would be travelling abroad lot in the future and most likely have a foreign spouse. While I did travel quite a fair bit in the pre-Covid-19 days, it is hard to imagine frequent travelling in my life henceforth with all the travel restrictions. It’s even harder to imagine that given that I work from home most of the time now and hardly get out of my house for business. Nevertheless, I am the only person in my family who has spent an extensive amount of time living abroad.
  • My upper respiratory problems have consistently been identified
  • I have to work very very very hard in life to get what I want. (That sucks.)

Now assuming that this is what my subconscious is believing at the moment, at least I know that there are some areas that I should work on in terms of the correction of my beliefs so that I can manifest what I want faster


I thought that too but then i was like Emperor is like an all one and it can go in multiple directions and fit many needs. Plus i have always had a lot of quick and life changing results with Emperor but my problem before was that i get on a good track and i go back to shiny object syndrome or my subconscious takes over and doesn’t like the changes and gets me to stop… So im making an effort to giving my 2 new customs till January before i try to change anything on them.


If you are getting fast results with Emperor then you should just stick to it…


Ya i know but before i wasn’t as idk how to put it so big on change it was kinda like an oh that would be cool but it doesn’t matter ill change one way or another, but now i’m seeing that i need to really stick with it and make a change in my life and get that ball rolling. I will def be sticking to these 2-3 subs for the next half a year, im also listening to mind’s eye.