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Another self-proclaimed healer on Fiverr messaged me out of the blue and said that he felt something strange energy around me and wanted me to tell him about myself and whatever situation I was facing so that he could help me out - most likely to make me pay for his services. I only responded to him after he messaged me repeatedly over a week or so.

I tried to probe more into what he did for other customers and what modality he was using but he was very vague about it. He just wanted me to trust him and nothing else.

I told him that I’ve interacted with a dozen such people like him and didn’t have any money for whatever energy balancing or healing service he is pitching to me.

He then decided to give up. Well, if I was really so special that he had to approach me instead of the other way around, then I was expecting him to heal me for free.


Speaking about energy, I have been feeling very tired and burnt out over the past week as I work as much as I can to get my report out of the door to the market. In the meantime, I still have to worry about financial issues while I am on it.

Perhaps my energetic modules in my custom Q subliminal are giving me some energy to sustain myself…


How long did it take for Emperor to start working so well for you?


The first few times i ran emperor i started seeing results the first few days i noticed things happening. I started emperor again this past sunday and i have noticed since i have seemingly more energy and more drive/motivation to do things. But before the bigger results came after maybe 3-4 weeks.

That could also be Alchemist 2 doing its magic because i know it is supposed to do the same thing with reworking your energetic system.

I am just really excited to get both of my customs this week lol. Though i feel like i am waiting forever lol.


You are running Emperor right? Emperor has energetic development in it, to where it helps rework your whole system better so you have more sustained energy i think.
@SaintSovereign can clarify on that better


Still spending most of my time working on my commercial research report.

Been motivated to go into as much detail as possible in this report and have been making sure that my numbers are accurate and formulas are correct. It is a pain to go through financial statements of over 70 companies all over the world, with many of material in different languages.

I will also spend a bit of money to engage a graphic designer to beautify my report and make it look more professional.

This time, I won’t let carelessness and poor attention to detail ruin me.

The hard work will be worth it. I aim to make myself know as an expert in this field globally with the publishing of the report.


Had a vivid dream about receiving the money I was owed in a brown bag. Could feel the sense of relief permanating into my reality.


Strange dream last night - dreamt that I could hear clearly the affirmations used when I played the masked subliminals on my headphones.


In another part of my dream, I dreamt that my ex-company based overseas was hiring its former employees in the London headquarters - it didn’t matter if the former emplloyees were foreigners.

A friend also invited me to view his graphic design computer terminal in a room. The graphic design terminal looked some kind of video-editing computer terminal with those buttons that could be pushed up and down. I learnt that he wasn’t really knowledgeable about what he was supposed to do and was often slacking off during working hours.


Today will be my subliminal break day. I will not be listening to subliminals today.

I have been running just my customized Emperor subliminal 2 loops a day for the past few days.

A few things that have struck me over the past week.

  1. One of my deepest desires is to find an opportunity to spend most of my time outside my home meeting people and interacting with people on a daily basis. That requires me to have a full-time permanent position that necessitates I work on site. I am still finding it difficult securing such an opportunity in the current economic climate.

  2. I feel that I have been losing out on a lot on life experiences and physical interaction over the past few years. Of course, it has been also partially due to my never-ending financial crisis and some caretaker obligations. One important point about this is that I am of the belief that my current situation reduces the efficacy of the subliminals due to the lack of action.

  3. Is the imposter syndrome taking the toll on me? One on hand I can see myself making my name known in my industry, and being asked by international organizations to provide feedback and advice.I keep on imagining this scenario of myself delivering a presentation at a conference hall to a large audience in the evening, greeted with a resounding applause.On the other hand, I’ve had similar negative feelings telling me to give up and stop dreaming - that I’m fated to have my career stagnate.

  4. I only have the budget for one Ultima subliminal at the moment. I am still choosing between Sanguine and Beyond Limitless Ultima - I possess neither of these subliminals at the moment. I should have purchased them earlier at a cheap price but well no time for regrets. Do I want to get that extreme happiness and “living in the moment” feeling from Sanguine or do I want the extreme Eddie Morra level of productivity from Beyond Limitless Ultima? On one hand I am thinking of my dyspraxia and the need to heal my physical brain, and yet I am also thinking that I can’t manifest my goals if I don’t have that feeling of happiness. I guess I will need some more time to think about this.

  5. One feeling that has been dominant in my mental space - that is the feeling of fear, that the subliminals will not work as fast as I want to work or they might not work on me at all. It is this feeling that my brain somehow works differently from the rest of everyone elses, especially since I still have problems physically processing sensory inputs. Anyway, somehow this feeling of fear coexists with the shiny object syndrome, where I keep on hoping that the technology from the latest subliminals willl solve my problems.


Finished running my 2 loops of my customized Emperor sub for today.

Funny thing is that during my second loop, I had an “impression” of green energy flowing around my head.

I use the word “impression” as I couldn’t fully see the green energy, hear it, and smell it or feel it with my 5 senses. It is more like a concept of green energy, though in my thoughts.

Hard to explain, but I somehow could “see” the green energy in my mind.


I finally finished my report and have put it on sale.

Now I should spend time on doing some sales and also have more time for my web design and development projects.


Wow, it’s been almost 21 days since I started this 2nd custom subliminal. I will do some reflection on what has transpired over the 21 days soon.

Time passes fast.


Main goal is still financial security and wealth-building.

Then I will next move on to addressing my physical and mental deficiencies, intellectual pursuits.


I dreamt last night that I was in a bedroom on top floor of a church and a service was being conducted below - I could listen to the service from my window - but I was not paying attention to the service.

My family members were attending the service in the hall below and I was suddenly informed that there was a fire and people in the church hall had to be evacuated.

I spent some time around the area where the church participants had been evacuated to but couldn’t find my family members. I finally managed to reach my brother by calling him on his phone and luckily, they were at a safe place.

My father’s face was all black though, and he ignored me when I asked him how he was.


Thinking hard about how I can improve sales of my commercial report.

When I gain some sort of reputation, I may very well start a blog reporting on financial performance in this sector.


Having severe reconciliation and imposter syndrome at the moment.


Just finished up a short advertising copy for my report on Linkedin.


If you are not too busy, I’d suggest you don’t wait for your reputation to improve to start that blog.

If the content of the blog is good, it’ll draw people to you and increase your reputation. I see it like this, not the other way around. Writing it will also help you get even more knowledgeable and might trigger some new ideas for your next report or venture. Just my 2 cents…


Thank you.

Seriously contemplating it.