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I am thinking the same in my industry though not a blog but a newsletter.

There is a (professional) financial newsletter I really like as an inspiration and the guy uses it for its consulting services. It is a going well with ~400k subscribers in his niche and a low conversion rate. But his services are costly.


Thank you. Much appreciated.


I’ve suddenly had this idea to create a blog that focuses on investment in my sector based in value investing principles, in the context of the downturn. It would in a way help in the sales of my reports, plus I can make my knowledge and expertise in the area more well-known.


Today is my subliminal free day.

I will be building up a contact list of 100 leads that I will contact over the next few days to sell my report.

Meanwhile I will also start on building the content for my value-investment blog.

Separately, I have been thinking about why I have always been resistant to binaural beats and other brainwave enhancement programs.They don’t seem to have any effect on me when I play them and I don’t even know what it feels to be in theta or alpha mode.

I didn’t get any effects from consuming nootropics for a month either.

Still trying to find out what’s wrong - the problem doesn’t seem to be with limiting beliefs here.


Woke up from a short nap.

I dreamt that I was reading this forum and that I was notified that I would get a free subliminal after my 1,000th post.

Ah but alas its just a dream…


Looking at my next custom subliminal - this one will focus on helping me deal with my dyspraxia and also my general learning abilities.

I will pair it with my current customized Emperor subliminal, linking with mosaic. In way, this will be a physical enhancer of my current customized Emperor subliminal, as I need to improve myself physically and cognitively in order for things to work faster.

Many thanks @Malkuth for the initial suggestions.


Photographic memory
Fast reading of text and comprehension of concepts
Improved creativity
General increase in energy levels
Weight Loss
Exercise motivation
Better Sleep
Visualization in HD
Brain Healing
Sharper, faster thinking
Better reflexes
Better Hand-Eye Coordination
Faster processing of audio input

For the cores, I am thinking about

Emperor Fitness ST1
Mind’s Eye

Other modules to include:

Master’s Coordination
Epigenetics & DNA Modulator
I.Q. Booster
SubModel Alpha


Some modification based on consideration. Mind’s Eye will still be the sole core as dyspraxia is a problem with the Mind’s Eye and I want my dyspraxia to be addressed faster so as to faster impact my other custom sub.

I also decided that this custom sub will help me improve my manifestation abilities. Sanguine is there to help me with physical relaxation, since I always have problems with that.

Finally, this custom subliminal will also help me with learning and productivity.

Mind’s Eye

Berserker (I always had problems visualizing and figuring out even basic martial arts moves like spinning kicks - if I can understand how they are executed somehow, then it’s an achievement for me)
Master’s Coordination
I.Q. Booster
SubModel Alpha
Raikov (Didn’t have space in the other sub for it - now this one will fit the purpose more)
The Merger of Worlds
Tyrant (Subconscious, conscious and superconscious)
Sanguine (Relax, relax and relax!)
Gratitude Embodiment (Be grateful, feel it real!)
Naturalizer (Things have to feel natural to me to manifest)
Blue Skies
Inner Voice


Was planning to do up a contact list of 100 people to sell my report and I would email them personally.

I realised that I didn’t have the email addresses of those 100 people and that mass email marketing has in a way gone out of fashion.

Therefore, I decided to just invite 100 industry persons among my Linkedin connections to follow my company’s official Linkedin page which I just set up and where I had advertised my report.

I’m quite optimistic about this approach this time round.


Moving forward, this may beome regular content on my company’s Linkedin page.


Check out a guy on YouTube named Alex Berman, he has some great videos on how to find email contacts as well as how to craft effective cold emails. He focuses on pitching consulting & coaching but it works just as well for offering a unique niche information product too.

You could also look into some lead gen services, as that might be helpful too… especially for pre-screening interested buyers.

Hope that is of some use!


Thanks. Actually, I know a lot of these 100 people on a personal basis, and sometimes contact them through other channels apart from email.

Anyway, my reach-out to them has been done. So, I will see how this goes.

Thanks for the tips anyway - much appreciated.


No subliminal day today.

Been spending much of the whole day creating my own custom stock index consisting of 26 listed companies in my sector.

I plan to track the returns on a weekly basis and publish my analysis online.


Finally made my order for my 2nd custom sub. Couldn’t resist the temptation to add in Emperor HOM, since it’s very relevant to what I am doing these days.

Anyway, I will run this custom sub alongside my current Emperor custom sub but will might change to ratio of loops depending on how well this one works.

For this custom subliminal, I’ve taken out any aura/energetic development modules in order to speed up manifestation. I’ve also taken out most of the emotional healing modules and with this custom sub is filled with modules that mostly have a manifestation or learning component to help me achieve my goals.

Emperor: House of Medici Core
Mind’s Eye Core
I.Q. Booster
Master’s Coordination
SubModel Alpha
Information Releaser
Secrets of Akasha
The Merger of Worlds
Gratitude Embodiment
Financial Success Reality Shifter
Blue Skies
New Beginnings


Looking forward to knowing what you think of HOM vs regular Emperor. I also consider HOM more aligned to my goals than the regular, so I might pull the trigger on that at some point once I feel I’ve done enough time on Emperor.


@SaintSovereign Just got an email informing me that my custom sub which I ordered 24 hours ago has been processed. Is that supposed to be error? There was no other email containing the sub for me to download and I didn’t pay for express delivery.


Having an interest in knowing more about iadaido.

Looks like it helps in meditation and stillness of the mind. Will take up a class on it when I have more money.


Why do I have such big goals these days?

Now I want to create a full-blown news website for my sector where I report on the news pertaining to financial performance of the companies in the sector, and using my customized stock performance index as a weekly new item.

Money will have to be made from advertising - that means I have to make sure that I get a lot in readership.


I think that just means that the order was recognized and is in que for creation.
If you ordered over the weekend it might not have started or sent out an email until Monday.


Completed my customized stock index and put it up on my website.

Moving forward, it is going to be the beginning of more in-depth sector analysis.


I ran 4 loops of my customized Emperor sub today.

It’s been 7 hours since my last loop and I am feeling very angry.

I want to take a hammer and smash some people whom I really dislike.

I’ve also got this “I am going to prove you wrong” mentality.


I will purchase a “remote influence” hypnosis CD to run. I want to go and bash a few people telepathically.