The Capitalist King


“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” - Mark 11:24


Be careful with this. Energetics are quick route to karma. You will have a better time moving through the world making people feel good. I don’t know what you mean by “bash” but if it’s meant to effect them negatively then be very very careful putting out that kind of energy :slight_smile: Best of luck with your RI experience


I’ll second this. I don’t believe in karma in the same sense as many people do, but if you go out using that type of thing to attack people, you will get some attention that you do not want.


Tried to contact the upline to get my money back from an investment program I am withdrawing from. Seems that he changed his phone number on whatsapp and because he is in another country, it is more difficult to find him.

Guess I have to speak to his upline.


Nah. Just giving them a gentle reminder telepathically to return me my money owed. :grin:

I wish I could appear in their dreams.


Have you considered the remote influencing aura? That may be what you’re looking for. (As well as other long-distance skill-type modules)


Yes, but not for this year.

Is there a remote influencing aura? There is a direct influencing aura as well as a remote seduction module… I haven’t seen a remote influencing aura in the Q-Store.

Anyway, I am keeping my subliminal usage aura-free for the time-being.


Good idea. IMHO these social-type subs aren’t really a great choice for most during quarantine—and I say this knowing that there is quite an exceptional bunch who don’t fit the typical bill. People won’t get results and just get frustrated at a lack of progress.

Apologies, meant direct influencing aura.

Any reason for keeping things aura-free? I am doing the same.


Check this out.


Plus I don’t really go out much these days, so there isn’t much chance for me to utilize the auras.

If I could project my aura long-distance over the Internet. that would be different.

There are people who say they can project their auras over the Internet, and read my aura over the Internet by looking at my photo, but those are just claims…No one has ever influenced me with his aura or energy online.


Yea, it really doesn’t help when everyone else doesn’t want to go out either due to what’s happening. Nowadays a lot of hangouts have been remote, which is great for at least being able to hear from people but not so much for testing out social subs.


Slept very late and woke up very late today.

Must have been running too many loops of Ascension Q yesterday.

Last night’s dream included certain types of foodstuffs

There was a small grocery next to where I was living in my dream where I saw

  1. Canned mushroom soup with bread (many types of bread in the grocery)
  2. Japanese rice crackers in individual packets
  3. Some other types of rice crackers that were labelled as crackers eaten by GIs during the Pacific War
  4. A certain type of fried fish that was brown and had an ugly,squarish jaw . My sister asked my dad whether he had tried out that fish.
  5. Various types of pastry

The grocery was brightly-lit and the interior looked similar to that of the Waitrose supermarket in the UK.

I also dreamt that a van I was driving hit the vehicle in front of me and sped off somewhere. I must have stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake. Somehow I managed to revise the event by re-creating a scenario where I didn’t even have a driver’s licence and could not drive the van.

Anyway, I woke up with a strong craving for mushroom soup and bread.


Have a call with an ex-colleague later. He wants to “tap my brains” for something.

I’m running 1 loop of BLU to tap my own brains first…


I aim at writing an article every 1-2 days now…


Are you testing Ascension
and/ or dropping back down to go up the ladder?

What do you think so far?


Testing Ascension.

Just finished my call with my ex-colleague’s company - which is a big international trade association.

He wants me to work with his organization on some new business initiative. I’m not going to be paid in the short-term but if it takes off, its going to make a lot of money, so I am thinking about how much time I can put into this.

Anyway I feel a bit more confident running Ascension - there’s this feeling that things will work faster. I want to run exclusively for a week or two at least… then see whether I should run my customized Emperor subliminals.


Congratulations on that opportunity

That seems to be the value in a short title and script-it hits fast and moves things fast.
I’ll be starting my test next week, looking forward to hearing how it continues to go for you.

I think the wider/denser the sub/stack the more conscious direction it needs applied. When I was looking over my journal I saw my biggest results always come with extremely conscious deliberate intent-around new actions, routines, and activities and then the sub takes crazy effect. But in a more ‘do or die situation’ where more kick is needed, to get started, for direction etc… the shorter sub/stack can get things going.


In that case, perhaps I may try out a mixture of Ascension and customized sub…with a ratio of 2:1 in my stack so that both situations are addressed.


Apart from the IQ test where I had a score of 119, I also took a personality test from the same app developer.

I usually find the questions asked in MBTI tests to be difficult for me to answer, as my answers are really dependent on the situation and context.

Anyway, so I am an INTP. Suitable careers for me include being a management consultant, management accountant, scientist, market research analyst, strategic planner, photographer amongst others. These roles deal a lot in ideas and do not really involve much of managing people. Funnily, the above roles have been what I have been doing or considered doing for most of my working life.

I didn’t enjoy science or maths in school, and so I never had an interest in pursuing my studies in the STEM fields - hence I majored in a liberal arts subject in university. Looking back, I might have done well in those STEM-related jobs, but well, we can only look forward can’t we?

Also mention of INTPs tending to be self-employed or freelancers. That’s my situation now…

I realised that I had taken a MBTI test one year ago too and it showed me to be a INTP. So this is the 2nd time…


1 x BLU and 2 loops of Ascension today.

I will take a break for 2 days over the weekend.

This afternoon, I had a good lunch with my customer for web development, whom I had known for over 10 years. He brought along his business partner, whom I realised was from the same high school as me. Anyway, before we went into speaking about business, we spent quite a bit of time talking about the contacts we had in common - my brother-in-law is one of his loyal customers anyway.

Anyway it was quite a positive meeting, with him wanting me to help him redesign his company’s website and take his business to the new stage.

Another point we talked about was about how we had to unlearn every business model and business paradigm we learned in the context of the COVID-19 crisis, this would include ourselves as well as lots of people with 20-30 years professional experience in the world who have difficulty in letting go of old ways of thinking, old ways which are unable to resolve the problems of today.

I took back those insights to the conversation I had with my ex-colleague yesterday, and now realised the amount of opportunity in the horizon if we just manage to shift our thoughts.