The Commandant - Thread


I think so but its better to be 100% sure.


So, this get’s a priority treatment now, right? :smirk:

I am kinda thinking - did we even add a certain things to improve … or did this just stayed as ‘‘Well, other subliminal users can supercharge their effects, we want the same with Emperor’’? :joy:

What is this supercharger actually about.


I personally believe some focus should be first on updating many of the older titles, including great ones like Regeneration, to AlchemistTech :wink:

Some stuff like Primal and Regeneration and Elixir etc could use a solid update in technology.


According to Saint, it would be a status SuperCharger.


@vadc With the super charger you wont be just an emperor but a God an immortal !.


Don’t share the same sentiment. You already have working versions of subliminals + superchargers for those, even if not the latest gen or whatnot.

There is no working boosting versions at all for money or status, even if just for the reinforcing effect of Emperor working better due to pure placebo. Not knocking superchargers, just saying that there’s also the factor in addition, due to the name supercharger.

Now I am thinking - what’s the status about? It’s still an abstraction. Like productivity and it comes in thousand forms. Starting from improvement in structurizing the day or applying pareto to find best things to do, to simplifying how to do them or even finding better strategy to connect with clients and make better use of your time.

Or is it still anything or everything we chose it to be? Only @SaintSovereign will tell.


Saint i believe has a conceptual design or prototype in his lab. He can reveal more :slight_smile:


Hey @vadc!

You’ve been away from the forum for about 3 months.

What results have you experienced with subliminals so far?

I hope you’ll start a journal and become a more active valuable member in this community.



Saint and his panel of audio scientists are working hard around the clock in their secret lab.

As you can see they have all the latest technology to produce the best products evet.


Oh, blackadder. Don’t you know Saint is working on a Mac? Besides, after the Alchemist’s weekend, he’s still lying down on the job…


Building good life. Still have a lot of doubt about myself and how much I am capable, yet the business parts are starting to come along in such synchronicities, I could not predict it.

I somewhat ‘left’ by a conscious decision. Just checking in to quickly see a post or two by you, Fire and Saint once in a while. And due to that I started experiencing even better life.

Not trying to knock guys down, but some of the ideas are downright dangerous when being (intentionally) exposed to by reading the forums everyday. And sometimes, what I’d pst would be a part of the problem created for other guys who are as easily influenced by environment as I am.

I am here to build a life, not an online journal.


I m in for this anytime.!!
This stuff is working well for me .



@lowrider i now understand what inspired Sovereign to come up with the commander or whatever the final name of the product will be. To sum it up “I am armed and dangerous and ready to kick arse”


Another title could be “aura of the immortals” “aura of the gods” or “King Pin”


I like King pin!


@lowrider I knew you would like King Pin let us see what others have to say :smile:

I am sure Sovereign and Fire would buy into !


:rofl: haha that was good. Hope so.


I think the forum ambassador Darkie would be very happy with this name. I also believe AMASH the forum veteran would also appreciate this new name for the product.

@DarkPhilosopher perhaps you can open a bridge with the SC team and see what they have to say :smile:


I’m inspired by @blackadder’s suggestion.

And I suggest a Multi-Stage “advanced PS Iron Throne” sub caled: King Pimpin’ !!!