The Commandant - Thread


AMASH continues to inspire both myself and others in this community :slight_smile:

Good idea AMASH keep those ideas rolling in its what we need,


I was was think “True Boss” or maybe just “Boss.” Big Boss probably.


What if the title of new seduction multistage will be SATYR? Greek god of lust :blush:

I think that @SaintSovereign and @Fire should not discard the idea of new, advanced multistage seduction program, which will include all-encompassing scripts for seduction and relationship.

Healing, learning and etc.


Yes, and its own advanced superchargers for Aura, sexuality, manifestation of ideal woman, sexual energy, more opportunities with women, similar to As Above & So Below for The Alchemist!


Yeah this sounds like a great idea, count me in!


@Dmitry @AMASH I like the concept. greek god of lust.

Perhaps a “face changing module” can be added to make you more sexy and handsome like a greek god.

In the aura charger SC can add in statements such as

“I now project an aura of energy that is irresistibly sexually attractive and magnetic to beautiful women, which attracts the sexual interest, attention and response of women I find attractive”


0h like handsome Squidward?


@shred7 there is another company who has created a subliminal that makes you more handsome and sexy by altering your face. So why can’t SC do the same ?


Yes I agree, I think it is worthy…just making a joke out of it :smile:


Argh , there are already so many sexual subliminal files ! I think its time for a non sexual file


Interesting idea but I don’t think it’s necessary. We wanna look good to get girls, sc have products for that do that for us regardless of our looks. This is under the assumption that its dating related though. Is there another reason other than that?


I think it’s good to get @Fire’s input on this. It seems there is a lot of excitement for a sexual / seduction multi-stage over-powered subliminal with advanced superchargers, and maybe a process to charge intentions to manifest your ideal girls etc. Both conscious and subconscious. Something that pushes things beyond the limits of even PS!


Hopefully they stay away from face changing subs lol. You want a change your face sub get a face lift or plastic surgery or meditate on it and visualize it every day


They will sell that sub like hot cakes


Actually the premise behind that sub (if I am right about which competitor it is) is that by having a symmetrical face you are biologically perceived as attractive and alpha. It has advantages in both the personal and professional life. So the question is not whether it would be a useful sub (I would get it in a heartbeat), but how much is possible. Our DNA contains a much more attractive person than we ended up becoming thanks to processed food and less than optimal lifestyle. So in theory there is some room to maneuver in if we enlist our subconscious to do some positive cellular regeneration.

As for the idea of an over the top PSIT, that’s just AMASH’s inner voice telling him he’s done with ST4 and realizing there’s nothing stronger than Khan. He’s getting restless. :slight_smile:

Obviously everybody is going to jump at it, because it sounds like the next latest greatest piece of awesomeness. Personally I want to see what the boys have in mind first, before blackadder starts a “Who wants PSIT multi-stage?” thread. Or am I already too late? :wink:


Not really.

Khan is something I will use forever. It is THAT good. But I have this vision of using the multi-stage sex & seduction sub in the summer for that player lifestyle, and maybe EoG in the winter for that money making hibernation.

But Khan is the One Sub To Rule Them All. Always running, always doing its thing. :wink:


@AMASH You’ve got it all planned out! I like that :money_mouth_face:


Yes :smile:

Plus, Khan ST4 has a powerful version of Limitless.

So I can SEE the plan happening, I can see the effects, benefits and ramifications.

Khan ST4 is just beautiful!


Wow. I like the limitless in emperor. I’m stuck debating on moving to alchemist or Khan after I’m done with this sub!


Khan is a seduction multistage sub. Why people are asking something else? Did they try khan and they are dissapointed?