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@lowrider As the emperor script is smaller the effects of the limiltess script will be more pronounced.

Khan sure is King however as winter approaches i may switch to emperor and limitless and switch back to Khan before the summer. I may even stack quantum limitless with emperor if and when it is released.


@rising during the summer I spend my months travelling to different countries and seducing women. Khan is perfect for this however with winter approaching its not ideal to be hitting on women when its cold. Unless I go somewhere warm.


Nice! That sounds good man.


Don’t assume things @rising, especially that you’re using Khan and are benefiting.

Khan is a huge script including money, learning, social skills with men, manifestation, feeling at east in the universe, etc. So something more focused like sex & seduction can lead to more precise results. Multi-stage gives the opportunity for seeder work.

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I didnt assume anything. I asked why people are asking a multistage seduction sub since we already have Khan


Thats exactly the same reason why we have Primal Seduction, when already we have an Emperor…


S&S will work even faster because the script is even smaller.


Got ya makes sense


I would love to see mastering a skill within 2000 hours sub. I loved the idea of what another member proposed


I think limitless and the upcoming quantum limitless should fulfil this requirement.


It would be cool to have more focused and specific subs on the same categories that have already been implemented.


I agree with you. Limitless is to help you learning something. Mastering means learning, implementing, contacting the right people etc

For example limitless can help you learn Muay Thai in theory like strategy etc but a sub helping mastering any skill will actually help you on the fight


Quantum Limitless is coming. I believe this one subliminal will set the standards for those to follow. I am hoping skills like hand eye coordination will be added to this bad boy. This would benefit F1 drivers, boxers, tennis players etc.


Eye coordination is irrelevant to what limitless is offering


@rising Why ?


I know my wife would like my eye and hand coordination to be enhanced for these late night extracurricular activities were involved in! :scream:


@lowrider you crack me up mate :slight_smile:


Is there a estimated time release for this per chance?


Right now they are working on Mind’s eye, Power can corrupt and Inner circle. The three new products are supposed to be released later next week. My guess would be that they will start developping The Commander right after (along with the three subs)… depends on their workflow.


Fire and Sovereign have been so dam quiet its eerie :slight_smile: