The Commandant - Thread


It is calm before the storm, I guess :wink:


I know right! I am curious of a timeline for new releases and they have been so tight lipped!


We’re in the midst of some really interesting new breakthroughs… :wink:


I can’t wait to see what is going to be released next and what breakthroughs are happening or about to happen.

You guys have been very hush hush the past month lol.


Yes I’m listening…:ear:t2:


Spill the beans!




Super interested in the commandant, dominance and power is something hard do developp and a supercharger for that is more than welcome :muscle:

Saint’s last post seems promising!


I believe Subclub are about to shake the world of subliminals. They cant reveal to much at thia stage as their are spies watching over our forum.


Commandant plus Inner Circle…


Interested!! Even though I’ve not done emperor, I’ll get anything that’s a status super charger!!


I’m hoping for inner circle, beyond quantum limitless, and mind’s eye. And ofcourse commandant will be cool too.


This whole shit has been quiet for weeks. What’s going on?


Once the countdown reaches 00 we’ll have a response


Are you sure the timer is large enough?

One of those times I wish I had moderator permissions so I could replace your timer with a 00 and respond by saying “Nope, nothing happened.” :slight_smile:


Okay then!



The experimental subliminal @Fire made for me has been causing me to have the most ridiculously vivid dreams ever. These dreams have narratives like you’d find in a movie. Last night was basically an episode of Law & Order.

I hear this tech is going in Quantum Limitless…

Main Disc. Thread - Quantum Limitless (Now Available!)

I want the power give me this product now :rofl::rofl:


With Quantum Limitless, Inner Circle and Commandant, I shall have the power to be Commander of the Universe.


Same here, i’ve been waiting for the commander for months :star_struck:

I really need more consistancy at work, in my project and in my attitude. Dominance over myself and my life is something that could really help.