The Commandant - Thread


Do you know what will help with except the overall status? Or how it is supposed to help?


Will it create a “don’t fuck with me” vibe? Does it have skills to respond verbally to imtimidation? Will it help with a deeper, projecting voice? Will it push you to take charge whatever the circumstances?


“Master yourself, master the ennemy” - Master Yi
(pretty sure it is inspired by Sun Tzu’s original rule)

@rising You will naturally start to emanate lots of dominance. Have you ever lived an event in your life that gave you the feeling you could do anything and have total control over your life? It generates so much confidence that you will naturally know how to act dominant, how to act as the alpha… it is engrained in our minds and… when you WIN you act like a WINNER, people notice, they respect you (enchanced status). After that, if you want to build something to increase your status even more, total control over yourself will greatly help :wink:

@Michel if you want to work your banter’s skills, try running Khan or Daredevil/primal seduction (banter+assertion) will help you in verbal intimidation cases. Deeper voice can come with calm and sense of control, it may takes a little of practice. Taking charge can come when you feel like you are responsible and you are in control of the situation!


Thanks for the advice. I’m on Khan currently, so good to know.


Yeah, but Khan is a big program, i’d also do some free association games to speed things up!


@King are you prepared to handle such power ? I


With the additional help of Power can Corrupt?


Wouldn’t be surprised if the CIA is monitoring this forum everyday.,


They are ! :slight_smile:


They have an allien to do it while smoking weed


What if the CIA nabbed Fire amd Saint?


For the universal super soldier program?


Nah, for MKUltra 2019.


@DarkPhilosopher you might want to open a bridge with the development team. I know Fire was tampering with things which might have invoked the wrath of mother nature. There are things which mankind are just not ready for. When Saint commented we have made a major breakthrough. He may have tried to wrestle with evolution and it backfired.


I fought the Ents and the Ents won, I fought the Ents and the Ents won.

I tried to imagine evolution backfiring and was greeted by a picture of Saint and Fire turning into apes and then lizards. I’m calling dibs on their Macs.

I agree that there are things mankind is not ready for. But to the best of my knowledge they’re not attempting telepathy and telekinesis (I’d be pretty annoyed they didn’t invite me if they were) and so far nobody has been punished by the universe for remote viewing and astral projection, no matter how successful. And Quantum Limitless is probably not awakening dormant/latent parts of the brain either. If they did any of these things, it would support your CIA theory though. :slight_smile:

I did recently learn that if you try and see the aura of a tree, the tree will actually reach out and touch yours. You can see tendrils like rays of light coming towards you. Not just that, but adjacent trees as well. It is supposedly a very positive experience, although if you did it in a forest you could feel like you’re being crowded and boxed in from all sides. I imagine you’d have to go pretty far to piss off nature, considering how far we’ve already gone without Yellowstone exploding…


If this was a CIA operation we wouldn’t even know. As long as I’m getting results I’m fine with that Mk Ultra 2019 :laughing:.


But if that’s the case can we get paid to listen?



MK Ultra 2019

ST1: Total Fracturation
We will invoke pain like you’ve never experienced before. We will shatter your whole personality. It’ll make Khan ST1 look like playing in mud.

ST2: Multiple Personality Install
We will build you up again in the images of several well known archetypes. They will be installed like a doll’s House with many rooms to explore.

ST3: Ultra Skills XY
Based on Weapon XY, we will program the skills needed to become a celebrity legend in society: the singing skills of Michael Jackson, the raw talent of Tiger Woods, the genius of Robin Williams. It will also manifest opportunities to “hit it big” in a short space of time.

ST4: Relapse prevention
Because all celebrities will eventually have burnout, get sidetracked or stages 1 and 2 weren’t effective the first time round. So we created ST4 to prevent this. It will also manifest handlers to take care of your financial and emotional well-being.

Please don’t ever consider making this product.


@SaintSovereign that’s the face Pikachu makes before delivering a thundershock! Just saying :roll_eyes: