The Commandant - Thread


I would prefer mewtwo :wink: Ultimate power


@rising Thank god you didn’t name any pokemon after GEN 3. #Blessed


@SaintSovereign my friend make me happy and release quantum limitless this weekend.


Hahaha i stopped watching 12 years ago. I dont know what is this gen thing


@blackadder - yes please to QL this weekend.


@raphael i really hope subclub release QL this weekend i have been telling all my friends about this product and they are already waiting in excitment.


@blackadder - have been eagerly waiting for it myself. I did not purchase Limitless since I heard about Quantum Limitless. And am eager to up my learning skills especially with regard to writing and coding.


@raphael i am doing coding too hence me wanting this sub. Fire and Saint are good guys but i hate it when a carrot is presented to me and pulled away. Then i hear two people cackling in thr background.


Lol they probably already have hundreds of subs created and will only release them slowly 1 at a time at their choice. This enhances the anticipation and you just can’t take it anymore. Checking in every hour to see if it has dropped yet! It’s like a drug isn’t it :crazy_face:


This is definitely one of the ones I’ve been waiting for, though having just started a new program I’m okay with it taking a little while longer :wink:


Can we pleae ensure Commandant uses hypnosis too.


@blackadder has just gone COMMANDO!


He stopped wearing his underwear?


On a completely irrelevant note, I am really looking forward to the commandant.


We should see something tonight or tomorrow night. As i mentioned in a previous thread Fire works the grave yard shift.


Since he’s been on QL, he’s probably gone polyphasic.

Graveyard shift is for pussies. :slight_smile:


I believe @blackadder has some explaining to do! :face_vomiting:


Nothing has changed i am still wearing my Y fronts or what the Americans call tighty whities.

Looking foreward to the stacking module Commandant. I believe Sovereign was playing with the concept and Fire will turn the concept into a reality.

@raphael my good friend areyiu planning to get Commandant ?


@DarkPhilosopher i believe our friend Fire has a day time job so his only option is to work on projects in the evenings.

I think Fire by day is a software engineer by night he transforms into “Fire” the genius behind SC.


Hey guys leave my underwear alone :slight_smile: