The Commandant - Thread


@blackadder - most probably not. Right now am focusing on wealth and learning.


Any update regarding commandant?


It’s coming. Ya’ll calm down. Just released two new titles within a few days of each other. :stuck_out_tongue:
Need some time to play Death Stranding. :wink:


I will be the first person to buy Commandant. Btw will it be a stacking module or major program?


A super charger :slight_smile:


SC can you also include a stacking module


All of you that have never been listened to The Commandant before huh, you now have something that stands for you!


SaintSovereign, falling his way through Death Stranding while delivering lost subliminals. Remember, a cryptobiote a day keeps the timefall away.

Don’t think ‘dictator’ or ‘tyrant’, think ‘freedom fighter’.


I just saw the last episode of the walking dead… And saw Negan’s performance. I must say that the way he act and moves is for me the definition of how a commander should act. He probably has his own sh*t together to have such humongous balls!


There is a hypnotic technique called DTI (Deep Trance Identification), you can google it. So, this is a great way to assimilate models most wanted traits but leaving not ecological and harmful ones off the board. Negan is a, no doubt, a powerful example but I doubt that your subconscious mind will allow to integrate it.

Maybe Quantum Limitless can help with it.


Hope it drops soon, I’m new here and based on how it’s been described, I’d like to wait until it drops to buy the Emperor and begin my journey.


I stopped watching on season 3. I only the watched again on the season he was playing until the end that he was captured. I didnt watch again. This actor is fantastic and it was the only reason i started watching again

I think there are real life examples like Bradd Pitt or Robert Downey Jr or Tom Hardy or Leonardo Dicaprio that the way they carry themselves is what i think commandant should be


Yeah, should watch some of their interview, they are real examples of how behaving dominant is in real life. But I like movies character because they often face life or death situation where they are in physical danger.


A subliminal based on the laws of the universe would be interesting.

This would be the Big Brother of the 42 Laws Of Power.


I think Alchemist Complete does this and much more than that already :slight_smile:


Are these laws in Alchemist? That’s interesting, they might be able to split that up into an additional program, preferable a stack module. Alchemist is kind of a really major program… Do not have time not to incorporate that into my stack.


Paitently waiting for the commandant :slight_smile:


Nah. We don’t know the laws of the universe, so it’s a bit hard to script something like this. However, we do include scripting for YOU to discover the laws of YOUR universe. :wink:


Hundreds of people care camping out outside SC with their credit cards ready. Commandant is about to shake the entier subliminal world.


Exactly what I meant :wink: