The Commandant - Thread


The seven hermetic principles are the known laws of the universe. But I do like the way you handle things as these laws can’t be one hundred procent by verified in every situation. :slight_smile:


Very good answers to why this man is so calm.


Imagine if instead of the nice British girl, this supercharger was instead voiced by this guy:


Yes please


prefer the woman :stuck_out_tongue:


The sub can be just renamed to “instant orgasm for females”


Epic idea!


@DarkPhilosopher whats the latest on this super charger stacking module ?


Well, the vibration in that voice must be quite something. I’m sure if he starts talking close to a specific part of the female body she’ll get enough “stimulation”. :slight_smile:

Then there’s the health benefits. Talking with that voice is like doing an Om-meditation all day long.

It is likely that if everything with the voice actress goes as planned it will arrive around the same time as the next Emperor, or so Saint hints. That’s all I can say.

Unless Saint likes my idea and hires the guy. In that case, I sincerely apologize for the delay. :wink:

Haven’t seen you in that thread yet by the way.


Which thread? If that question was for me btw


Nope, that was for blackie, haven’t seen him starting a pep-rally for Emperor V4 yet. :slight_smile:


I assmue you live in the USA?


Then again, he later stated he might have assumed that there was no good in assuming.

Why do you ask?


Super hyped for this & Emperor v4 as a combo :smiley:


I wonder if it’ll drop before Black Friday. Not a huge concern since superchargers aren’t as expensive as other programs but would still be nice


Since Emperor V4 is already out, I was just wondering when Commandant will be released.


Commando should be released in the next few days.


Will Commandant be worth getting for those poor at visualization?


So is commandant going to be released this week? And how will it affect Emperor and Khan?


No, it won’t be released this week. Maybe early next week.