The Commander Ultima Thread


Sounds like it would balance out the beta, agreeableness, nice guy tendencies of stark then, Feminine qualities of stark is what I’m trying to say


I combined it with Aura last night and now the results are even more powerful. Amazing.
1 loop of StarkT, 1 loop of Aura and 2 loops of Commander.

I’m going to replace 1 loop of Commander with 1 loop of Executive since they say it’s a great combo.


You have such a great stack working for you why not keep it going ? Unless you want to experiment and see how it goes


Yeah, it’s a great stack, I’ll be testing it for another 3 nights then I’ll be having two nights off and then I’ll do that experiment.


What’s that?

Sounds more like “The Punisher” to me.



Executioner Loaded Weapon

Maybe a better name


Commander makes me really detached from my feelings, emotions, sensations (hunger, thirst) and sexuality. It feels unusual, Usually I get horny a couple of times per day, but I haven’t got horny for three days. I started running the program last Sunday.

Has anyone experienced it?

No Nut November

Might be diverting sexual energy into sustaining the commander’s aura. Now that you mention it I am starting to feel more emotional control or rather detached. I’m also finding myself saying fuck it to more people, things, thoughts, feelings and emotions that bring me down in any way. I am also noticing that the past couple days I don’t rush to eat or drink when I’m hungry or thirsty.

Personally my libido has only been slightly reduced.

No Nut November

Hey, I tryed commander wednesday night. I faster the whole damn day the next day. OMAD style. I am usually always hungry.

Didn’t knew it was commander.

No Nut November

Saying fuck it is probably one of the most powerful things someone could say or do. It’s a powerful action step or mantra. Commander Definitely has my attention :eyes:. I thought I ran Commander few days ago but I instead ran Executive by accident


That’s right, I know my goals and my people and all the rest doesn’t matter a thing. Usually I used to got back home upset and tired after work and now I couldn’t care less about the shit doings at my school. Apart from that I’m really decisive and even if the consequences are not favorable I don’t focus on them but on planning how to turn it to my advantage. Great, great sub! The best I’ve ever used.


Commander is one of my favorite ultima titles so far. It is a hybrid of almost everything:

  • Personal Power
  • Energy Cultivation
  • Auric Presence
  • Executive functionality


what are the major differences between Commander and Executive for you?


I’m listening to Commander Ultima for the first time right now over my anker Bluetooth speaker and within 3 or 4 minutes my body is starting to heat up, I’m feeling hot now


Strange, personally I don’t feel the energy cultivation as much with commander Ultima, but rather a mindset shift.


biggest effects for me were sexual strangly enough, energy going through my whole body and not getting all clogged up in the groin like it has always been

No Nut November

Sexual ? interesting did it raise your libido.


no actually it keeps it down and controlled so I can put my time and attention on the rest of my life,
AM plays a big part in that which is great


Commander is a beast. Of the non-healing Ultimas it is currently my most preferred Ultima.

Whereas Executive gives the push to get things done and avoid bad habits, Commander does that + removes the desire for bad habits in the first place.

For example:

This is extremely evident on Commander. As I ran Commander and Executive on alternating days last week the difference became very clear. Not to mention, Commander also influences my interactions (particularly remote work meetings) as well.

So it’s because of this that I’m going to run Commander on all my workdays this coming week.


this is good to know i have both, been using the executive, will try commander today an see how it works for me