The Commander Ultima Thread


@NinjaFox I noticed on another thread that you also ran GLM, did you notice any difference between GLM and Commander?

To everyone else, does anyone know the difference between GLM ultima and Commander ultima? Both seem to be about status and power.


GLM ultima will get you to focus, build discipline and you idea of masculinity
the commander (this is just from the meditaion, just about to try the ultima after this post)
will get you to do things(a bit like the excutive) that and it also made me just go after what i want in the moment(aka take action when you need it)
will tell you more on the commander ultima once am done using it


GLM made me more confident and feel better about myself whilst the Commander gave me real positive aggression and detached me from my negative feelings, sensations (hunger, thirst etc.) and gave me a real aura of command. Executive pushed me into reconciliation… or it might have been a general overload.


positive aggression is right, that part has kind of gotten me into some problems because of my status being raised and there by challenging a higher in the “dominance hierarchy” man. at least thats how i’ve perceived it. it feels like when you raise your perceived status it brings out some antagonizing or challenging behavior from those around you, like how dare you challenge the current social status settings.
I dont know maybe you can rise in status and confidence in a business setting and manage it well.
What are your thoughts?


It depends on the specifics of your social environment and how you act on the Commander. What I found on that sub is it’s tough to suppress the display of your dominance and I can imagine that if you have been a mouse at work it’s difficult for the others to accept the lion.


Commander woke me up in the middle of the night (Hypnopompic), similar vibe to as below ultima, which is incompreshensible profound train of thought, but I was not dreaming, so I imagine commander is stronger in this regards, but similar. Same thing with legacy, but more lucid, less profound.

Commander has some strong inner voice stuff, but not related to positivity, but more in alignment to Executive, which is positive actions. The “Commander Aura” for me is simply changing the inner dialogue towards action. The difference between executive is, Commander is internal energy coming from pure will, directed from thought. Executive is more conceptual, physical, personalized action dependent on objects and external resources.


I’ve never felt so self-empowered as I did when I was running Commander. I felt a powerful drive to be done with things which required to be done no matter the circumstances.


What difference did you feel compared to running The Executive?


I played one loop only stacking it with Commander and Stark. It was too much for me and I got reconciliation. Some people say Commander is Executive + some bonus.


I think Commander can be good but if you are already running subs which address dominance and masculinity maybe it becomes too much. I mean for me personally it was much more noticeable when I run executive. I guess if I didn’t have Khan it would be a different story.


One of the most consistent sublliminals in terms of effects by far. I listened to it again for the first time since sometime last week and I’m wondering why I even stopped listening to it in the first place! I am immediately feeling the need to take Command of my life. :smiley:


Commander has given me the best experiences of my life but I chose to heal myself and build my little empire now so… for now, I cannot go back to that brilliant sub.


Now I’m running it again.

I think in the past I overwhelmed myself with too many loops of terminus + other programs so this was too much to add on top. I still think it’s heavier script than Executive, but today seems to be working much better for me as I have lowered number of loops and sticking also with less programs. I think Emperor + khan or Emperor + stark causes lots of friction. Khan + stark is much more powerful. So now added Commander to it.

So far really liking it. More on this later but, the other day I was remembering the original supercharger and it also really amazed me with the commanding vibe I felt as well as actually the inner power that came with it. Great sub.