The Coronavirus Thread


It is a bit odd, mostly because it’s sensible, so it’s unexpected from politicians. But I think it comes down to how it’ll look if ~1% (give or take) of the population dies on their watch and they didn’t do anything to prevent it. You know, elections and stuff.

As I mentioned on that other thread, I’m hoping this all drives positive change in the long term.


And Mexico thought they were safe behind the wall… :wink:


EQ is making me a bit crazy while stuck at home. I’m seriously considering changing my original plans and stacking it instead, just to take the edge off.


EQ is not the boss of me. We’re in this together. Just like me, EQ should focus its attention elsewhere. I trust between Fire’s skills and Saint’s STARK they managed to give it some artificial intelligence.


Now is also probably a good time for SC to release their Immune System Booster sub. It’ll sell like toilet paper.


If you only knew…

The tension at waiting for Saint to finish posting is nerve-wracking. :slight_smile:


This is just reckless. It’s not being brave, it’s not “showing you have no fear,” it’s just selfish. This virus, regardless of how we feel about it, is exceptionally contagious with a 5-24 day incubation period. Not to mention the fact that you’re still contagious even when not showing symptoms.

The quarantines and safety precautions are not to instill fear, it’s to prevent the global healthcare system from collapsing. Hospitals around the world are woefully unprepared for this, with a very limited number of ventilators and ICU rooms available. Italy’s system is overrun to the point where they’re having to make insane decisions about who gets to live and who gets to die. While you may feel you’ll survive, it’s wrecking havoc on the elderly. This thing has taken 7,930 souls with the majority being people over the age of 49 with comorbidities.

These are not conspiracies. One would really have to stick their head in the sand to say this is a “hoax.” Doctors around the world are posting videos on Twitter, YouTube, anything they can find to warn people to just stay home and don’t panic because it literally means saving lives.

This is a time for the world to come together to fight this off. It’s not a time to play alpha and try to AMOG a virus.


I get you’re afraid, nothing wrong with that. But I won’t be hiding in a bunker. Judge that however you like.


Stop with the all caps, please.


Another 345 people died in the last 24h in Italy. Death rate in Italy 7.9% atm because the hospitals collapsed. Thats the difference from all other outbreaks before we saw.
The virus is highly aggressive in spreading worldwide. 1 person infects 3-4 others.
Read the science behind infection rate and exponential increasing.

The medical side is worst enough and now we can see the economy collapsing.
To give a hint to understand: Around 5 million self employes in germany dont know how they can survive financial because they are affected from the LOCK-DOWN. And this can take one year to be over. Millions of workers world wide re affected. This is like a global end time scenario for all people affected atm. No school - no job - no money - …
I dont know how anybody can not uderstand all the consequences. Its ike domino at the moment. All countrys shut down until its over. Maybe in one year…


For sure. Sorry i forgot that its interpreted as shouting.


Yes, we know. You’re going out and licking doorknobs before running here and bragging about it.


Most likely it’ll return next year, similar to the Spanish Flu. So more than 1 year.


Funnily enough I’m actually a bit of a germophobe, so I can’t think of anything more disgusting. :slight_smile:


Why use caps when you can use #markdown?

Sorry, couldn’t help myself. :slight_smile:

I hear Merkel is making lots of plans on how to make Germany great again. Certainly lots more than some of the other EU countries. Germany usually stands strong in the EU.

Not to say Germany won’t be impacted. The Euro certainly isn’t doing well…

In that case, which sub are you on? More importantly, where can I get some, oh mighty knob-licker?

Okay, I’m gonna stop now before I cross too many lines while trying to be a type-up comedian on a thread that should be taken seriously.


Germs aren’t magic, and they can’t get through unbroken skin. They need an entry point.

I wash my hands frequently.
I don’t touch my face, and especially don’t touch any body fluids like saliva or mucus, so don’t get any on my hands.
I never sneeze or cough (unless I’m actually in full sickness mode) so I don’t spread anything that way (some people seem to sneeze all the time for no reason, which is massively disgusting).
I use hand sanitizer before, during and after being in public, so highly unlikely I’ll spread germs from my own environment.
I use hand sanitizer if I touch any public object.
I use a UV sanitizer when I get home on my phone, wallet etc that might have come into contact with any germs.

Obviously that doesn’t mean 100% chance of avoiding any infection, accidents can happen. The biggest risk to me is if someone sneezes directly on me (although again it can’t get through unbroken skin). The biggest risk from me is a lapse in my usual behaviour.

Despite everything, fear is far more contagious than this virus. So no, I won’t become a prisoner because of other people’s fear.

BTW, I haven’t had the flu in close to 30 years. That stuff above works.


Life has some crazy ways… Just when I was about to focus on business solely and completely, this happened and… changed a lot. In the past few days a process in me has started and it forces me into introspection.
It doesn’t matter if I want to or not. It just starts and I can’t stop it.

I have differing view points on this. One side of me just wants to move on, getbetter, achieve my goals and live life…this part is very confident and knows it will not die, because there are so many things left to experience.
And then there is this other side… that is tired.
Tired of continuous battle. of disappointments. of waiting. of my own shortcomings.
But also tired of the world in general. Tired of fearing someone might harm me. I might lose my reputation. Hostility. Hatred. of having to know what is going to happen next and always analyze everything. of worrying for family and friends. of fearing the future and regretting the past and being anxious in the present.
I guess this part actually wishes for the world to come to an end or at least to bring this one down so a new one can emerge. I don’t know. Maybe this world isn’t build for us humans in the first place. Maybe it is a machine world.
I don’t know.
I’m just tired. and sad.


Do you have any idea what is happening in germany atm?
In one or two days we will have a curefew like France iam sure. Since today everything is closed beside supermarkets doctors post office some restaurants until 6am-3pm. Bars clubs cinema theater and so on are closed. schools universitys kitas all is closed.
You will find for sure a list with google. EU closed borders for non EU people for 30 days like trump did before. Germany closed his border today for all non eu people coming from other eu lands.
Trump declared state of emergency and mobilized 50 Mrd $.
German Goverment provides 500 Mrd Euro in a first step to stabilize the local economy and this isnt enough in the long run to prevent millions of insolvencys of small middle and bigger companys. The heart of germans economy is the middle class.
They provided unlimited credit.

Our Federal President Mr. Steinmeier brought it to the point:

And while millions of people are still on the streets in germany sun bathing and making jokes about corona our hospitals running out of capacity. Dont forget that also a child/teenager/young man with asthma or any other pre-existing condition is highly in danger.

Also the young can be in serious trouble:


Btw: The numbers of serious critical persons on ICU is unknown atm our goverment announced yesterday. Why the number is not published i dont know but the number of 2 on worldometers didnt reflect the real situation. It seems to be much worser.

Also a helpful source of information to understand whats going on:

And be careful with Ibuprofen


A lot of people feel this way, I think. Our society is dehumanising.

I feel this way when I see more environmental destruction, more old growth forests logged or mined, more critical fisheries wiped out, more species pushed to the edge of extinction, more land/water/air contaminated, all for money, by those that already have more than they should ever need.

But I do have hope, that this is all the start to a new way, where we have new priorities, new ways of living and working, new ways of interacting, new ways of thinking, new ways of being.

This is a beautiful vision: Kitty O’Meara