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Sometimes I wonder whether @SaintSovereign and @Fire with their superb subliminal production capabilities can produce a specific subliminal that brings all of us users into a shared reality/alternative universe where our lives are almost perfect - and we go online just to share how wonderful our lives are without this coronavirus.


This post really impressed me. Pretty much every part of it.

If your own responses and behaviors are advertisements for the effects of the subliminals, I’d say that they are very good ones. The quick, effective researching and analysis of information; the strength and ability to hold a line based on your own judgment; the agile responsiveness and ability to pivot smoothly and strategically to maximize the opportunities inherent in the changing situation.

I guess some of that is probably just your own personality, but it’s motivating to think that the subliminals could help to engender these types of strengths.


This was realy bad for the people in europe:

“Europe will not forget and is traumatized” was title on a bigger german portal. Think it was t-online from the telekom but i am not sure. Google could help. In times like this mankind is divided in good and bad.

This is America First at work
This is the dark side of the force


How do you know?


Sounds a bit like Operation Paperclip


Government this, government that. A bunch of subliminal users being subliminally hijacked to think a certain way. That’s what I’m looking at, common you guys wake up.

I’m literally going to shake this whole community with the facts!

How many times did I tell you guys not to conduct any energy through government platforms. Remove your focus from the radiostations, televisions, social media posts, conversations related to the Corona virus. Please just turn off anything sourced by the democratic government.

Instead I’ll provide all of you with actual news from today on. I know exactly what is going and I have been informed since 8 months ago.

First of all, what virus are you talking about? I’m not going out of my way acting like something is happening while their is not. Just like @bujin I go outside without any protection and act like everything is fine. Which everyone with a healthy physical body should do!

We have an immune system for a reason you guys, wake up. They are controlling you, making you think a certain way and thus act in a certain way.

Like I said I don’t focus on the physical as it is not important for me. I focus on the spiritual as what happens in the spiritual manifests in the physical anyway. I know we shouldn’t be in fear as the alliance has won already. They dark forces are steadily holding on, on their last pillar of power which is the media whilst the white forces are cleaning up the trash.

The sole reason for all of you acting this way is purely because of dis-awareness - and none can blame you for that! Here by I’m releasing some information on what’s happening in the physical as to shed light on the dis-awareness to change the thinking and thus the actions.

For sake of awareness and change in control I’ll leave you with some information on the physical. For all those interested in the Spiritual war I’ll leave some content below as well.


I’ve been seeing quite a lot of things on the Internet and heard a few bits, I wanted to just bring you up to date with what I’m aware of.

First of all, there’s been a great deal regarding that this isn’t a virus at all but, it’s 5G or it’s something like that. The information that I have is, it very clearly is a virus created in a laboratory. What I will definitely say is that 5G weakens the body’s immune system.

So if a city was in lockdown and a great number of people had the coronavirus and then you blasted that community with a 5G you would, in many cases, weaken individuals resistancy, their immune response and you you will get more people sick and tragically dead.

I do not believe that the coronavirus is a myth or a hologram, I don’t believe that it’s the weapon from 5G but I do believe that 5g weakens a biological body and therefore it’s more likely to be susceptible to it.

The evidence I’ve seen and the evidence I’ve been given is quite strong and those of you who’ve been on YouTube and seen pictures or videos from cell phones smuggled out from China, you have seen doctors, and these aren’t actors, they’re genuine doctors who in their breaking point talking about the number of people with the virus.

We’ve seen so many real clinical situations in hospitals where people have a virus, they don’t have some mythical 5G illness, this is a real virus created in a war laboratory, a biological laboratory, which got out, that’s the reality of it, and that’s what we’re facing.

If this was just a common cold or a flu virus, or if it was indeed the 5G, we would not see government’s responding as the way they’re responding. If it was a deliberate attempt to kill people by 5G you wouldn’t be seeing the government’s responding.

We have two things going on and I’m just going to use the term White Hat and Black Hat… my grandfather who worked for the CIA always referred to Black Hats and White Hats, and that was back in the 60s. It comes from the the cowboy films, the good guys wore the white hats and the baddies the black.

What I can truly tell you is that the virus was not designed to kill off half the population, the virus was not designed to kill off all the old people, all the non-productive workers and just leave us with the productive workers, that’s not what it was about.

The intention of the virus was to destroy economies through fear, through fear of the individuals not going to the shops to buy, the purchasing side, and through fear of those people turning up to the factory, to the production side.

So you take up a production, you take out the need to buy and you bring an economy down.

Look how that’s played out, the Dow Jones, the British stock market across the world in a situation that we’ve not seen, worse than the Lehman crash 2008, worse than the crash in 1978, and we’re looking to go back to 1929… that’s the scale of this.

What’s going on here is a virus released unintentionally in China, unintentionally, the virus was stolen. And please don’t imagine that if you’re going to steal something you go out with a great huge lead-lined box, you’re in a secure facility, you cannot walk out of the door with a great lead line box.

What this person did was take some of the culture from a Petri dish, placed it into a four inch of vialwhich he could put in his pocket and because he worked there, he was known, they don’t search them when they come in and out, it’s not like working for the Fed where they’re looking for bank notes popping out of your pocket, no, he didn’t carry it out in a great sealed container.

He couldn’t because he was stealing it and it could have been shot for that, so he cook it out, it broke in the marketplace, it was released, but it was not intended to be released in China.

Now, what’s happened is that countries like Britain and America ahve had time to begin to work up a counter plan to this, let us just say that the Black Hats had intended to destroy an economy.

Two reasons: first, the hope was that it would make the re-election of President Trump impossible; secondly, it would go ahead of the reset, a lot of talk about the Reset…

The Reset is a term we use when the good guys want to rebalance the economy, while the black hats do not want the economy rebalanced or, if it’s going to be balanced, they want it balanced their way.

So, the destruction to the economy would do a number of things, first of all it took away the chance of President Trump being reelected, secondly, it actually affected the economies of the world and make them very weak and it could reduce the ability of America to Reset or to reevaluate because all the reserves, all the money has now been pumped in to keep companies and multinationals afloat, rather than being used as a war chest maybe to go over to a gold a gold-backed currency etc etc.

So it destroyed the confidence, and that was the whole intention.

This virus was released in China by accident, it gave certain people weeks to plan and understand what they were facing, had this virus released somewhere else than it would have given the individuals very little time to respond.

We have a situation where a number of countries have put soldiers on the streets, armed, this is a shock in Western Europe, it’s something that we’ve not seen since the Second World War.

We have to ask ourselves why would you want armed soldiers to enforce a curfew? What is the point of them? Wouldn’t ordinary people stay indoors anyway?

We’ve got these soldiers on the streets in a number of countries. Now, and interestingly, these countries that have got the soldiers on the streets either have a very strong connection to the Vatican or there are a number of Black Hats hiding out in those countries.

So, if the military in the United States, having finally been pushed to breaking point, with all the evil that has gone on, and I’ll just tell you that those of you who were sharp and remember a little while back last year, one of president Trump’s bodyguards was poisoned, and this was a deliberate attempt to get at the president’s entourage.

There have been lots of attempts to kill the President and what I will say is, this was a turning point, because it wasn’t an attempt to kill the President, it was an attempt to kill the First Lady.

Best way to get to somebody is through their family and so the idea was kill the First Lady and then we can get the president to back down. It failed but one of his own bodyguards got that, he was poisoned.

There is a video, posted lat year, of blackhawk helicopters in an lamding on the street of LA in the evening, people were saying it’s just a drill… we don’t get Blackhawk helicopters 30 feet off the ground, and you remember they put Special Forces down, they went to a disused building which happened to be owned by the Chinese, or released to a Chinese English school. They used dynamite to blow the the front doors, they went in and they brought a body out, and they brought out a metal container.

What I can tell you is that was Covid-19, a virus ready to be released in America last year, to destroy the President of the United States and to bring about an economic collapse in America.

What do we have now… we have a Black Hat who wants to buy Covid-19, can’t get it anywhere else, because the military have closed it all down, so goes to Wuhan, offers many many many millions to an individual, the deal doesn’t go through, the Black Hat shoots the employee who is about to run off with the vial, the vial smashes on the stone floor, the virus gets out in China.

20,000 United States troops, both in uniform and not in uniform, are now moving across Europe in small groups. We’re going to call these Trump’s boys, because that’s what we’re calling them this side of the pond.

Trump’s boys are operating in a number of countries looking for Black Hats.

Then if I am a bad guy, and I am NOT, well let’s just play this out, if I’m a bad guy and I’m in say a country like Italy and the Vatican is very powerful, and of course it is, and the Vatican says we don’t like the idea of these Trump agents having free rein… so let’s call a state of emergency and let’s put soldiers on the streets because what we can do is isolate our city so foreigners will show up really easily, anybody in a motor car we can stop them.

In France now nobody is allowed to come out of their home unless they’ve got a piece of paper that says they’re allowed to come out.

Why would you want to do that? How can you go from being supposedly a democracy – you can’t come out of your house unless you’ve got a piece of paper that authorizes you to come out.

Why would you need to do that? What’s going on here is that if there are some some Black Hats holed up in certain countries, and the government is being blackmailed by those Black Hats, they will then declare a state of
emergency, put soldiers out on the streets in the hope to slow up any of President Trump’s agents.

That’s the reality of this, so we are under the cover of the coronavirus, we now have a war going on, not a war as in tanks and bombs and missiles, although occasionally a missile is stolen and threatened with, but we have a war that’s now very much about to break out onto the streets.

I don’t know quite how obvious this is going to become because both sides are keen to maintain this is a covert side but I can tell you that that is what’s playing out.

Right across Europe people are having power cuts, right across Europe mobile phones, cell phone networks are going down, we are going through a most interesting time.

It’s not a time of fear but it is a time of change and one side is going to come out of this victorious, yeah, there
isn’t going to be a status quo anymore, in the sense that we have had.

So, that’s the situation, that’s what we’re looking at, or looking at a real virus that can infect you if if you catch it, it does not just affect old people, can affect young people as well, it was designed to operate in the dormant stage at 4 degrees centigrade, this is the temperature of a fridge.

That’s because it was bred and kept in a fridge, so it operates for about 12 hours on a cold surface, it is killed by ultraviolet light, if you’re in in states like Texas or Arizona the virus will have very little grip because the amount of sunlight and the heat is not good for it.

If you’re in a wet cold state or a wet cold damp country it’s going to do quite well and that’s why governments are hoping for the summer to come along and deal with this, but we have a situation where both sides, the White Hats and the Black Hats are attempting, under the cover of the coronavirus, to fight it out.

And it wouldn’t surprise me if some really really big names declare they’ve got the coronavirus and either supposedly died of it or they disappeared they go underground.

Many many people who have a very very nasty history are now using this, either as an excuse to go to cover or, basically, are now going to cover because certain people are after them.

When this virus was released it was a game-changer because it sent a message to the White Hats that they’re never gonna compromise, the Black Hats are never compromised and never come around the table to talk, can’t do a deal these people, they are just totally insane and for the first time the military group decided that that was it.

We’ve got nothing to lose if they’re going to try and get rid of our president, cruch the Constitution, destroy America’s economy, we are no longer going to sit back and just play this and so basically the Military and the White Hats within the intelligence are now mobilizing, just as the Black Hats are doing.

The differences is, the Black Hats have been caught off guard, this virus was not supposed to be released in China and as a result of that they are at a disadvantage, so we should see some high-profile people disappearing.

It’s the end of the game for these evil people, their world is coming to an end, and don’t see the virus as the end of the world, see it as an end of a phase, an end of the phase of control because if we were really in trouble that virus would not have broke in China, it would have broken somewhere else.

The very fact it broke in China shows that certain things can happen, to ease the pain I feel so very sorry for the Chinese community, I really do, they didn’t ask for this but they had a laboratory on their premises creating it.

They had a biological warfare place there in Wuhan creating the virus, so if you are going to play with fire sometimes fire gets out of control and burns your fingers.

Let’s hope this is a beginning of a really big change, it’s not about fear, it’s not about scaring the daylights out of you, it’s about saying we’re dealing with a virus.

Best way really is use sanitized gel on your hands, when you go out wear gloves, don’t touch surfaces! The information that I’ve received is, and these are from qualified doctors, is that the transfer of the virus is not so much from airborne droplets, people coughing or sneezing, but that coughing or sneezing landing on a surface.

That surface being around a cool temperature allowing this virus to survive for 12 hours and then somebody touching it with their hand, stair rail, light switch, cutlery, chair, anything, and then touching either their mouths or their nose, particularly the mouth.

That’s the problem, that is how it’s being transmitted now. When they first realized this who did they tell? Did they tell you and me? No, they didn’t of course, they went straight to the elite, that’s why the elite said we’re not handshaking… everyone’s looking around thinking what’s all that about, because the elite were the very first to be given the official warning, don’t shake hands.

It’s about hands touching anything, touching your mouth, that’s why the Chinese understood it, because the virus was laboratory made there, that’s why they all wore masks, because it stops you coughing or sneezing, it stops you touching your mouth.

So if you go out do not touch your mouth, if you’re touching surfaces do not touch your mouth, you put your hand sanitizer, wear gloves and if you’ve got disposable gloves you have a box by the outside of your apartment or your house, take your gloves off put them in that!

Ultraviolet light does successfully kill the virus, the virus doesn’t like hot temperatures, if you think you might might have caught the virus don’t drink cold water, drink warmish water if you can, wash the virus down from your throat into your stomach, the acid in your stomach will kill it.

Remember that 5G weakens the human response, your natural defense system, so if you are one of the people who’ve bought the Bio Shield or you have any other defense against 5G, for heaven’s sake have that either plugged in or if you go outside please take it with you in your pocket, keep it with you.

If you are aware of an older person who doesn’t have anybody look after them please think about what connecting consciousness stands for, don’t do service to self, be service to others and find out what you can do to help that neighbor of yours.

I’m talking about disabled people, I’m talking about old people, don’t lock yourself in and think I’m okay, think what can I do to assist and help other people.


There is no doubt we are in transformational times. The planet and all its inhabitants are shifting out of the old ways of being ruled by fear. We are transitioning to a world steered toward peace and harmony ruled by Universal Law.

This time in our history was always going to happen it was inevitable. Our planet was always going to return to alignment with harmonic convergence with the Universe. We are experiencing an incredible uptick of Light from our Central sun that is making this all happen. This new Light emits light codes to manifest this New Earth. It’s not a coincidence that millions of us are waking up to this!

This New Earth will be guided by peace, harmony and synchronicity, not time and money. This crystalline light that we’re getting bombarded with is activating our crystalline DNA. These crystalline energies are connecting us to the Akashic records that contains the records of Creation which holds our Light memories of past, present and all consecutive lives in all dimensions and time.

These energies are connecting us to our highest aspect of ourselves and it knows the remedy to fix your imbalance. When all individuals heal themselves, everything will follow. When humanity takes responsibility to heal itself and live in peace and harmony with all inhabitants of Earth we will live in an existence of balance. (Christ consciousness) This is what the Bible means when it says Christ will return. We are in a time of great change and this is how creation works.

What I’m saying is we are being forced to flow with these higher frequencies which in turn makes our existence a BEAUTIFUL one. The ones that are resisting this change will get there, they have no choice, they’re just making it harder on themselves getting there. You can either take the paved road or the gravel road it’s up to you…

Eventually, everything that doesn’t flow with these new energies will fall away. Many people are feeling great uncertainty and confusion because the old paradigm is falling away, we all can see it and the new one isn’t quite in place yet hence the uncertainty and confusion. Meaning, we are leaving the old 3D consciousness and the higher 5D just isn’t quite here yet.

In many ways humanity has come to the brink of disaster worldwide. We are seeing economies collapse, global weather changes, disease, starvation, global conflict etc. It all makes sense because not only are we seeing the death process of an old structure, we are seeing the rebirth of a new process. There is madness to this magic.

It really is mind blowing the times we’re living in. We’re transitioning to a global society which is crashing the Matrix because the truth seekers are winning. This human awakening is dealing massive blows to the deceptive and controlled narrative of the old world.
We live in a world where journalists don’t report the real news, where doctors don’t know the real causes of poor health, and politicians don’t know how the money supply works and what the agenda is of those controlling it.

Our so called scientists believe in a discredited philosophy which resembles a dogmatic religion. The majority of teachers don’t realize they are teaching a system of indoctrination that is nowhere near teaching critical thinking. What it comes down to is humanity is extremely ill informed and many are just sleepwalking.

It’s easy to feel the embarrassment of our species because we should’ve known better. Meaning, the deception, dysfunction and imbalance which is beneath our intelligence. But, there is no need to lose faith in the betterment of society, because all this dysfunction and imbalance is what is needed to awaken the population. Remember, there is no such thing as coincidence!

We are now at a time that we are designing this new structure that we will leave for our children of the future so let’s get it right.

Some additional insights.

Today we have quite a few things to share. However, I will begin this update by saying that it is time now, more than ever, for those aware, for those truthfully informed, to do your part in supporting the president of the United States.

The Cabal(Illuminati) are doing all they can to turn America and the world against Donald Trump. And now they have also ordered their hollywood parasites(actors/actresses) to join in on the attack.
The time has come for YOU to speak, write and share your truth in every way possible. It is a most difficult task to “free” sleepwalkers with the truth. So, if that cannot be achieved, “barricade” the sleepwalkers with your truth.

The coronavirus is not fake. However, the stories about it on the media are. The virus itself is airborne. So you can wash not just your hands, but your entire body all day long. What is needed for protection from this virus is nothing but a strong immune system.This virus did not come from food. First it was created in a laboratory. Financed by some of the most popular billionaires, who are now on the run. And than it was sprayed from satellites on many different cities, mainly Europe and North America.

The benevolent leaders of the world are all aware of this fact. And know exactly who is responsible for such action.

The gratitude goes to the Galactics for their intervention at neutralizing the majority of the virus and minimizing its overall impact on the planet and humanity.

The Cabals intended plans with the virus have backfired on them. You are to see signs of this in the coming days and weeks.

You can expect more upheaval in the coming weeks and months as the higher light permeates the densest areas of the planet.As the vibration continues to rise now faster than ever, the old is boiling and dissolving at rapid speed.

All these events must be looked at with positivity. The stronger and the higher the light quotient, the thinner the veil becomes.The thinner the veil, the more we begin to see, the higher truth is revealed more and more. And the first steps towards open contact are to be taken. Contact with the GFL will begin on an individual level prior to mass contact.

We must say that we are not too far from such events. Individual contact of course, but more importantly we are close to mass sightings of the Galactic Federation starships.
As with everything, the media will have questions for the leaders once these events unfold.
The benevolent leaders are expected to speak truth, for it can no longer be kept a secret.


I’m a lightworker, starseed and wayshower!

There are forces of the light and forces of the dark. It’s the duality we live in portraying itself. By ascending to 5D we’ll live in unity. Many white forces have different tasks, some are channelers, these people have to inform other lightworkers with information from the higher forces that aren’t working in the physical but are supporting on the higher levels.

There’s also lightworkers spreading and disclosing news on the physical Trump being one of them. Follow Qanon. David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Dr. Steven Greer, Michael Salla - just a few on the top of my head.

8 billion people on the planet and around 1% are awakened lightworkers. Many more will awaken soon!

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This thread is quickly becoming a weird mixture of fear mongering, reckless bravado and conspiracies. In a time where accurate information and reasonable responses are key, this is not the direction I want this forum to go.