The Crazy Q Stack


slow down, this istnt subclub express…

imagine how long its gonna take you to reprogram your belief’s youve held on to until now…


@SaintSovereign Question
Would it be better to use say UA only when i’m writing or doing something creative to enhance the results? And like say i added spartan would it be beneficial to only use it when i was working out or before/after working out just 1 loop to see if it helped me get better results?


Subs – even powerful ones – still need time to settle in and start working. Better to plan a roadmap and go about it that way.


Hey Everyone

It has been a week since my last actual post. And again last week to today was a bunch of switching stacks around lol. I have been listening to Khan st1 and StarkQ every day but was switching everything else up kept having a strong desire to switch and my problem is I have lacked the willpower to not change things up.

My problem right now is if i really want tear everything down to start fresh with a strong foundation or rebuild and build upon the foundation i have now. Then eventually i can tear it down and rebuild it again when the time is right. Another problem is i have this desire to make money but i am stuck with working for my family’s company which we have no clue where it is going and still working on my book outline and atm barely making it. I also feel like i need something that will help push me toward taking action and being more productive which i slowly am feeling. New beginnings in StarkQ is a bit of a healing sub module right?

So maybe over the past week a lot of insecurities have come to my attention. I have noticed running UA and StarkQ have made me a lot more creative and have a lot more ideas for my book and other possible series. I was thinking maybe QLQ st1 could also help heal and destroy my creative blocks.

I also added SpartanQ last week and have been listening twice a day. I have noticed that i feel physically stronger and have more lean muscle, also dropped a few pounds since last week. I have been eating a little better which could also be the cause though over the weekend i went on a junk food spree lol.

I am switching to StarkQ T today, will also be switching the amount i run and plan on taking every other day of or every other 2 days off.


Remember: the sub can’t make you productive on it’s own – you have to to take the first step. As soon as you do, the productivity scripting can kick in and help you fulfill your goals.


But wasn’t the whole point of total action to help push someone to be active in acheiving their goals and if not they get kinda a kick in the ass


Unfortunately, even on Total Action, one still has to move their own ass. It can clear a path, but you still must move.


That “kick in the ass” comes from the very well documented phenomenon that you feel restless, agitated, etc. when you’re not working toward something. You still have to take some kind of action, even if that’s just researching different businesses.


Thinking around this is my weak link. It’s why I chose the user name ‘Malkuth’. It’s not that it already represents me, it’s that I’m invoking that Malkuth energy.


Well thank you for clearing that up for me :slight_smile: .

So what is a good way to get that drive or motivation to actually to pursue things again.I know a lot of my questions might be either dumb or redundant lol.


Lots of theories about this.

The best answer I’ve found yet: ‘Proximity to motivating factors’.

Lots of people say that they’re lazy, but ever notice that no one is so ‘lazy’ that they’ll continue sleeping on a bed that is currently on fire?

It’s not laziness, it’s perceived proximity to motivating factors (e.g., rewards). When the things that motivate us appear to be far away, our determination/motivation flags.

Solution is two-fold:

  • learn what particular factors ignite your motivation. Your personal ‘motivation signature’ if you will. (This is usually nowhere near as obvious as we might assume it to be. It can take some time to get it narrowed down.)

  • find a way to get those factors into your attention/awareness. (difficult, sometimes, but not as difficult as one might think once you have some sense of what they are)

as a very general example, some people are motivated by competition. They just like to measure their efforts against the efforts of some respectable opponent or rival. They feel a sense of drive to win against that perceived competitor.

simple enough, right? but what if that person ends up as a remote field biologist working long stints away from anyone in her profession? There may not be any obvious competitors close-to-hand. If on top of this, she doesn’t really realize quite how important competition is for her motivation? She will probably end up losing steam and just blaming it on her ‘laziness’ and ‘lack of drive’.

If, on the other hand, she’s able to identify how important competition is for her, then no matter her field or her current circumstances, she can create an artificial (if necessary) framework of competition. For example, she might deliberately seek out info on other field biologists and make a point of following their research or field observation notes. Or she may use the Internet to connect with worthy rivals in her field even though they are geographically far away. And so on and so on.

If she just labels herself as ‘lazy’ right at the outset, the chances that she’ll learn useful details about her motivational signature become even lower.

So, nowadays, I think the only really ‘lazy’ thing one can do is to label oneself or someone else as ‘lazy’. Much easier to do that than to find out the keys to one’s motivational profile. :wink:


Hey all

Hope everyone is doing good and having awesome adventures and journeys with the subs they are using.

I jumped the gun monday night after a day of wrestling with choices for modules for my custom.
I decided i wanted to make 3 subs each with 20 modules lol. I am a bit crazy when it comes to going all out and pushing myself. I expect to have tons of reconciliation with this first sub although the other subs will probably be worse lol.
I wanted to make 1 sub dedicated to wealth, productivity, and feeling good. I know i left a few good wealth related modules out which I kind of regret but i might put them on my third custom sub I make in the next month.
I plan on running these subs till atleast November but i might change the modules out once more are added to the store.
I am also running Aura separately from this as a standalone stacking module.

Financial Success Reality Shifter
Wealth Limit Destroyer
Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
Carpe Diem Ascended
Productivity Unleashed
Deep Sleep
Blue Skies
The Forge
StarkQ Core
Ultimate Artist Q Core
Ascended Mogul Q Core
Energetic Development XI


Oh ya also since my last 2 posts i have been running KhanQ stage 1, StarkQ and AscensionQ.
KhanQ stage 1 is no joke the past 2 months have a roller coaster ride all over the place lol. But i feel like KhanQ stage 1 has torn down a lot of my negative beliefs and crap that was holding me back. I am excited to see what Blue skies, I AM, and New Beginnings will do for me.


Here is my 2nd custom sub which i might have went a bit over board with lol. Ok i def went overboard with this lol i couldn’t decide between the 2 stage 4 subs, i was gonna do stage 1 for QLQ and instead of empfit i was going to put spartan there. Then something came over me and said fuck go for it besides overload my mind possibly what do i have to lose, eventually after tons and tons of reconciliation i have to have some results to show right lol? This sub was going to be my fun learning and fitness sub, but i decided to just make it an all in one sub and kinda just threw things in there. I had gorgeous manifestor in there but that is in primal seduction so i decided there could be better ones. I personally have never had problems meeting gorgeous and hot women and i see them everywhere in my city so i decided i could use something better like long range seduction for girls i know that live in other cities lol. The status subs are all a bit similar and it took me a good day to choose 2 lol i kept deleting them and adding them back. I was originally gonna go for leader of men and lion IV but one of those is part of primal and the other is def in stark so i figured power unleashed and alpha of alpha would help more.

Serum X
Primal Seduction Q Core
Epigenetics & DNA Modulator
Inner Voice
Natural Winner
Instant Spark
Emperor Fitness ST4 Core
Gratitude Embodiment
Divine Will
New Beginnings
Aura of Craving
Submodel Alpha
Power Unleashed
Long-Range Seduction
Alpha of Alpha
Quantum Limitless ST4 Q Core


I started running my first Q custom Friday 4 loops.
I noticed that the deep sleep has kicked into gear though my sleep hours are atrocious but as time goes on i plan on redoing my sleep schedule. I usually sleep 3-6 hours and wake up feeling kinda blah but the last 2 night although the hours were horrible when i did wake up i felt like a new person.


You should try to get some more sleep, man.

How man loops do you run everyday?


I have ran 4 loops friday, saturdday, sunday, and today. But that has nothing to do with my sleep bc my sleep has been horrible the past few months, the past few days i have been sleeping better. Today i got 5 hours of sleep from 3am to 8am and i woke up fully rested and felt better then i have felt in a few months.


There was a time I had a severe depression and sleeping problems and Tryptophan helped me in two weeks. Maybe you should give it a try, mate.

" When either serotonin or melatonin is disrupted you can suffer insomnia and depression symptoms. Tryptophan supplements provide extra doses of sleep inducing amino acids that reportedly help counter sleep disturbances."



4-6 hours is pretty normal for me sleep wise been like that since i was like 5 lol. I am usually good on 5-6 hours of sleep usually 5 does me pretty well. I have tried getting 7-8 plenty of times but it always makes me feel sluggish and like i have over slept. As a teenager when other teens were staying up for 1-2 days in a row gaming or doing whatever and then sleeping for 12+hours i stayed up for 1-2 days only sleeping for maybe 6-8 hours and i was good.
I have tried taking multiple sleep meds but none have ever actually worked for me, it’s possible i brainwashed myself to only get a certain amount and that i only needed a certain amount of sleep.


So a few things i have noticed since i started running my first Custom.
Sleep is a little better and much deeper. I have been thinking a lot more about ideas for books which i can probably attest to UA and stark. I have been more productive the past few days then i have been honestly the past few months, also more energetic and awake. I know i have been having crazy dreams but don’t remember them exactly but i think i will start listening to Dreams to help remember them atleast once a night.

I have ran the first custom 4 times a day since friday with aura as a stacking sub 1-2 times each day.