The Crazy Q Stack


I am taking a break today from listening, I took a break Wednesday i think.

So i did a thing last night lol. I went and rebuilt my first sub and changed it to terminus strength.

Khan stage 4
EoG stage 4
Ultimate Artist
blue skies
secret of akasha wealth
financial reality shifter
merger of worlds
carpe diem ascended
the forge

I wanted to diversify it a little more and really push my boundaries. I took out deep sleep for now and decided i will put it into my next fitness build. I want to make this stack an experimental sub which is why i went with 4 cores, I was originally going to do emperor over kahn but i figured khan should mesh better with stark. I also changed out some other modules, i added informaticon, the merger of the worlds, februus, secrets of akasha - wealth. I decided to take out productivity unleashed since i have Carpe diem ascended in there and it seems like it could be a higher tier, i also took could out wealth limit destroyer and unrelenting wealth motivation as worst case i could always eventually run EoG stage 1 or add it back in down the road and also i think i have enough wealth modules in this to begin with.

I wanted more healing so I added in Februus which should help burn through all the traumas holding me back that i don’t realize. I also want it to purify and burn through all my negative beliefs, purify all of me so nothing can hold me back, which omnidimensional should help with that too since it can lead to different routes for the purifying flame to go through.

Informaticon should help with learning and also maybe somehow show or teach me how many loops of this i need a day or week. I am actually pretty interested to see how it reveals how many times a day/week i should run this. Merger of worlds should help connect my conscious and subconscious minds more then they are now. I feel like merger of worlds is part QLQ stage 1 and Mind’s eye, i am also interested to see how it will make my intuition stronger, maybe give me more aha moments, maybe help clear my mind my a bit more.

I am still on track to make 3 subs with 20 modules each in time. I think my next stack will be sometime next month where i will remake my 2nd sub, that one i am going to take out QLQ and add in spartan and switch out some modules. The last sub will be my third and it will be a spiritual/learning/healing/result enhancement sub. I will probably add QLQ back in to that one but only go stage 1 with it, also add in minds eye and alchemist 1 & 2.

I will update this more tonight with more details about this past week.


Hey all

So i took yesterday during the day off and ended up having an urge to listen last night. I feel like my mind wants more and more info going into it. Is that normal lol? I used to have urges to switch subs and try something new but last night it was listen to my 2 customs more and more lol, so i did i played each for 4 hours. I haven’t slept much lately, last night/this morning i slept 3 hours but it was super deep sleep, when i woke up i was energized like i had slept a good amount of time. I tried to go back to sleep but i couldn’t so i decided to get out of bed and work on cleaning up my apartment a bit then walking my dog is the florida heat lol. Then i went to do yard work at my dad’s house and was super productive. I don’t think I have had this much energy and productiveness in a long time.

I have noticed the past few days I have been really productive more then honestly ever before. I really hope that doesn’t change since i took productivity unleashed out. I have slowly been getting out of the depressed/lost state i was in and feeling a lot more happy then i was before. I haven’t been as social as usual but i don’t take that as a bad thing and haven’t really been talking to many girls yet still working on myself. But i can feel more women looking at me when i go out even just to publix and wanting to possibly approach me. I also have noticed a lot of people have vacated my life the past week which is probably a good thing maybe they were using me or were just negative and needed to go lol, so that is def a good plus that helps me grow more, maybe soon i will start attracting the right people.

I haven’t started back with writing yet, sadly i have all these great ideas for my book but i go to jot them down and they just disappear. I am thinking of taking a break from that book i was writing since it is going nowhere for now and find other book ideas i’d like to write and worlds i’d like to create.

This could be QLQ stage 4 working in sub 2 but i have noticed that time the last few days has begun to slow down at certain times or atleast my perception of time. And it wasn’t even when i was studying or anything, one of the times i was listening to music and it all felt so slow and i was just enjoying it.