The effects of brainwaves on subliminals


Fun fact: The Monroe Institute also tested how binaural beats would be perceived by deaf people.

Also, others did an experiment in Virginia in 1991 using ultrasonic subliminals on deaf people (no deaf people were harmed during the making of the experiment). Unfortunately, nobody I know has the July 5, 1991 issue of SCIENCE.


I have always targeted alpha for studying with isochronic tones. Thought I heard that a while back but I could be wrong. And then yes, theta for meditation and Delta for napping.

I have heard that Baroque and classical music helps people study better. A program I was told about that supposedly takes this to the next level is called The Listening Program (not sure if I’m allowed to link)


Alpha is mainly for creativity and brainstorming, but many people like it for studying because it’s easier to achieve, quiets the distracting thoughts in the mind is is often associated with the flow-state.

Then again, although Delta is supposedly the super-healing state, there is the Theta Healing movement with its own workshops and products.

I guess it’s about finding the right patterns of different brainwaves, like the Enlightened Mind or the Awakened Mind state combining Alpha through Delta in varying degrees. Maybe one day, we’ll figure it out.

Listening Program looks interesting, although I have a pet peeve about subscription-based thingies (yes, that’s my technical term).

Reminds me of iMusic (I think it’s now called Awakened Minds iMusic). It had some great tracks I used for training. A friend of mine ran their Digital Coffee (which you’re only allowed to run once a day) in a loop during his birthday bash and people just kept on dancing and dancing. Sneaky, that guy. A little bit like how less scrupulous people recommend you test if ultrasonics work: play them to your dog, if he winks at you and gets restless, they work. :slight_smile:

Anyways, iMusic became subscription based. The big advantage though was that you could mix and match your music. You wanted a session for increased creativity, using classical music? Sure. Nature sounds instead? Of course, just select and stream. Nice concept.


It really enhances my short term memory and comprehension I noticed. Here is a alpha over theta entrainment that I like. The theta hellps convert it into your long term memory.


Check out this link on tbsw (Trilateral Balanced Sine Wave) style entrainment. This is very interesting. :shushing_face:


Since dorf isn’t accepting any PM’s I’m asking along this route, 2 months later. How do you know when it is time to progress to the next track and to the next volume? In theory, one could just do every track only once, but it seems to me it is wise to stick to some for longer.


I was doing three days each. Didn’t seem long enough to gain full benefit.

I have since moved on to using some Vince Kelvin hypnosis tracks as my nightly listen through the light and sound machine. He is a bit goofy. Sounds like Borat, but he is a pretty decent hypnotist and as far as I can gather, walks the walk.

I remember going to a Mark Cunningham seminar in 2004, and VK was still with Ross Jeffries and the Speed Seduction org and a few of the participants were way into VKs approach to pick-up and talked a lot about his exploits.

I do think it is pretty important to do a nightly meditation and I use the Superchargers for that as well. Generally will run playlists with two or three tracks back to back.


Lots of VK stuff out there, which ones would you recommend?


I’ve been mainly listening to a track called The Natural Presence Process which I bought 8 or 9 years ago. I think it was part of his Chakra Clearing set. Haven’t done much with the Chakra tracks, though.

Lately I have been using it in a playlist preceded by The Elixir. Makes for about 37 minutes total.

Of course, also getting 19 or 20 hours a day of Ultimate Artist in both masked and ultrasonic form via speakers.


Maybe a stupid question but why are theta brain waves not used in the masked subliminal?


This is my opinion, but when I’ve run theta frequencies, I became very relaxed, almost sleepy. Theta waves could be used as a sedative


Actually, one of the effects of frequent brainwave entrainment is to train yourself to enter consciously into other frequencies. As you use those states more often, the drowsiness goes away. Eastern monks can enter theta and even delta while remaining completely alert and focused.

I’ve noticed a similar effect myself when entering theta, it completely shuts off the distractions in my mind and gives me laser sharp focus. I feel completely relaxed and certainly won’t go exercising intensely in that state, but it definitely appears to help with studying and problem-solving if I direct it that way. Or walking for hours (which brainwaves are we in when we experience highway hypnosis?) I’m sure it has esoteric benefits as well (if you believe Theta Healing as a thing).

However, it probably isn’t very healthy to stay in that state for long periods of time. We are meant to naturally experience brainwaves states throughout the day. People that are theta-dominant are more prone to depression (theta enhances emotional states) and ADHD like symptoms (theta encourages daydreaming, intuition and creativity, it takes effort to keep from drifting off).

So if you use it on your subliminals while listening to those for hours every day, it would likely do more harm than good.

I myself intend to get a decent Windows tablet so I can run multiple players side-by-side wherever I am, one for the subs and others for things like binaurals. That way, I can go into alternate brainwave states only when it feels right.


Because they are using Gamma waves at the same time. You cannot enter a full theta or delta state while being consciously awake in the physical world.

I would say Beta is the most depressing state as it creates lots of stress and anxiety. Most people are to much into Beta and should by more often in Alpha. Theta is the a kid is in for the first 7 years of there lives, they’re dreamy, happy, shining with light and love.

I don’t need Binaural Beats anymore to access different states. I use my breathing and intention in order to get into Alpha or Theta but Binaural Beats still help entraining your brain.


Nobody is ever in a “full” state I think. We always have all states going on. So at best we achieve a dominant state. I can’t tell you if I’m using gamma, what I can tell you is that after I went into that state often enough using entrainment, I was able to keep my focus without falling into a deep trance.

The fact that kids are dominant in the lower states has also been theorized as the reason why they are so good at learning languages. Learning a language is a creative pursuit, something theta is good at.

If that is also the reason why they are dreamy and happy is doubtful. People tend to be like that until the world starts piling up responsibilities, swamp them with all the bad news and tell them just how small the impact of their life is.

Excessive beta causes anxiety, arousal, inability to relax and stress, but not depression as far as I know. But there’s a lot I don’t know…


Basically we use 100% of our brain, 95% subconsciously and 5% consciously on average.

100% energy current being used within the brain, each current of energy vibrating at a different frequency (brainwave states) ranging from delta and lower to gamma and higher. As you know we have a left and right sided brain each of which has different brain parts used for processing different kinds of information. The total sum of this would be your brainwave state a culmination of all of these parts being active to a certain extend (energy) at a various brainwave frequency (vibration).

These various brainwave states can change by using both internal and external stimuli and can be checked by an EEG scan. When taking a drug for example your brainwave state would be ordinary from what’s natural, changing your view of reality and your perception of it.

Alcohol changes brainwave patterns very strongly in your prefrontal cortex and amygdala which are responsible for emotion, judgement, decision making, etc. No wonder social interactions get easier, right?

Well the main reason for depression is stress, all kinds of stress. Whether it is financial, social, emotional, physical, it doesn’t matter, it’s always caused by unnatural stress. But yeah I agree children don’t have much responsibilities and so these stresses don’t really occur but they would be way better in handling them as they are running on theta all the time.


What’s the current consensus on the most effective frequency to pair with SubClub audios? Theta waves as the general frequency, but any audio recommendations?