The Fame Game (Success)


I mean don’t get me wrong, I’ve been way more proactive than normal with my goals and stuff and I’ve been doing them - I just want to be even more proactive towards them and not be lazy. When I said lazy, I was using the term loosely and thought that this stack would go for my goals with my fitness as well. I’m not using StarkQ for my fitness but for my career goals so I’m hoping Spartan gives me the push and stuff I need. I already feel more motivated than normal and I’ve got a workout later.

Just thought this would be a good stack for sure. I’m excited to update on it. Do you want to do StarkQ and Spartan with me and we can keep each other accountable and shit. Haha, let me know bro.


First of all, don’t be so hard on yourself. Having this strong desire to improve yourself differentiates you ALREADY from most of the people. From now on, it is only a game of time.

I myself still struggled first with a video game addiction, then a porn addiction when I was 16, and until December '19 a Youtube addiction which is still not fully resolved till today. I had moments where I felt like nothing is working and I walk on the spot… But I had to realize that even with subliminals these changes take time and the only thing you can do is to keep pushing every day.

Try not eating any sweets for a week or only being allowed to eat them when you done X. Write down what happens, if you fuck it up. I, for example, wrote down that I will burn 5 dollars every day I fap to porn. Only happened once after that.

I am certain you will soon achieve all your goals. Wish you all the best!


Holy fuck, I can’t believe you read/replied to my journal. I’ve been wanting to message you as I’ve read yours and looked up to you and a few others since I came on here.

I appreciate your reply, and you’ve definitely gave me a new perspective to see myself and the work I’ve put in. I’ve had plenty of those moments and actually I’m starting to get frustrated because I’m feeling that exact moment now. I’m feeling like whatever I’m doing on both subliminals isn’t working (I mean, I’ve only been using Spartan since yesterday so…). I can see changes and I know changes are happening but I’m getting frustrated with not getting where I want already.

Your idea of not eating sweets for the week is a good one, and something I want to try for sure. I really want to give that a try too. I think it’s an amazing idea, so thank you for that.

Again, truly appreciate your reply and thoughts.


So today is just not my day, the past couple days have not been my days but today I’m just so fucking frustrated its ridiculous honestly. Looking back on my thoughts to Friday - Its not that things aren’t happening, it’s that I can feel the passion for everything I want to happen but not having any idea on how to make them happen so I’m getting annoyed.

What do I want to happen? Goals, reworked:

  1. Get into the fittest shape, mentally, emotionally and physically. - I feel Spartan will help with this - to be honest, since using it yesterday there have been times I’ve not wanted to work out and not wanted to continue but both times I’ve worked out and continued my workouts, getting them done and feeling way better. I definitely already feel a stronger mindset which is great.

  2. Reach my target of 130k or more on the app I’m working on. I’m currently at 70k, well, 67k, target and I want 130k. The more of a target I hit the more money I make and I want to hit this target this month, definitely. This is something I’m getting frustrated about, as I’ve done so well so far and I want more! The app is about being more social and all that, and I’m being social and all that kinds of stuff but not at the rate I want to so I’m getting annoyed.

  3. LEARN GERMAN! I’m getting better, but not been putting the work in this as much. I’m picking up some words easier - need to do this tonight.

  4. In regards to dance, I need to think more about what I want. I’m not sure if I want to be in dance/choreography anymore. It’s becoming a chore.

Currently listening to Spartan 2x, StarkQ 3x and then repeat. I decided last night to not listen whilst I’m sleeping. I had a dream but no idea what it was, can’t remember - i just know I had one. Had the best sleep I’ve had in a while so I’m going to stick to this routine.


Haha you can always hit me up if you have any questions - but I am no wise yoda guru :wink:.

It is weird - when I set my goal to “not eating sweets because I want to lose weight”, I find myself giving in. But when I just set my goals to not eating any sweets in general, I hardly have any problems - nor cravings. Also, sleeping helps a lot with hunger (besides other benefits)

Have you heard of that?

That’s what I am following right now and motivates me to really push myself to the limits. Check out the videos on his YT channel if you are interested. And the best thing is that he wrote a book about how to combine all those practises into one training regime. So all you need to do is to sit down, study that book and execute.


Thanks man, I appreciate it. Your experience makes you someone to look up to in my opinion!

I think the whole eating sweets concept you stated is true, I was going to restrict myself from eating chocolate and sweets - so what did I do? Start eating chocolate and sweets. I don’t know why I can’t do it? I definitely need to sleep more too.

I had heard of it, but never seen the video. It looks pretty cool. I’m following home workouts (I’ve done them for the past two years, I get results but nowhere near as much due to nutrition lacking) - I have all the tools it’s just I don’t want to nor feel like I should restrict myself. I hate restriction when it comes to eating, I want a good time and I’ve always believed that.

Literally my only issue is nutrition when it comes to training, I can go full out when training without any issues but nutrition…no idea.

I think I have a nutrition plan I want to follow and definitely a workout plan I want to follow - I just need to look into the nutrition plan.



So, I’ve been trying to do updates in a few days rather than day after day to see if I’m noticing any little shifts.

Been using Spartan Q and honestly I’m feeling the difference. I’m going harder in my workouts and mentally not giving up with them, especially not as much as before. I’ve still got to work hard on my diet but I decided today what plan I’m sticking with and today I’ve stuck with it. Still had treats but allowing myself to fuck up which is important. I’m proud of that. I think the sub allowed me to get so frustrated with myself until this point about my nutrition that I just decided what to do.

I still have a lot of work to do with Spartan and I won’t rest until I have the body and health I want, but it’s a good start. I’m excited for the results for sure.

I’m hoping the sub works to help me be mentally strong over all and allows me to work towards the other areas I need to be mentally strong in too.

With StarkQ the main thing is the work I’m doing on the app. I’m starting to reach my goal, I’m close to hitting 130k on the app (don’t think money, that’s not what I mean) which ultimately makes me more money as the 4th tier. I’m about 17k away from the 130 and I’m excited for it.

People have been super social with me, to the people that people think I’m higher than them (I’ve been told this). I personally don’t agree with this statement but it’s good to know people think so highly of me at the same time. I’m definitely seeing the social and fame aspect come in and I genuinely love it. It’s amazing to feel so supported, wanted and loved - honestly.

I’m sure the app makes people notice the good side to myself right? Because I’ve been wondering why people like me so much (I mean I’m a nice guy but still) and I’ve been wondering if the sub makes them see the good qualities of myself and makes them shine. Regardless, I’m grateful.

I want to keep up the great results so I’m going to continue with these two as my stack for now. I feel like I want to add Limitless to make my learning German easier but I’m going to wait a while for sure.

With that said however, can you guys explain your listening patterns? I’ve been doing alternative listening patterns - listening 24/7 and taking one night off (not day) but getting confused on which to follow. I tend to have better sleep not listening to subs. Can anyone let me know their experiences please?


@SaintSovereign, does Spartan Q contain physical changes by any chance? I noticed that I seem to look better after a few days of using it and my abs felt better/looked tighter in the mirror earlier. I don’t actually have abs yet so this is a pleasant surprise.


It does. I think it wasn’t possible to actually manifest until Q, tho.


Well this is interesting. I’ve also noticed I’m more content with my diet after using Spartan Q. I’m following a plan better, allowing myself treats when I want them and working out better/harder. Allowing myself rest when I need/want it (I never used to do this). I’m excited to see more of what’s with this sub in the future.


This is a post I thought I’d do as I was updating one of the members on some of my success on the Subliminals I’ve been using as I hadn’t spoken to them for a while and they massively helped me out with what sub to use and how to.

Just wanted to update.
I bought Spartan to help with my mindset and because I’m into fitness. Now that SpartanQ is out I’ve been using that and I can definitely feel the changes. I’ve been able to push through my workouts and push myself more than ever mentally. I feel incredible running Spartan. I feel physical changes and my nutrition has been great the last couple days - this is what I’ve been struggling with most. I’ve really been ‘good’ nor do I any longer believe in good or bad foods necessarily - I allow myself to enjoy myself thanks to this sub.

Talking about StarkQ - It’s been amazing. Dance for me has been on the back burner but I’ve started it again today and even though I’ve just started again today I’ve been able to pick up choreography quickly and easily ever since using the sub. It’s been so much easier learning dances which gives me more time to focus on the performance and on the perfection of the steps rather than constantly learning them the whole time.

The biggest way this sub has helped is on the app I’m using for work. Last month I hit 19.7k (a target, not money) and this month I’ve hit (from the 19.7k) 147k+. I need 150k but Jheezus this app has helped a lot.

It has give me the tools to talk to people, be social - I genuinely feel famous. People who don’t know me call me out in their live streams and say hello to me honestly. Like I’m always noticable and honestly I love the feeling. I love being known for the good of myself. It’s like people notice the good. I can’t believe I actually hit the amount I needed because I was truly struggling to hit the first few K of my target when I started. The Fame aspect really seems to work.

Also, it has helped me learn German. I haven’t taken the action to learn German as much as I’d like but I’ve definitely learnt some and I’m picking up words way easier than if I hadn’t used the sub. I need to learn way more than I have but learning, whether it’s dance, German or whatever else, seems so much easier. You were right, StarkQ is definitely the sub for me.

I’m consistently running the loops throughout the day on my external device and now that Q is out I’m feeling the effects so much faster. Jesus, I’m actually shocked by the results. These things have saved my work and career since dance kind of had to stop due to isolation. Honestly.


This part of your posting got me curious. StarkQ has not been out that long how was that able to help you pick a language? I know from experience that it takes awhile to actually learn a language regardless of how smart you are. Can you expand on this a little bit please?


I chose German because a lot of my friends on that app are German and they speak it in their Lives. Admittedly I’m still not great at it, more so because I haven’t put so much time into it, but I’ve tried to learn languages in the past and I’ve always given up with it as I’ve found words to difficult to understand or stick with ex. I tried to learn Polish and Spanish for my friends who spoke it, and I never understood it. Now I’m trying with German, learning is becoming so much easier than it used to.

I can understand the basics pretty much, and I’ve remembering the spelling, the differences in words and all that kind of stuff. I personally feel that this has been helped with by StarkQ. I can more or less read some German words rather than understand it when they speak it, but again that’s because I haven’t put as much effort into learning it as I should do.

I really don’t consider myself that smart, so this is somewhat of a breakthrough for me as I’ve always had the belief that I’m stupid. Also, slightly relevant, but less so, I’m picking up choreography a lot quicker than normal too - something I most definitely struggled with prior to StarkQ.


Hey guys,

So, I think I’m feeling some small parts of reconcilation with subs to where I was wondering if it’s working and then noticing little details. I also wanted to switch but stuck with my subs. Been playing them all day today.

I’ve completely stopped playing them whilst I’m sleeping - having the best deep sleep and feel so good. I’m also having naps during the day and I feel great honestly.

Anyway, I ended up hitting my target plus another target in work (the app) and it felt great. I ended up hitting 190k (I know none of y’all know what I’m talking about but it’s a 5th tier pay) and it felt quite effortless to be honest - feel great about it. Now it’s a new month which means new targets so I want to hit 300k. That’s a massive goal but I know I can do it for sure. Genuinely feel like Inner Circle is helping with me hitting my goals and I’m making new friends and circles that want to help me - feels effortless again after listening to the sub? I love it honestly. People know me and my boyfriend who hit the 6th tier (we both listen to the sub as we are in the same room most of the time and I have his permission.) and it’s like they absolutely adore us? Feels like fame :kissing_heart:.

In regards to Spartan, my nutrition has gotten so much better. I’m doing a nutrition program from a company I used to work with and following the guidelines very loosely, but it’s basically intuitive eating. I’ve started not to care too much about the foods I’m eating in a sense of I’m listening to my body and if my body wants it then I listen. This means I’m not bingeing like I used to on any diets or anything and still getting the nutrients I need in.

I’ve also been doing my workouts and not wanting to miss them - I have missed a couple due to work but I’ve not wanted to miss them. I also started a yoga plan for after my workouts and I’ve done both. I’ve been pushing through my workouts so hard, barely stopping at all. I’m super fucking proud of myself. Feels great.

I was worried about the way my body looked but after looking in the mirror tonight I feel like I’m noticing my body change. It doesn’t look it in pictures but it feels like it and I feel like by following the intuitiveness of the ‘diet’, working out and listening to my body is allowing my body to pick the goals for itself.

I know that sounds crazy but these subliminals have stopped me, from what I feel, fighting the resistance against things. For example, dieting was a resistance because I’d always want cake, sweets etc. Now that I’m allowing myself them when I want them, I’m not fighting for it. The same with StarkQ, I do what I want when I need to. I just have goals.


Hit 300k monthly goal, or higher, target on the app.
Workout and do yoga consistently - I still want to be in the best shape possible so I want to continue this - I like what I’m doing with the intuitive eating and working out how I am.

I have some maybe goals but I don’t want to post things I’m unsure about.


So I’m taking my journalling back to this page as my focus isn’t mainly on the QT build.

I was just reading over my last post and I noticed the date and that I wrote I wanted to hit 300k beans in the post for the app I work on - well, I did it and that was my main thing I wanted to accomplish. How amazing?

Anyway, as you all know, and as stated, I went through a comparison between Q and QT for Stark and Q definitely works better for me. I’ve spoken to Saint and taking his advice to heart so I’ll be using Q and incorporating T in once a week so I can gradually build up once a day. When I say gradually, I mean gradually. My body/mind is not ready for T in daily doses, but I’m so excited for the results when it is.

Talking about results, I was reading through some posts last night and I didn’t even realise a massive change that’s occurred in my life and this is a massive change to be talking about.

Someone had stated that since they had started using Emperor that they had been making 2,000 USD (i can’t remember the exact currency) or so and it hit me…ever since I’ve been using StarkQ/EmperorV4/Q and whatever other subs - I’ve been making more money. Like…a lot more. I’ve always dreamed of having a ‘job’ where I’m enjoying/loving what I’m doing and making £10,000 or more a month…and I’ve started to reach towards that target. I’ve got a lot more work to be doing but Jesus, that’s incredible. I think the main reason I didn’t notice it was because it hasn’t been tangible, I haven’t cashed it out - it’s placed within the app to be used on other things for investments and stuff BUT it’s still money I could/can cash out if I wished. That is a miracle.

I’m 27 and never made as much money as I have done without these subs. I can’t believe I didn’t even realise that change.

So, at the moment my plans and routine are - as I want to continue this:

5x a week of main stack, QTx1 on a Wednesday, weekends off. - If QT doesn’t work too well, 4 days on, 3 off.


StarkQ x3
EmperorQ x2

At the moment I have Limitless (I have a lot of learning etc to do but I know it’s contained with StarkQ) and Limit Destroyer, however as I want to build even more Wealth I’m considering EoG. I’ll have to look into it for sure.

My focus is to build the playboy lifestyle, enjoy life, build wealth, be determined, be alpha, attractive, etc. That’s what my goal line focus is. I’ll have a look at the EoQ sales page and determine whether it would be a great fit or not.


Hit 600k beans this month, or higher, target on the app.
Have 7/8 people become members and join my dance company for July 4th when we re-open the studio.
Release any negative beliefs towards money/myself/my abilities.


Meh. A rough couple of days. I think my reconciliation is starting to go but seriously a rough couple of days…

I’ve changed my loop useage to Stark x2 and Emperor x1 and I’m definitely feeling the Emperor part as I exploded today. Jesus.

Looking into a custom subliminal, may not buy one yet however I’m interested as I like seeing the modules.

Really want to build a Stark/Emp/EoG all in one subliminal if I’m honest and add a few other things in. I’d love that.

I also, for once, had a super vivid dream - which was sexual for me (that never happens?) I won’t go into detail but honestly I don’t know why it was so vivid - especially during nap.

Realising less is more with my loops again (I always go full out and then back).

I really want to focus on building myself into someone people love and adore (Stark is definitely working in that sense honestly…I’ve just been told as I’m writing this haha.) Whilst being determined in life, considered an alpha in life AND make a lot of wealth. I truly do.

Maybe I should buy EoG and just use the three subs to build the one I want without a custom.

Jesus, I’m so here and there.


Feeling a lot of anger and frustration and lack of success.

Hopefully this passes. I feel like this is with me lowering the loops of Emperor and feeling the effects hit me stronger. We shall see.

Feeling a lot of jealous too.


I woke up this morning trying to fake it until I make it and it was working until I went onto the app I work with and no-one came in, and nothing happened.

I’m holding onto a lot of resentment and jealousy at people who are doing so well this month - I was doing great the past couple months and now? Everything’s stopped.

I’m feeling a lot of anger towards the world. Is this Emperor? Is it pushing me to see all the bad shit in my life? Emperor has never hit me like this, I felt it on V4 back around Feburary or whenever I first came to SC but Jesus.


I have a few updates but going to leave them until morning.

@friday I noticed you did Khan (not sure if you did Q?) And StarkQ - how did you find the difference between the two?

I’m starting to think Khan could be more in line with my goals as I have a lot of insecurities/beliefs that I want to get rid of whilst building my career,being social/well liked, a social alpha would you say?

People consider me to be, and I actually got told this yesterday, the weak link between me and my boyfriend as he’s more extroverted than I am.

I don’t want that. I want to be more seductive sexually and non-sexually, and build my empire etc. Is Khan the right way to go instead of StarkQ + Emperor?

Also, will it deal with finances? That’s a big issue on my mind at the moment. (I’m doing well with finance, as stated in my journal but I want to do better).


I decided last week to change my main subliminal to Khan and have Stark as less of a focus. I’m feeling that Khan and Stark will turn me into a super social dominant alpha that will help with many of my goals , so I’ll be playing more of Khan, maybe 2 loops, and one of StarkQ to maintain my results.

This is happening after my testing with Ultima and I can’t wait to get back to it however testing with Ultima is truly an experience.