The gladiator conquerer (Khan, emperor fitness and LU journal)


also libertine is adding a level of cute and very conservative desperation to girls that it’s almost like youre cheating


alright guys its been 31 days on khan stage 4

i feel like the results seem to accelerate rapidly, the pace at which im learning to talk to the world is growing exponentially.


with or without libertaine, and with the thought and sympathy to my honor i do it as little as i can to see how much of it is libertaine and not, but it IS NOT. I am very quickly becoming the most popular person amongst girls in every group i put myself in, and in extension, the men.

things i literally one day DO, the next day i wont, i am learning rapidly and this is due to the effect of taking massive action.

guys invade my journal any time i like it.


invaded :slight_smile:


Excellent results…
@Yazooneh how long did you run the other stages of Khan?


Excellent journal. Just a follow up, when I saw you run LU on weekdays, pardon my ignorance but I was under the impression that most Ultimas work like a booster, i.e you need to be extra social today you run TS etc.

Do you feel that Libertine is having a more permanent effect on you? and is it also changing your mindset like a full program would, like Khan and EQ?

At first my impression was Ultimas work like a booster shot of some sort, and it would give you it’s effects for a limited amount of time, say a couple of hours.


30 days stage 1 45 2 and 3 each


I honestly can’t tell anymore because my confidence withy women is growing very rapidly due to my very rapid shifting in masculine state and calm under pressure however I do feel like girls get more desperate under libertine and make it easier for me


And to be honest it is giving me a permanent effect because it’s making me realize how bad it is that I think of such little things sometimes , the aura shows me that seduction is primal and overthinking is useless and I carry that on to my interactions even without libertine aura


I have also seduced girls under libertine and had them still be hella thirsty for me after effects fade and I stop listening for a couple days


Dominance is insanely high

Charisma is insanely high

Social intelligence is insanely high

Quit wit is insanely high

Boldness is insanely high

Hthis is the tldr for anyone cya soob


Hey @Yazooneh sorry I keep liking all those recent posts here. but that’s some damn fine results you got going there.


okay guys

im back to write another report

that thing i said about it accelerating in the results was 1000% reality

I am talking and conversing and leading talks with girls i really didnt dream of even getting

and i am doing it with nothing but pure skill patience and determination.

the results in my charisma are skyrocketing at this point.


amazing results! @Yazooneh :slight_smile:

action, patience and determination = key ingredients :slight_smile:


Man, you’re walking on sunshine. I can’t wait to be writing results like this. Congrats


okay guys im at a point where i effortlessly get girls

the last 4 days was hard, very hard ups and downs

got called the most charming man this girl has ever met

got told i love you by a girl that i just met that had to leave within 2 minutes of us talking followed by “thanks for being so chill”

quick sexual gratification with 1.

and i honestly had a hard last 2 days.

BUT TODAY, i am effortless

I seduce girls using no gimmicks or energy or bullshit, I be myself

the moment we arent together i forget them, i dont obsess.

my charismatic skill and and ability to throw ideas into the webs of their minds is astonishing to me, because it feels sort of new.

i found 2 loops to be the best through the week, im doing 3 loops today to catch up

on another note ive been losing size and strength on ef, first time since starting program, im taking a 1 week break and hitting my program from a new program involving 3 muscles per day, push pull legs.



Awesome as ever. I was curious in case you have a favorite. Out of the stacks you have right now, which one do you think gave you the most results and which one would you get first if ever you need to start all over again? I am supposing Khan?

2nd, I’m sorry if I missed this but just to clarify, when you mentioned two loops, did you mean two loops per day of each stages of Khan, Emperor Fitness and then Libertine Ultima v1?


Hey I’ve not listened to any subs from here other than khan and emperor fitness

Yes two loops a day, I’m even starting to notice one loop a day has max effect but I’m torn hard so I’ll experiment

Khan is just a complete package and I’m starting to realize there is no ceiling to how high you can go with social sexual dominance and charm on khan

The fact I’m working out and lifting hard adds to the progress by fixing my body, I’ve also become very very sexy like my face not just my body, khan might have a physical shifter


so for anyone wondering my progress from the time i wrote khan 4 month progress report.

I would steal that guy’s gf, and 4 months khan me would steal starting me’s gf extremely easily.

game is getting tighter by the day, this is due to the increased action.

im more confident in situations that used to be a no go, let’s say as an extreme example. approaching a table of 12 people, this is a no go situation for guys but when u get good enough its a go situation and that slowly opens more doors, thus increasing your action output

my chillness is still rapidly increasing, YES EVEN FROM THE LAST TIME I TYPED 15 HOURS AGO.


okay another update to end my week of khan and ef.

im done and tomorrow im taking a break from subs for 2 days as usual.

Khan is full of ups and downs, yesterday and the day before were intense for me spiritually.

my skill with women is at a point it’s never been in it’s life.

also i seem to possess a very different mindset from my university days when i was at my former “prime” i thought long lost.

i play to win now, back then i played to feel less inferior.

I am attractive, i feel attractive, I also embrace my age and the 90% vast majority of girls i seduce are from 18-23, im soon 30 (feb 9).

i am being gentle and submissive in places before I would have rather died than show that.

I am being dominant and strong in places i would have formerly just backed down due to fear.

I LOVE how i look with girls, sometimes i dont even play to fuck i play to see myself playing cuz it’s very cool, seeing how well i work.


feel like a seducer.

I feel like it for the first time and ive wanted to feel like it my whole life, i faked it.

I feel like it now, i feel like a rising world level seducer.

the details of social interaction i am at now is super precise, and feels like it’s going to get more and more precise.

ups and downs on an endless loop


alright so im progressing very rapidly.

For the first time since starting this program im entering advanced mode of seduction.

the first 5 months were magical and whimsical which is why i described it like that in my “4 months khan review”

now im doing things im sure only top level seducers do, ive entered that micro level of tactics.

every 2-3 days i feel different from the last, im becoming very distant from what people think.

I’m becoming infinitely less needy

yeah anyway its virtually impossible to explain everything due to it being a very complex thing but just know that I am changing rapidly.