The gladiator conquerer (Khan, emperor fitness and LU journal)


Great @Yazooneh,

Do you think Stage 4 is the best of Khan or which stage do you prefer?
Do you think Emperor Fitness is adding you more energy/happiness/horniness?
What have you noticed from Emperor Fitness with Khan?


Stage 4 is the best I’m getting huge improvements daily.

Haven’t noticed any synergies between the two


In Khan and Emperor fitness Stage 4 is the best? Or which?


huge update.

due to the sheer amount of women in my life, the social circles i alpha, and the overall rockstar vibe i bring to new groups.

I am slowly defeating my anxiety. being in this many social groups is hard, the anxiety goes up constantly and it has been working on an up and down tangent for 2 weeks now, to a degree that im either celebrating my life, or feeling my anxiety kick in.

I have defeated so many “mini heartbreaks due to the sheer social pressure of life” that I now confront it with a lesser degree of anxiety, I hold myself in a more manly and strong manner in resistance to these things.


I am also starting to become more intelligent, i understand that the resistance to anxiety and the negative traumas of being left by someone you have feelings for is precisely what creates a casanova from your regular good looking guy.

the ability to always be ready to lose, be alone, be strong, yet smile and enjoy life in the moment is what makes you a true superstar

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, the last month on khan has been the most accelerated process of change since I began this journey

and this journey is paralleled only by a former university phase of turning into a player that lasted about three years and I thought long gone.

this phase beats that one in terms of personal true value compared to then.

I hold that phase in high regards in my life


last thing.

The level of my social calibration has began to finally SHOW in a way that actually is finally going from

“Get girls interested in you”


“Get girls to chase you”

I have NOT reached the level where “get girls to FALL HARD FOR YOU AND CHASE”

but this is looking like the right trajectory


I am also a lot more ruthless with women, I will shut some up when they’re being out of line.

I also seem to sense that some are craving me and trying to get my attention, former me would give up at this point and open the door to them. Now I let them feel it, perhaps one day theyll gain the courage to do the first move on me.


I also do a lot less work than i did the first few months of khan.

Yesterday I talked to a girl and all i did was be charming, and let her talk.

I smiled appropriately and immersed into every word she said, she was enjoying her time so much she spammed me pics of herself even though it took her like 10 minutes to find her favorite ones on the phone.

I STILL GET GHOSTED, by girls giving me 100000000 iois in one second, this is because escalation is different from irl and I am trying to find a way to make it happen, otherwise im enjoying the confidence boost from talking to any girl i choose and getting tons of iois based solely on my ability to read social ques in 1v1


in my real life, i have met 3 girls in my group and circle.

I kissed one, got ghosted.

Given fuck me iois by one

and chased hardcore by this one engaged girl i told u about.

that was after 3 loops of libertine.


stage 3 of ef is the best because u start to look like a tank

ur body also gains INSANELY edgy looks, like u will be sexy

i formerly would grow muscle and look sexy but sometimes no, sometimes u just look huge but not nice


finallest of all updates for this week, im swapping libertine for godlike masculinity and beast unleashed.

I dont want sexy times with girls no more, Im happy with higher tier girls wanting ME on all levels, rather than quick gratifications


also, my internal demeanor towards life has changed 180 degrees

i used to talk to women about how horoscopes suck and dont make sense.

I now follow it and even bring it up, not because I have become an astrologer, but because making people feel special intruiges me more than talking about negative shit.

if they dont like it i say mhm okay and we move on, eventually theyll talk about something that makes them feel good and special and ill immerse, ill then relate to it and bring up some of my own memories or things ive gained from that topic, if i dont have any i WILL try, if i cant bring myself to remember anything good about it ill say that it doesnt interest me much and we move on, im stone cold solid when it comes to looking cool by now, I can have a 10 second silence and not flinch, I can also give space to girls to chase without poking them constantly, due to this.

i feel i can seduce any girl that fits in a certain intelligent criteria and strong lust for life aura.

the rest dont intrigue me anymore, my standards are sky high

this has also helped me get over many people almost effortlessly, with a bit of discomfort that is quickly overshadowed by my own confidence.


This is a better approach, glm will make you disciplined and the beast better get ready to workout properly major focuse while you do so


i will definitely use libertaine ultima when I’m going out on weekends to big gatherings, otherwise im just getting horny dms from girls or getting stared at in the gym which isnt that amazing once u get used to it


Going out today, I’m going to start recording everything that happens with me in this journal to make sure I’m keeping up


alright im going to update because im on my pc and im also on this page so.

i went out 3 days last week when i said i was going to go out.

i dont want to get into too many details, the 2nd day especially was to a metal party and it is so burnt into my memory that i am not in a place to go back to it, it was amazing.

my confidence is basically on another planet, i owned the entire place, all 3 nights.

I am lately getting more girls that are absolutely flinging themselves at me.

this didnt happen before, it happened once since i started and now is happening regularly.

my talking skill is sky high, i am also becoming more and more of an “asshole”, i am not chasing and when they try to make me feel guilty, get my attention, or act sad i tell them to stop being so silly and i walk away


i am literally starting to understand women, which is increasing my ability to get them.

I now live two lives, one as a mighty god, and another as a beautiful woman.

I enter their pysche to understand what happens at a deeper level and i react, thus my interactions with women increase on the daily. I know when to PUSH THEM AWAY, even in places where id understand 90% of men would CHASE, theyre traps too, i thought i knew shit tests and women but as this part of my pysche that is now a woman is developing, i am gaining more insight into how they work and i use it to my own advantage.

I am also becoming extremely good looking, my mother looked at me once the other day and said
“Mashallah, you are extremely good looking” in a very surprised tone, and i know i am. I mew and i chew guy and i go to the gym regularly but I know that a lot of my good looks is coming from my changed demeanor and body language

I am way more desentized to everything woman. I dont care if the most amazing most beautiful girl in the world falls for her knight in shining armor infront of me, my inner world of god that i talked about in this post is my confidence and i truly believe my story is an epic one.


all in all guys i need to do u justice, EVERYTHING related to women, friends, social power, and seduction

increase dramatically from 16 days ago. slowly and steadily every day

i have my goals in these things and im fixated on them and im steering at 35 mph


Mewing is bullshit unless you are 5 years old, in which your bones are very malleable. Chewing as a form of exercise will cause bruxism and tempomandibular joint disorders.


Such beautiful results, @Yazooneh on Khan and Emperor Fitness. Your sexual and social goals are being met by Khan and your fitness and health goals are accomplished by EF.

Am curious to know whether Khan is helping you financially. How is your money game after running Khan consistently?